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Monday, January 6, 2014

Paradoxes, Emblems, and Metaphors

Paradoxes, Emblems, and Metaphors

Amongst the rubble, a dead couple rises above death with a lover's embrace.

A bird is perched on top of a prison's roof, where society chains unwanted souls.

A Mexican Artist transforms guns into musical instruments to exorcise the demons out of their metals.

A poor lad in Haiti sells his very soul to Hades in exchange for a one-way ticket to the good old USA, and when he finally makes it there, wishes he could go back--yes, back to his home, where his heart expands.

A magazine editor's uncontrollable fear of vomiting produces full-blown anxiety attacks, but he has not vomited in well over two decades.

A male-to-woman transgender--post-op--loves and mates, only, with other women.

The meager diet, provided to some prisoners, affords them more years to live, maybe to suffer--more or less.

A fireman falls madly in love with a female arsonist.

A mole on her face, asymmetry's jeer, and we call it a beauty mark.

John loves Jane for she cannot, won't requite his love; therefore, he clearly does not love himself.

Beauty lies within a heart which is true, even though she breaks.

I will only become, who I have been.

A homophobic person goes to prison, where he has consensual gay sex, but when out again in the larger society, returns to his inherited, learned, and comfortable homophobia.

There are NO shortcuts in life's journey, but you may take them when needed, for within them are lessons waiting to be taught, and hopefully learned.

The paradoxical, small world of living-in-your-head is most insidious, for you are your own god and devil at the same time, in isolation for the real, larger, and authentic world.

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