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Monday, January 27, 2014

Your Authentic Self Commands It Thus (an epiphany #7)

Your Authentic Self Commands It Thus
(an epiphany #7)

When one gets into an intimate relationship with another, one NEEDS TO ACCEPT her/him for who he REALLY IS at that stage of her/his journey--and that is easier said than done, given my limited experiences in romantic endeavors, and an authentic Self being molded newly, and still very much at its infancy.

To not accept the other fully, completely is like demanding a two-month old baby to walk, and to have a lexicon of a toddler--the other is not, should not be at your command to be forced to skip the natural, glacial stage(s) of life.

Now assuming that you truly love your Self--and that is a prerequisite--,loving the other altruistically is a freedom-seeking, well-choreographed dance, in which your objective is to free your authentic Self through the loving of the other.  Thus to attempt to change the other, through bribery or otherwise, is to negate the other's authentic Self, and your Self as a byproduct, of course, inadvertently.

And so if you and the other, in a romantic relationship, are at incongruous stages of your journeys, one of you--and it does not matter who has the insight first--may NEED to use internal power to release the unbalanced, dysfunctional union back to the universe.

Moreover, with crocodile or otherwise tears the other might demand or beg you to not dissever the incongruous union--I have, myself, more than once, begged with tears, like two parallel rivers running down my hot face, of the other to not part ways with my broken, feeble heart--but be assertive, and stay with the insight, clearly, that your authentic Self commands to materialize thus.

Good journey, lovers.  Goddess' speed in finding a good match, for your stage of the journey.

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