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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why Do Good Girls Love Bad Boys? (An Epiphany #8)

Why Do Good Girls Love Bad Boys?  (An Epiphany #8)

Please be patient--my gratitude in advance-- as you follow through this analysis with me to its natural conclusion.

Definition:  I define a "bad" boy as a man who a woman does NOT respect, but may "love" or lust after.

I was listening to this show on Public Radio earlier this month (Feb. 2014); it was a panel discussion on Women's Issues, with Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, as one of the female panelists; one of the ladies on the panel brought forth, indirectly, the following fact:  words tell stories, and stories give meaning to our life's daily experiences, and their totality.  She asked, and I paraphrase her somewhat, "why do we refer to women, in relation to men, as the "opposite sex," [ the fairer, weaker sex, for that matter]?"

So I ask myself:  if she is the "opposite" of me, a male, then as a male I have already given--been given by my inherited male "superiority"--myself carte blanche to be her oppressor, her nemesis, the Iago to her Othello, and the Macbeth to her Lady Macbeth.

Thus, if she, a woman, is the "opposite" of him, a man, and we refer to God, always, as He, Him, a male, then it follows, unnaturally, I must add, since God is always beyond Human comprehension, conception, that she is the "opposite" of Him, who is all-good.  Yes, in a most insidious, unnatural, man-made way, I, as a man, have internalized her as all-evil, or at the very least, more cunningly Macbetish than good.

One must, here, pause to remember the man-made story of the Garden of Eden, in which Eve, the first woman, caused Adam, the first man, to be cast out of his heavenly, blissful garden, because of Eve's luring him into eating the forbidden apple, at the behest of the devil, her masterful progenitor.

Please bear with me, for I will be faithful:

So when she, a woman, is cast into this man-made, unnaturally-patriarchal world, she is made to look for permission, externally, outside of her self, to enjoy the simplest of pleasures of the flesh, believing always on some insidious level that she is undeserving of any fun, especially if it is "purely," wholly associated with manhood, given her historical, ecclesiastical, and inherited mythological story of womanhood.

Enters the "bad" boy, and he affords her an unnatural way out--out of her natural womanhood, well, almost!  The "bad" boy, much like her masterful progenitor, the devil, in the Garden of Eden, gives her, a woman, the external permission to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, for he, the "bad" boy, is "worse" than her, a woman; the "bad" boy is/has been the reason why she was cast out of heaven, and plunged into this patriarchal world to live unnaturally, outside of her self.

Words tell stories, and stories give meaning to our life's daily experiences, and their totality.

Thanks for taking the time to follow; hope I have been faithful.

With agape,

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