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Monday, March 25, 2013


To deceive ourselves, we, sometimes, believe or tell ourselves half-truths,  Anytime we tell ourselves or others:  "I am an alcoholic; I do not like to ask for help; I do not enjoy Jazz music; I like pizzas; I hate Rap music;" we are essentially deceiving ourselves by ending such thought with a period or a finality; preferably we should always add the following words, to that thought:  at the moment; at this stage; at this juncture. Or it should just be a given in our thought pattern--although unspoken!
Such pattern is very hard to release, since I am, in essence, that very pattern, and if I were to relinquish it, who would I be then.  Who would I be, If I were no longer an alcoholic?  My alcoholism becomes my very being, essentially, or raison d'etre.
But the truth or the whole truth is, that I am only an alcoholic, at this stage in my life.  As the writer Anais Ninn puts it, "Life is a process of becoming; a combination of states we have to go through.  Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it.  This is a kind of death."  Living is naturally dynamic, thus when one chooses to be static, he then enters into a state that is truly opposite to life, or simply put, death.
The question still remains:  Why do we tell ourselves those kinds of half-truths abouth ourselves?

The Human brain loves patterns.  It is said that, "The neural network of the brain is a patterning system."  But to say that we are our repeated behaviors is another half-truth, for we are much more than our behaviors.  Our behaviors, as individuals, create our man-made world or material world, but our spiritual world or humanity is unaffected by our behaviors as individuals, if one truly understands the minuteness of the role the individual plays in creating human essence.

Those half-truths give us a sense of efficiency, order, and consistency; and we love ourselves and others to be not fickle, but constant.  Thus we set ourselves up for hardship, in wanting to be constant, or static, when we ought to be dynamic, like Mother Nature.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sharing and Giving: A Difference In Perspective

Sharing and Giving:  A Difference In Perspective
The difference between sharing and giving is NOT concrete, but abstract or philosophical. If one wants to learn how to share, look to Mother Nature:  Plants share with us not only their oxygen, but their fruits, and in return we share our Carbon Dioxide, and help in dispersing of their seeds.  The essence of sharing is  in the natural "giving and reciprocating" of one's whole being--the key word, here, is "whole"--with another, and the reciprocating is not always concrete or extrinsic, but needs to be intrinsic or natural, as one understands that our lives are all interconnected.  Thus sharing always enlarges one to being more Human, as an integral part of that Whole we call humanity.  When one shares, also, it is with the understanding that it enobles one's humanity, and all humanity--sharing is always done with a great Love for humanity as a whole--, in essence.

On the other hand, when one gives, it is always from a stance of superiority over the other; I have plenty, and you don't, so I will give you a little; therefore you owe me, and should view me as your savior, thus worship me as such, for if you do not, I might not be so nice in the near future; and that is the essence of giving; I am superior to the other, thus my bias is to remain so, and thus must endeavor to create that world where my superiority would always create those who are/have materialistically less than me. 

When one gives, also, it is always with a subtraction or debit on a ledger, which must be balanced in an other way through the other.  While sharing always adds more credit to my humanity, and thus all humanity.  As Rabbi Jonathan Sacks puts it, "Love is the only thing, the more you give of it away, the more you have."  Ditto, Rabbi Sacks!  Thanks for your Love for humanity, and passing it on.

True love stories: Couple falls in love on Instagram

True love stories: Couple falls in love on Instagram

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ode To A Peterly Princess

Ode To A Peterly Princess
While most know of only one North Star,
I, lovingly, know of Two, your Eyes.
Your smile, warmer than Summer, brightens my cloudy days.
Your laughter exponentially adds bliss, and subtracts sorrows.
The Sun to my North Wind, You are.
Hail Peterly Princess Peter!

Two Plus One Equals Our "Non-self"

Two Plus One Equals Our "Non-self"
My arms stretch around our Earth,
Like a Lover's embrace, to find you;
Wonder if you seek me too,
With bifocals adorned eyes peering
Into the Cosmos to unite our hearts;
The Hydrogen twos to my Oxygen one,
When, we, Twain, enlarge to a "Non-self."

Come My Love...

Come My Love...
Come my Love and
Be the Soul of my heart.
For, when, we, Twain, shall be One, you will be:
--Distance is but a man-made idea.--
The voice of my silence,
--Come nearer, and close the thought-distance gap.--
The music in my head, and the dance in my body,
--Hold my hand, and never let us part again.--
The rain to my garden, and the flower in a Lover's heart,
--Be the Catherine to my Heathcliff.--
Once again.
Come my Love and
Be the Soul of my heart.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Wonderful Line Of Poetry

A Wonderful Line of Poetry
In a texting exchange with my younger Sister, Miranda, a.k.a. Lady Marvelous, I found a wonderful line of poetry from her end, which I want to share with you all:  "I have faults, but thanks for recognizing the gifts."  Upon reading it, I felt a pure Light shining through me; her epiphany reaching me and illuminating me to the immediacy of the need for us to appreciate and accept each other's faults and gifts.
The questions beg to come alive:  How does it make you feel when another appreciate you for truly who you are as a whole being, with faults and wonderful traits?  How important is it for us to appreciate each other in our true Essence?

Theme And Paradox

Theme and Paradox
The central theme of the open letter, blogged yesterday, is:  we are individuals, responsible for ourselves and others; since "I"cannot have a real and true self without the "other;"  In essence, we are truly One, creating Human Essence together, as we go about living our lives--yes!  We are creators!  Ask a pregnant Lady or an artist in the process of delivering her art into the world, after conception, and being pregnant with the concept or idea.  As creators we get to watch our creations continue to amaze and surprise us in ways we could not ever have anticipated or imagined; our creations take on an "individuality" of their own, as they come into being or relation with the real world.
Though our responsibility to the "self" takes precedence over being responsible to the "other;" nonetheless, we are also truly responsible to and for the "other" in creating Human Essence--it is a paradox--, thus the anxiety or angst, the existentialist philosophers refer to, when it comes to choosing our way of life; would we want our choices to become or influence everyone's life?  But that comes with entering into self-reflection and becoming conscious of out role in creating Humanity, as a whole--the Drop in that wonderful Ocean, I referred to in the open letter. "Know thyself," as the philosophers have been reminding us for centuries; it is key to good, wholesome, and natural living.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

"For Everything There Is A Season..."

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven..." 
--Ecclesiastes 3
Hello ALL!
"The Conversation" had been a medium for us to SHARE our experiences and ideas, in order to become more Human, by learning from each other consciously.  As I have said before, whether we do it consciously or unconciously, we are learning from each other, anyway, what it is to be Human, thereby creating Human Essence.  The Individual is a mere Drop in the Ocean we call Humanity!  But to participate consciously in creating, as a Drop in that wonderful Ocean, Human Essence, is to be the Light, and not merely reflecting it.
Out of respect for some of you, who, I believed, might have thought that the texts for "The Conversation" were intrusive, I had requested a "yes" text-reply to delete your number from the group.  A rumor, then, ensued, from that simple exchange, that I was no longer on speaking terms with those, who had chosen, befittingly, to opt out of the group texting.  To banish that rumor, I have chosen to address it openly, as I had been doing in the 'The conversation" for several good weeks.  Also I believe that rumors are important, for they help to keep us in line within our social group, and they always carry an intimation of the truth--100% of the time; but we all hate them, thereby their inherent power over us all, and thank God for that!  Rumors are a necessary Human construct, I believe. 
As a professional, I have learned from past unwanted consequences to NEVER go without speaking to a colleague; the unwanted consequences are unbending enough, that upon reflection, I came to the understanding that colleagues, who could have become life friends, disintegrated into "enemies" or stayed just mere colleagues.  Keeping "enemies" at work is not only stressfull on one's body and mind, but also bad for the general "esprit de corps" in the workplace.
But on the other hand, I will not endeavor to keep or make friendship that is not based on mutual understanding, sharing, and morals; those I will let go when necessary!  Herewith if you are wanting an emotional doormat, or are a passive-aggressive type personality, then I am not your "man" or friend, but a good co-worker!
"a time to seek, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away." 
--Ecclesiastes 3
I am forever grateful to all of you for having allowed me to express, and share my ideas and experiences, and yours, of course, through the group texting; it allowed me to better understand myself through the exchanges with you, of course; therefore, realizing that I am truly more conservative than I thought before the group sharing with you all.
"Good conversation reassures us that we can know ourselves and one another better.  Failure to communicate, on the other hand, leaves a void."  --Marietta McCarty
Once an erudite young Man, with forethought, told an unreflective old Man, "You are not an island!  If you need help, ask for help!"  As the myopic old Man gained distance, thus understanding, and consciousness--a hint of wisdom--, the sapient young Man's words, later, proved prophetic; sometimes we need to use sticks to wake another up or to keep each other in line!
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.  Never give it," writes Eleanor Roosevelt, and I am sure you would all agree.  "I am Master of my fate."  Or one could CHOOSE to be victim of one's fate!  Here's hoping we all CHOOSE to be Master and Mistress of our fate!

God by you all and in good stead!  One Love!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday, March 15, 2013

Opposite Sides

Giving and receiving are two opposite sides of the same coin!  For one to be a true giver, one must learn to receive; it is all sharing, in essence!