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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Means To A Double End

Means To A Double End

"Oh, Lord," my mother prayed,
"Why do we live as if life, itself, were
thee highest-staked game of championship chess?"

"What do you mean, mother?" 
I asked her very politely.

"We live as if we could be and 
did not, ever wanna be the other's pawn,
by any means!" she said.

"And all the men, I have observed, 
wanna be kings, and fearing
to be checkmated, they use
their queens as pawns 
to a double end:
To win at all cost, in spite of 
losing their souls, or their natural manhood!"

"Then, the inherited men
force, us, women to live
unnaturally, outside of ourselves,
as their subservients, or inherited women!"

"Mother," I reflected out loud, "How do we stop 
that most insidious way of surviving
life instead of living it?"

She thought long and hard
for a few seconds, and replied,
"Well, I have been praying a long time
for that answer, so maybe the Lord wants us
to come up with the answer ourselves
down here, as we create and recreate
what it is to be human, our human essence,
through hellish-fire molded."
"It is and will be worth it!" 
She added with a full smiley face.

I agreed wholeheartedly.
"My mom is wise and awesome,"
I thought.

"I hope she is right," then I reflected, much later, 
after our conversation that day,
"for our sake, humanity's sake."

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