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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

To Facilitate Real Change (an epiphany #6)

To Facilitate Real Change
(an epiphany #6)

Listening to or reading the news online lately leaves me to believe that the whole world seems to be falling into the bloody hands of revolutionary minds, which have not only convinced themselves, but others to die in the name of “change.”  But REAL, essential, and life-long change only happens WITHIN one individual at a time, moving from one stage of life to the next, and it may take decades to facilitate the smallest bit of REAL change--within one individual--, and sometimes close to a lifetime for most, it seems.

Revolution attempts to bypass the natural, glacial evolution of a society, and that is why one revolution always begets another bloody one—it is redundancy to qualify it with the word bloody.  Spilled blood seems to always necessitate more of its kind in the long run to redress the same issues of our imperfect, but noble, Human Nature.  Patience, I told one young man, not long ago, is a skill, like how to altruistically love, and can be learned, and so are all the other virtues we hold dear to our hearts--and thank God for that.   Hopefully the revolutionary minds, among our mist, can learn to be patient, and to NOT spill blood—theirs or others—in the pursuit of ephemeral, short-term, superfluous change, for change's sake.

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