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Friday, March 14, 2014

This Man's Suffrage

This Man's Suffrage

When I do get married, ladies, I need my wife to be my equal--period--, especially, as far as money is concerned; therefore, the woman, who I will ask to marry--she may also ask me, since she, a woman, is my equal--me, must have her degree of responsibility, respect for money in alignment with mine.

I will, of course, factor in the insidious, real-world issue of the discrepancy between the earned income of the sexes; for example, if, as a man, I benefited from the inherited set-up of patriarchy, and earned more than my wife, I would propose the following for us:  we spend an equal percentage of our net income on our SHARED, incurred bills. Thus,if my monthly net income were, let's say, $100.00, and she netted $50.00 monthly, and I were paying $75.00 towards our SHARED, incurred bills, I would, then, need her to pay 75% of her $50.00 monthly net income, which is $37.50.

Then, the discretionary incomes of $25.00 and $12.50 would be saved and spent, using the same mathematical method, equally.

I must also point out, that I believe that the belief, that a man must spend disproportionately more on SHARED, incurred bills, in an intimate relationship, is learned, like other gender roles, and those learned, insidious, totally man-made, under their patriarchal flags, like phallic symbols, beliefs, or gender roles perpetuate the discord, imbalance, superiority/inferiority complex between the sexes, and continue to create the deep spiritual malaise within our collective Soul.

Ladies, remember, one man's suffrage is every woman's suffrage, and need I say, the reverse holds true also, truly.

Goddess' speed to our collective Soul on Her journey to full transcendence of the sexes' unnatural, divisive issues!  Let Us reconcile with our Oneness, once again, and thus transcend our inherited gender complex.

With agape,

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