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Monday, April 21, 2014

I Am An Equal Humanity Advocate

I Am An Equal Humanity Advocate

Last Monday, April 14, 2014, I turned on my laptop, and my homepage, "Google News," popped up, of course, and so I quickly glanced at their "Top Stories," as usual, "Utah Woman Admits Killing 6 Babies Inside Home," authorities say, the headline read.  So I double-clicked to read more.

If you have been reading my blog from day one, you know that I am of a full-mind that benign gossip or rumor is most beneficial for our species, members of a civilized society living with morals. Gossip or rumor, when it is in its benign form, allows members of, on a larger scale, society, and a smaller scale, social group, to set, have clearly defined guidelines for acceptable, socially-approved behaviors--read for "For Everything There Is A Season..." in Mondo's Popular Posts on my blog.

Now I am of an equally full-mind that we, as a society or members of a social group, need to be much more into each other's "business" or lives.  How many times do we, as a society, need to read, or hear about those headlines of mothers killing their children in acts of pure insanity or less-human--and in this specific case, clearly not temporary insanity or slow-degradation of humanity--and no one, not neighbors, or family members, knows anything, not even the possibility that the person(s) involved was/were clearly capable of such premeditated, or not, violent act.

Yeah, we all have learned to keep ourselves very busy, concerned with our own issues only, and those of our loved-ones, but the perceived "strange," less-human, and socially-introverted neighbor or family member, we leave alone, and when a person is left alone, she or he might be living in his "own head;" therefore, totally unaware of acceptable, or more-human behaviors.

And my above insight or point does NOT, in any way, negate the pre-ordained, and apriori responsibility of the individual to seek out help from, advice from, and equanimity through the other.  I am merely making the point that we are responsible for each other in ways far greater than we have imagined,or behaved thus far, with our limited human insights.

I believe with every fiber in my being that we should make it, or at the very least, perceive it amoral for anyone to be socially isolated, and left so; it should be our moral obligation to connect with each other, and not just members of our family or social group, and refuse anyone of us, living within a society and enjoying all of its benefits, to isolate away from the rest of us, for one does not learn to become, or be, a human being on one's own, in isolation.  What it is to be human is learned in relation to the group at large, and failure to connect, in a real essential way, with the group at large, threatens exponentially the individual to become less- and less-human or to "live in his head," and in a fantastical world of his creation, where clearly defined norms of humanity or general acceptable human behavior is never learned and reinforced; thus, exposing the rest of us to behavior less-human.

Now, some of us isolate ourselves within our religion, culture, profession, and social group away from humanity at large.  A terrorist, a religious zealot, a homophobic person, a xenophobe, or a male chauvinist, Hitler and his Nazis are perfect examples of what I would term, macro-isolation--I think I have just coined this one; not claimed on Google engine search.  With macro-isolation, you isolate yourself away from humanity at large, within members of your smaller group of choice for inherent survival needs, and with micro-isolation--another coinage of mine--you isolate yourself in your apartment, office, house, or car, again away from humanity at large--and I am not talking about the occasional human need for time away from the larger group to be reenergised in an authentic, real way.

Now, there are three reasons for which folks isolate themselves: one, for we feel internally "deficient" in some way(s), and therefore, believe, and have convinced ourselves that perception is fact, that humanity at large would not have or find room for us; two, we feel outright "rejected" by society, for some reason(s), at large through our perception, though we've convinced ourselves, again, to believe it as irrefutable fact. And three, well, a combination of the previous two reasons.

How many of us allow the socially-introverted neighbor to live in micro-isolation, away from the other members of the coop building?  How many of us allow our less-human coworker to eat his lunch closeted away, alone in his office or car?  How many of us allow our religious neighbor, or family member to live in macro-isolation away from the rest of humanity at large?  How many of us make it a moral obligation as a human being to invite our elderly, micro-isolated neighbor to our apartment or house for tea?  How many of us offer our help, in any way, to the micro-isolated single-mother of five with a newborn?  I must channel the spirit of a great human being, here, the Rabbi Abraham Joshua Herschel, says, "...some are guilty, but all are responsible."

Yes, I believe that I have found my purpose in life, and it is to be with every fiber of my being, as I lead my own journey to become more human, to be an Equal Humanity Advocate--I believe I have coined another, but that's quite alright, for I am not doing so with hubris, but with a love for humanity, period.  I want to teach others and myself, of course, in the process, to deisolate themselves in order to become more human, and I want to parlay my own personal skills and experiences, in journeying to become more human, into an advocacy or non-profit organization of one, or the many if you, readers, want to join me in that, our journey together.

With agape,

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