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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rules Of Engagement Romantic

Rules Of Engagement Romantic

  • An angry, unwise person is an honest, inebriated man:  get him angry, if possible, to assay his general comportment.
  • Love your Self more, always, than you love your partner, at any given stage of the intimate relationship.
  • Each romantic relationship will give birth to its own set of issues--both positive and negative--which propels it forward, always.
  • An intimate relationship is propelled forward in two ways--each with its own variances:  it continues on or it ends slowly, or abruptly.
  • Love does not make or break, for that matter, a romantic relationship...
  • ...but love may be used to positively fuel the hard work involved in one's commitment to it, to facilitate good, open, and honest communication, to incentivize lovers to be flexible, and to provide the fertile soil for respect to grow.
  • You can take a good, favorable statistical chance on starting an intimate relationship, but once in it, if you jeopardize its health in any way, it will have a minuscule-to-none probability of being and/or staying healthy. 
  • After a heartbreak, if you expand your heart's space as you gain your perspective, you will love anew.
  • Sex could get better and better in a loving, exclusive, committed, and intimate relationship.
  • takes two to NOT tango, as well.
  • Communication, honest and good, is a skill, and can be learned.
  • Good, honest communication is the backbone of any healthy, intimate relationship.
  • One person does NOT leave the other, when a romantic relationship ends; it ends for both of you could NOT keep it healthy, so do NOT feel inferior or superior to the other in any way; the two of you were simply, truthfully NOT a good match.
  • You must TRUST your partner in a romantic relationship, in order to be happy, content, and at peace with her/him.
  • They say that for economists, what people say does NOT matter, it's what they DO which does matter.  Apply the same principle to your intimate relationship:  it is what your partner DOES, and NOT what she/he says, so pay close attention to the actions.
  • There are no shortcuts in life's journey, but do not be afraid to take them, for lessons within them to be taught, and hopefully learned.

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