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Friday, April 18, 2014

Eyes With Aperture Wide

Eyes With Aperture Wide

She came into the movie theater
and infiltrated my mind
through my eyes with aperture wide.

I looked once, to imagine her
my soul's mate and I,
Captain America, to her rescue romantic.

Twice, to take in her beauty 
unique like a blood moon, 
and I, a celestial watcher.

A third, to reflect that it takes
the eyes quite longer of a time to reach
the depth of the other's soul,

Take in data, perform analysis,
and reach a conclusion ultimate,
to not be denied by the romantic heart.

I went on to watch the movie, Captain America, 
with my son, and possibly my soul's mate
sitting two chairs down left of him.

"God bestow upon all lovers agape true
and the wisdom to use it well," I prayed then
in my romantic heart and mind,

With my heart engulfed in a sort
of fiery conflict of emotions
spurred on by two concurrent heartbreaks.

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