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Thursday, April 17, 2014

To Live Or To Survive...? (An Epiphany # 9)

To Live Or To Survive...?
(An Epiphany # 9)

Surviving life and living life are two very distinct things and and they may be as well opposites!

To survive life is having--feeling, believing--your experiences outweigh your humanity.  You are, then, merely alive, for you feel and believe that you have no other choice, and are too cowardly to commit suicide, or at the very least that's what one, in that frame of mind, would feel and believe in their guts.

But, on the other end, to live life is to choose that your humanity outweighs your experiences as an individual, for one's experiences, as a lone being, does not affect humanity's essence, in any way, and the totality of your experiences, their meaning, perception is up to you, and therefore, transcendence comes about with the insight that you, as a human being, are way bigger than the mere sum of your experiences--an atom of water in that wonderful ocean of atoms, we call humanity.

Here's to hoping we all choose to live life, instead of merely surviving it.

With agape,

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