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Monday, September 9, 2013

Mondo's Aphorisms (p.3)

Mondo's Aphorisms

The Soul, like true Art, stands beyond, above, respectively, life, and mirrors life back truthfully, in all its conceptions, enterprises, and Beauty.

The Soul, remaining, always, beyond Human conceptions, enterprises, stands untainted in its universal, eternal Truth, Beauty.

Oh, how the days of happy lust quickly turn into days of regrets and self-pity.

The days of Love are like beautiful, cogent haikus, for they capture life in its eternal Truth and Beauty.

Pray, labor that your days of Love outnumber your days of lust, for your Heart's space, perspective will widen with such a favorable ratio.

Moments of true, internal, Human courage are always borne out of Love, true and pure, bearing proof to the nobility of our Human Nature.

What true, internal Love has soldered, no hate can dissever.

The days of Love will live on eternally, untainted, for they are locked away in a Lover's memory safe, accessible to only Venus.

At times, a Human Being will be stuck, sunk in the quagmire, quicksand he makes of himself.

It is most Human to extract from society at large and play out what it is to be a social being; the insight is in balancing that fact with one's internal, eternal truth or larger Self.

Some intimate relationships are borne out of loneliness and need.

At specific times, wisdom is allowing, consciously, the cultural, inherited self to trump the authentic, larger Self.

Intimate relationships that are borne out of loneliness and need will quickly become dysfunctional.

Hatred is parasitic:  it quickly destroys the very organism it lives and feeds on.

A grateful Heart is a bright light in the darkness, a compass to a seafarer.

The heart-space, perspective shrinks in the inherited, cultural self-mode.

One's heart-space, perspective, naturally, enlarges in authentic Self-mode.

The Truth will not be digested mechanically or chemically by one's enzymes; it must be ingested Whole-ly.

Star-crossed lovers meet at the nexus of need and loneliness.

If he is with, by you, only, when it accords with his self-interests, then epiphanize that he does not truly love you.

The toiling Hand of Fate, which creates my circumstances, belongs to me, therefore, I pray to always be able to choose life-prograde experiences.

A Woman's true, Love brings a man close, closer to Goddess.

Through Loving truly, only, one Woman, a man moves close, closer to Goddess.

Ask not to be loved, but love yourself, others.

A Therapist is one's mirror to the authentic Self or Truth.

Love is Freedom within, not need.

The inherited, cultural self may be homophobic, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, and racist:  Look to it, reflect, gain insights, overcome, and transcend it.

I am bullish on our Human Nature.

The point, rationale for education need, should not be confused--but clearly delineated from--with its goal, outcome, especially economic or status.

Being in denial is far worse than being insane, in general.

The Human body, an integral part of the authentic, larger Self, always, knows when Therapy is needed, but the inherited, cultural self, usually, will stand in the way with its borders, obfuscating the body's warning messages.

Through guided, then assigned homework, breathing exercises, a Therapist teaches her available patient how to reconnect, reacquaint himself with his body or Soul's Home.

The cultural, inherited self is the Soul's nemesis.

The very nature of Human happiness is ephemeral, for it is contingent of too many fickle, man-made, external factors.

Bask in the universal, eternal, natural warmth of Joy, like green leaves in sunlight.

Endeavor to always clearly delineate the ephemeralness of Human happiness and the immutableness of pure, natural Joy.

Happiness is contingent, ephemeral, and external, while Joy is immutable, universal, and internal.

The Truth needs to be heard, told exactly, at times, when one may not want to hear, be confronted by It.

Practice is simply planning, by another word.

Endeavor to make your personal life consists of experiences you would not confirm or deny to some, but NOT secrets.

Secrets are most harmful to one's Soul.

One hates more out of insidious fear, not the hate itself.

Hate and fear share an intimate kinship, very like twins.

Hate is fear internalized and manifested outwardly.

Oh, the untruths we whisper to our own ears, to shun responsibility for the small, insidious world we create, primarily, in our heads, with thoughts and deeds.

Very like two opposite poles of a magnet, we attract experiences, people to our lives to teach us specific lessons needed for our journey.

You must imbue your Therapist with the omnipotence she needs to help you heal yourself.

One of the unnatural reasons for homophobia is that having been born a "man," confers culturally, lineally to the individual, unmerited, patrimonial advantages economically:  Look to it, reflect, gain insights, overcome, and transcend it.

An available patient always, naturally imbues her Therapist with goddess-like skills to help her heal herself.

There is something above-Human life, goddess-like about the Arts:  It mirrors Human frailties in a transcendental Beauty or Truth.

 A priori expectations preordain your life's experiences with a rigid, static, narrow perspective.

Seek to develop a symbiotic relationship with your fears:  Use them to propel you forward along the way in your journey.

Experiences are all relative:  new to old and old to new.

Endeavor, pray to welcome each new stage of life's journey with an adventurous outlook, very like a neonate embraces fully, lovingly her newly-found environment.

Being scornful of the homeless is being fearful, subconsciously, of the fact that we are ALL a mental illness, natural disaster away from dire poverty.

Humanity is Love:  Choose to Love Her unconditionally.

By devaluing women essentially, and overvaluing men superficially, we have created our own man-made, unhappy world, through that insidious disequilibrium.

Be a seeker of Truth, always, in your personal life.

The wonderful, loving world one wants to live in starts and ends with one.

Treating the other with the law of the jungle means one is not using reason, and therefore less Human.

One's Therapist will not, in the end, make one conscious of more life-retrograde issues, which one is not able to confront, yet.

Good, successful therapy is long-term, in and out of formal settings.

Blessed are the men whose Mother's side, naturally, balances their father's side, in ratios, preferably, favoring their Mother's side

I will never understand, and pray to never, why, the wherefore, one man hates another for Loving his fellow men.

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