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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Prayer To My Heart

A Prayer To My Heart

Oh, Soft be
My Heart,
For each day,
Words with
Matching deeds
Will I perform
To keep You
As soft as
Sinews of 
New-born babes.

Let me not
Be hubristic
Believing, thus:
She is not
Deserving of me,
But We, undeserving
Of each other, are.

For the other's 
Heart only
Mirrors the
Softness or
Lack thereof
Of mine own.

Oh, Heart!
Pure and noble
A priori-a posteriori,
With each Human
Beat of essence:
Let me not
Ever forget the
Nobility of
Our lineage.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

To Be Blissed Out

To Be Blissed Out

Her gluteus maximus
Shaped like a triangle
Parts at its base
In two upwardly curves
Revealing her
Chasmal well.

Clothed in tight
Blue, cotton jeans
Accented by six-
Inch pumps
Walking forward
To meet her man
To be blissed out
Deservedly so!

Kisses With Prophylactics

Kisses With Prophylactics

With mouth
Sheathed to
Kiss prophylactically
With averted
Eyes and 
A distant heart
Undermining my
Self-Love by
Diseducating me
To self-hate:
Seeking her
Reflection in me.

Springes To Catch Woodcocks

Springes To Catch Woodcocks

Beautiful nothings:
Words without
Matching deeds;
Kisses with
A distant heart;
Intimate relationship
Wanting constant
Loving rituals;

Men hugging
Each other
With elbows into
Their chests;
Being glued
In receiving
Mode for
An entitlement

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Your Chaste Rose

Your Chaste Rose

Let me be
The sun to 
Your chaste rose
The honeybee
That pollinates
And spread
Your love
Pure, true
To the Human

Friday, October 25, 2013

A Conspiration

A Conspiration

Her cultural
Inherited self
conspired against
Her authentic
Larger Self
To that end:

To suffer the
Ephemeral pleasures
Of sexual intercourse
And green bills
Inherited from
The insidious
Disequilibrium of
Patriarchal society:

To feed her
Addiction to 
Her fears of
Not measuring up
To her cultural
Inherited self.

But his authentic
Self loved
Her larger Self

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Insidious Lesson

The Insidious Lesson

A pretty lass
Asks her mother,
"What Love feels
Like, mom?"
"Like the unknown,"
She replies.
"What is the 
Unknown, mom?"
"Your dad,
My jeune fille."

The beautiful lassie
Then asks her dad,
"What Love feels
Like, dad?"
"Two, three, or more
Women obsequious
To your daddy,"
He answers.

Her dreams henceforth
Colonized by cultural,
Inherited manhood
Molding her inheritance:
Cultural womanhood.

Black Roots

Black Roots

Her locks hang
Down over her head,
Like black roots
Growing on top of
Her fertile soil.

Her daughter touches
Them playfully,
With black rays
As her curious eyes:

In awe, and praying
To inherit sameness,
So that lads delight,
And show reverence
For her chaste 
Treasure well.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Will I Think Of You?

Will I Think Of You? 

Whenever I see
A New Jersey's
License plate;
Peruse the car,
Not finding you.

Whenever I overhear
A lover's sweet lies:
Knowing sweet lies
Soon turn rancid.

When selfish lovers
Neglect adding
More sweeteners
To soured lies,
And rituals stale.

When a swallow
Makes good use
Of the wind:
Knowing how
Migration unnerves
You to your
Own unrest.

When a child
Dreads the darkness:
Knowing how
You apprehend
Each nearing night.

When lovers' disdain
For kisses with
Reflects on their
Saddened faces.

Then I will
Think of you.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Stay With Me

Stay With Me

Stay with me
Till nights turn
To days and 
The sun chases
The moon away;
Lust to 
Love unconditional
For the test
Of time
The rituals

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Fulcrum Of Life

The Fulcrum Of Life

His mother asks,
"Why do men
Prey on women?"
"Men should
Pray for women
Instead," she says.

"Promise me,
My handsome lad,
To always
Remember that:
 A Woman is
The fulcrum 
Of life,
The mother
Of men."

"I promise
To, mom,"
He replied.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Why We Should Not Canonize our Nelson Mandela!

Why We Should Not Canonize Our Nelson Mandela!

We canonize and/or hadecize others, out of fear of NOT being able, so far, to reconcile our two opposite, incongruous, end-of-spectrum sides of our Human Nature.  "Good" and "Evil" inter-are in all of us, Humans, naturally, to the point of what one culture, period in history, calls "evil," another might perceive as necessary "good."  Thus, to be Human is to inhabit both worlds, to be both sinner and saint.

Let's take for example, when we hadecize another Human Being:  by doing so, we fail to see in ourselves, the other our true nature, and in the process, become less Human, reasoned, and empathetic. No one or group, absolutely, can take away another's Humanity, for we inter-are, and therefore to even attempt doing that impossibility lessens one's own Humanity; it is like when one of the organs or systems of the Human body fails, the Whole is reduced to a fraction of Herself.  

In "Call Me By My True Names," the Buddhist Monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, meditates on how we inter-are, beautifully,

"I am the twelve-year-old girl, refugee on a small boat,
who throws herself into the ocean after being raped by a sea
and I am the pirate, my heart not yet capable of seeing and 

Therefore, in treating, or perceiving the other as "evil," I essentially take away from my own Humanity, in that insidious process or experimentation.  Since we inter-are, we, thereby, become more, less Human together as One, a Whole.  When one of us is less than, or fraction of his individual Part-Whole, the Group-Whole is essentially reduced to a fraction of Herself.  Take a sports team, for example, the team as a whole is less than, if one its members is not mentally, physically synchronized, up-to-the-mark, individually, with the other members; therefore, it is in our best interest, as such, to perceive each other with that light of Humanity, which must coexist with darkness, for only with darkness can light be possible.

Richard Stengel, in "Mandela:  His 8 Lessons of Leadership" (TIME) writes, "Ultimately, the key to understanding Mandela is those 27 years in prison. The man who walked onto Robben Island in 1964 was emotional, headstrong, easily stung. The man who emerged was balanced and disciplined."

Our Nelson Mandela, knows well, more than anyone else, that he is just one of us:  shaped, molded into the revered person he has become by the rest of us; in other words, Nelson Mandela, the venerated person, was borne out of his struggle to become more Human, in the context of us, all; Nelson Mandela does not exist inherently, but as a part of the Whole, thus to canonize him ecclesiastically is to believe that he is unlike the rest of us, on our journey to become more Human.

Richard Stengel, in "Nelson Mandela:  The Making of a Leader" (TIME), writes, "Oliver Tambo, his former law partner and the longtime leader of the A.N.C. in exile who died last year, once described the youthful Mandela as "passionate, emotional, sensitive, quickly stung to bitterness and retaliation by insult and patronage." Who can discern those characteristics in the controlled Nelson Mandela of today? He now prizes rationality, logic, compromise, and distrusts sentiment. Prison steeled him, and over the decades he came to see emotion not as an ally but as a demon to be shunned. How was the man who emerged from prison different from the one who went in? His reply: "I came out mature." It is not simply that he harbors little bitterness in his heart; he knows that bitterness will not move him an inch closer to his goal."  

Our Nelson Mandela's goal, his goal:  to become more Human, I truly believe, and not a saint.  We are all both "good" and "evil,"--a paradoxical simplicity, I call it--and neither, but Human, more or less so.

Here's to being "balanced and disciplined," like our venerated Nelson Mandela.  
Goddess' speed on your journey to become more Human!

With agape,


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Love Untested

Love Untested

Commitment subverted;
Love untested,
Sacrifice suffused,
Into turned.

Her Inferno

Her Inferno

The Bottom of her
Could not reach:
Peregrinating to
The lowest level
Of her self-inferno.

Wanting a Self--
With a self
Colonized by
Ghosts, demons
Of her creation,
Her inferno
Of a self.

Friday, October 11, 2013

A Queenly King

A Queenly King

Like Miles Davis,
Back to crazed,
Hateful fanatics;
The androgynous Being,
Stands tall, beautiful
With erected spine,
Back to: 
Hateful eyes,
Homophobic minds;
(On train to
West Indian enclave)
Small eyes,
Smaller minds.

Being Beautiful

Being Beautiful

Rays of a black sun
Escape through pores
On her luminous skin.

Two eyes dark
Radiate forth, from
Her Being beautiful.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The First Step Towards Eradicating Stigmas About Mental Illness...

Eradicating Stigmas About Brain Disorders

"Misconceptions about mental illness contribute to the stigma, which leads many people to be ashamed and prevents them from seeking help," said Constance Lieber, NARSAD President. "Dispelling these myths is a powerful step toward eradicating the stigma and allaying the fears surrounding brain disorders."

In light of the two recent incidents involving Human Beings struggling with mental illness--the operative word, here, is light; we must shine light on these misconceptions--, I thought it my responsibility to do my very best to help dispel myths, and eradicate stigmas associated with mental illness.

If I were to ask you to survey your friends, family members, and co-workers about how many of them are or have been in therapy, and just how many of them would consider therapy and psychotropics, I would wager my two tickets for the Andrea Bocelli's show at Barclays Center, that you would not find too many truthful or positive answers, beliefs about therapy and psychotropic drugs.

The wherefore is complex and simple, and so to understand it, please be ready cognitively for a paradox:  successful therapy is about change in general, embracing change physically and mentally, but despite the fact we are always, constantly in the process of change, we resist it as it were most retrograde, unintegral to our being.  Add to that the stigmas and myths to that boiling, insidious cauldron, and you have resistance to change, and acceptance of the mental, physical status quo, even it is most dreadful, as if Hades, himself, had ordained it.  Yes, simple and complex!

But wait, we are not done adding more insidious ingredients to our boiling cauldron!  Add to it the fact that most of us have no understanding whatsoever of what goes on in therapy, we tend to always allow those myths, and stigmas to take root in our minds as proven facts, or empirical knowledge, especially, when our social group rewards us with ongoing membership in good standing--we are social animals, and thus need to belong--when we accept the myths, stigmas without any qualms, or our own investigation into the unknown.

Another ingredient we must add:  the fear of psychotropic drugs instilled in us by our culture, media, parents, and social groups.  Psychotropics help the patient to be available for therapy, in that sense, one may say that they work in concert with successful therapy. The fear of the side effects of the drugs belies the more potent fear of changes that happen physically and mentally within a period of days, which again one would want to resist consciously or subconsciously, out of fear of losing one's mental, physical status quo.

  • Myth: “People who need psychiatric care should be locked away in institutions.”
Fact: "Today, most people can lead productive lives within their communities thanks to a variety of supports, programs, and/or medications."

  • Myth: “Mentally ill persons are dangerous.”
Fact: "The vast majority of people with mental illnesses are not violent. In the cases when violence does occur, the incidence typically results from the same reasons as with the general public such as feeling threatened or excessive use of alcohol and/or drugs."
Then, add the above two myths, stigmas to the insidious cauldron, and you have individuals of all socio-economic backgrounds avoiding, resisting therapy, or change, essentially, which is just noble Human-to-Human sharing of life lessons, empirical knowledge, and experiences in a most humane, professional setting.

Also, I must state emphatically that the responsibility, always, lies with the individual for his/her own mental health, and to seek help of a good Therapist, and to stay on, faithfully, one's prescribed regimen of psychotropics when needed.  Absolutely no one else is responsible for the individual's shame, guilt, and lack of courage to seek therapy, despite the stigmas, myths associated with brain disorders, but the individual himself/herself.  We are each responsible for consequences we make as individuals, and to reflect, gain insights into how we, ourselves, create our own circumstances in life, and thus, not assign blame on society, family, culture, social group, but to be at the helm of our lives as mistress of our fate, and within that insight, choice lies one's empowerment, and the journey to become more Human in the face of the Existentialist angst, the philosophers remind us of.

So now ask yourself, then:  Am I ready to take advantage of therapy?  Would I be available to take advantage of therapy, if I were in need of?  Do I have to wait for a complete bottom-out crisis, giving me only two choices, death or change, to take advantage of therapy?

          Myth: "Psychiatric disorders are not true medical illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. People who have a mental illness are just "crazy."

Fact: "Brain disorders, like heart disease and diabetes, are legitimate medical illnesses. Research shows there are genetic and biological causes for psychiatric disorders, and they can be treated effectively."

           Myth: "Depression results from a personality weakness or character flaw, and people who are depressed could just snap out of it if they tried hard enough."

Fact: "Depression has nothing to do with being lazy or weak. It results from changes in brain chemistry or brain function, and medication and/or psychotherapy often help people to recover."

Here's to the wonderful, magical experiences of successful therapy!  Here's to dispelling myths and eradicating stigmas about mental illness or brain disorders!

With agape,

Friday, October 4, 2013

Gentleness In Motion

Gentleness In Motion

His two shoulders
Like two couches:
Big, muscular,
Where in-between
Lays his head,

Biceps like thighs,
Forearms like calves,
Legs like pillars:
He stands tall--

Giant- Like on the train;
But his eyes,
Reflective, peaceful,
Mirrors his

Her Attraction

Her Attraction

She sits
On the train
Every morn;
Whilst riders
Admire her well-
Defined nose:
With lines
Curved away
From nasal bones
Waiting to be
Gently stroked.

Blooms Inside Her

Blooms Inside Her

As if made hollowed
By the hydro-force
Green by chlorophyll:
The flower pot
Sits still, unaware
Of the life
That blooms
Inside her.

Loyal as a Shareholder

Loyal as a Shareholder

Loyal as shareholder,
The tall, skinny, 
Fit man bemoans
 Newly-opened gyms
Competing with
As if they were
Most retrograde
To comfort zone.