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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How Do I Tell My Eyes?

How Do I Tell My Eyes

How do I tell my Eyes
When they long to hold you
In their spheres, that 
My heart always has you
Within its realm?

How do I advise my hands
Made soft by your kisses true,
When they long to caress you,
That my Soul always and forever
Is cuddling your Soul to a heavenly peace?

How do I console my feet
When they long to walk toward
Your being beautiful, that
My mind always has you framed
Perfectly beautiful within its imaginative eye?

What do I say to my lips when
 They long to kiss your lips juicy,
That my thoughts loving-beautiful
Always live by-within your
Kisses wetter than a river?

How do I make others comprehend that, 
When my stamen and your pistil are oneing blissfully 
How your pink pistil within your flower red
Becomes oceanicly wet, happily welcoming the to-and-fro
Of my steely stamen to our synchronized 
Heavenly joyful climactic peace?

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