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Friday, January 3, 2014

An Epiphany (#5)

An Epiphany (#5)

Membership in a tribe affords a Human Being good chances for survival, but meeting that human's need for belonging, therefore a greater chance for survival, facilitates also chances of an early, unnecessary death, collectively, a lot of times, with your chosen tribe.

What if we could all belong to, only, one tribe, the Human Tribe?

The man-made fear, of one tribe gaining grounds on another, provides opportunities for some misguided tribal leaders, fearing the loss of some external powers, to commit genocides in the interests of their own tribes' better likelihood of survival.

Misguided!  Yes.

Misguided!  Yes, those of us, who embrace power struggles to win more external powers for us and our tribes, are never evil; for any of us to perceive them as evil, instead of simply less-human, in very dark stages of their lives, gives ourselves the carte blanche to NOT see ourselves in them, and to be less empathetic or less-human, as well.  And needless to say that when the less-human folks, in very tribal state of minds, go against each other, you have less and less communication and understanding, but more and more of finger-pointing, blaming for each tribe having its own human self-interests, to the point where no side is able to compromise.

Compromised self-interests are democratic and benevolent.  Uncompromising self-interests are less-human, inflexible.

Compromised self-interests are democratic, benevolent human self-interests, while uncompromising self-interests are simply less-human, inflexible, hard-line, and single-minded ones, which promote external conflicts, genocides, and wars in the pursuit of more external powers to acquire more, and more of our world's limited, non-renewable, but abundant natural resources--yes, there are enough for all of us, if some of us do not hoard most of the natural resources, out of FEAR, and not necessarily greed--"fear is the absence of love."

"There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need, but NOT for man's greed."
--Mahatma Gandhi

...but greed is the offspring of fear, I believe.

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