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Friday, August 30, 2013

Loss Magnified

Loss Magnified

Beauty wanes
Innocence fades
Heart twinges
Eyes' pair cries.

Heart contracts
Oxygen lessens
Vessels strangulated
Loss amplified.

Mondo's Aphorisms (p.2)

Mondo's Aphorisms  (p.2)

The other side of guilt and shame is freedom and responsibility.

Endeavor to transcend one's guilt, and shame to responsibility and freedom.

Do not attempt to fill your psychological holes with material goods.

Fill your psychological holes with spiritual goods only.

If an intimate relationship is not moving, constantly, forward, it becomes stagnant.

Stagnancy is a potent poison to any intimate relationship.

The embers know, implicitly, that their master will, only, be satisfied, when they have all turned to ashes.

The beloved is, inherently, neither attractive or ugly:  One projects either.

Every mischievous deed, one releases into the universe, comes back many folds, to harm all of us.

Commitment in any intimate relationship should be as fickle as the moon.

Endeavor to never sacrifice, but commit, in all your intimate relationships, and other attempts.

Self-esteem, Self-love is the natural home of one's Soul.

Intimate relationships will get worse or better; they rarely will stay static.

Let not your inherited self subvert your authentic Self.

If all the lines of communication are not open, in an intimate relationship, one or both involved is not committed to it, to the reality, truth of it.

Not understanding, often, the wherefore of the other's behavior is a reflection of an unreflective modus vivendi.

In an intimate relationship, one cannot willfully or naturally be the other's therapist.

One must first own one's intractable consequences, in order to transcend them.

In any intimate relationship, one should not attempt to become, unnaturally, One with the beloved.

Sex is the quicksand that some intimate relationships use to build Love's home on.

Inflexible, potent patterns' only antidote is one's true nature or larger Self.

Pray to never become, be a co-conspirator to the other's sabotage of Self.

When internal Love transcends, often, the external, spiritual equilibrium is reached and maintained.

A divided Self is made One, Whole, by reconciling one's true nature with the Human world.

Life is not a bed:  Do not sleep in it; stay awake and keep moving.

Let not the beloved be or become Prometheus-like in any intimate relationship.

The Therapist's role is not to tell the patient how to live his/her life; the philosopher's is.

One cannot commit to any dysfunctional relationship; one can only sacrifice in it.

A nontraditional lover shares her life with her beloved, only, by conscious, dynamic choice.

A woman must learn to reconcile her cultural, inherited self with her authentic, larger Self.

A man must learn to reconcile his cultural, inherited self with his authentic, larger Self.

Intoxicated with anger, an unreflective soul will come to light with words and deeds.

Pray to never allow the inherited, cultural self to subvert the authentic, larger Self.

Here's to Self-love, the only true way to live one's life authentically.

Shifting your perception or widening your perspective will turn a life-negating choice into a life-affirming one.

A home not built on Love is like a garden without fertile soil for its flowers.

Happiness is clearly being able to delineate one's wants from needs.

Poetry is always above real life.

The poet, in her fancy, creates an above-human world for us to aspire to.

Self-contemplation fuels the poetic mind.

Depression fuels rumination in the artist's mind.

An ungrateful heart makes sharing most difficult.

Depression is rumination stuck in negative, self-loathing mode.

Depression is self-contemplation minus Serotonin.

When Romantic Love dies, Indifference, her opportunistic, distant kin, falsely claims her life insurance.

Provoking ire in the other is a definite beeline to his inherited self.

An ungrateful heart suffocates creativity.

Creativity is the master key to open many locked doors.

Depression, in its clinical form, is creativity minus the fun of it.

Creativity widens one's perspective exponentially.

Worship at the feet of our Serotonin:  She is our Demigoddess.

An unwise person will use music to delineate his social status.

One is the sole, natural guardian of one's Self-Love, Self-esteem.

Pray, so that you authentic Self is never swept up in the potent currents of cultural, inherited self.

Living in a feel-sorry-for-me world of your own creation is Self-negating.

Romantic Love, unassayed, is lust, need, or avarice.

An adult, who lives irresponsibly, is unable to give true consent, like a minor in legal matters.

Had I not forged my Self-Love with bloody, toiling hands, She would not be worth as much to me.

One gives and/or takes, when unable to share with the other.

Stay, always, with one foot firmly rooted in the real, Human world, when in any intimate relationship:  Accept the truth, reality of it.

The other's Humanity cannot be, naturally, revoked.

Human, unbending issues will surely become Herculean, when one refuses to own and move beyond them. out of Existentialist angst.

The real, Human world is not in one's head, but in one's toiling hands and feet.

The world does not owe me anything:  I owe the world everything.

A Therapist is not a guru, and a guru is not a Therapist.

The Philosopher puts forth various ways of living well, relative to her experiences, beliefs.

Insights gained into the true nature of our Humanity:  I am the Drop in that wonderful, noble Ocean; I am the Ocean.

Dark matter is Nature in mystery.

Coincidence is the goddess of sudden movement, advancement of Human life.

Nature is the goddess of creativity and mystery.

Taboo, culture, myths, tradition, religion, miseducation, stigmas, diseducation, blame, guilt, social norms are factors which erect psychological, physical borders between one and the benefits of therapy.

A true apologetic Heart can resuscitate another Heart, sometimes.

Anxiety is leaving one's Home or body when She needs one most.

The inherited self recoils from the very prospect of therapy.

The larger Self is always available, open to therapy.

Therapy is Human-to-human sharing, using creative, humane, always, ways, at times.

Therapy helps one to become more Human.

One may be less or more Human, at times, but never not Human.

Life-retrograde and life-prograde experiences, issues inter-are.

We, Human Beings, inter-are, in ways beyond the poet's fancy, which gives further proof to the nobility of our Human Nature.

Trust that everything that happens in one's life is a choice, conscious or not.

Responsibility starts with the insight that one is the sole commander of one's circumstances in life.

Responsibility for one's circumstances in life shares a puissant kinship with successful therapy.

Pray to always be a responsible sexual being; always responsible for his/her sexual drive.

Blame is an insidious, life-negating, Human resource; endeavor to use, always, responsibility in its stead.  ( I am using, insidious, here, to mean specifically, "seemingling harmless but with actually grave effect [or defect].")

Life is a beautiful, exciting journey when living responsibly in one's larger, authentic Self.

The truth is the flower within a flower, the heart within a heart, and the soul within a soul:  The truth is ineffable.

The heart always knows the truth before the mind.

The inherited self always lives irresponsibly.

Children, always, have, naturally, a larger ratio of larger, authentic Self to inherited, cultural self than adults.

Children are the noblest of Human Beings, with an untainted larger, authentic Self.

Labor to always nurture the incorruptible, authentic Self within.

Empathy is antidotical to the irresponsible, inherited, insidious, cultural self.

The larger, authentic Self is, always, empathetic toward the other, with each other.

The inherited, cultural self is a fragmented, divided, unbalanced self.

The cultural, inherited self, always has its, own-, self-interests.

A subversive, pervasive self-interest is not particular to anyone.

The rub in making an intimate relationship work:  both parties must balance, and/or merge their own-, self-interests.

Open your heart's space to, all, the wonderful, and the not-so-wonderful-a-priori surprises in life, for they, at times, come disguised as discomfort, pain.

Pain, discomfort is, in hindsight, the pregnant foundation which gives birth to a bountiful, joy-full life.

Creativity is the poetic intensity of God in Nature.

Crises are the incantations, through therapy, which allow one to rise above Cerberean issues.

Paradoxically, suffering softens the rough edges of one's heart.

Pray that you may allow, be able to synchronize your heart, soul, and mind as one.

No matter what happens from now till that fateful hour when I shuffle off my mortal coil, I will be able to say that I had a good life, and my faith in the nobility of our Human Nature will be unshaken, though assayed.

Internal conflicts arise when the inherited, cultural self is attempting to suppress, totally, the authentic, larger Self.

Suffering is a paradoxical, which one may, should use to make the days ahead sunnier, more bountiful.

The creative goddesses make use of all one's senses.

Labor to never sacrifice for your wants in life.

A Human story is written in deeds, not words.

Music is a most jealous Mistress, do not cuckold her with various Cocktails.

One stays, at times, in a dysfunctional relationship, way after its natural end, out of guilt, shame, blame, or simply put, a lack of Self-love, or lost Self.

Love can never be broken down into smaller parts; She must be swallowed wholesomely in her totality.

Trust that every, single note in her Symphony of Life is of equally great importance:  So believes the composer of her Magnum Opus.

The inherited self may be most chauvinistic in many subtle ways: Look to it, reflect, gain insights, overcome, and transcend it.

Labor, pray to never leave the other feeling guilty, shameful for owning the truth, the wherefore of his behavior, or gain insights into life-negating behavior patterns, but feeling responsible for his circumstances.

The truth is, always, inconceivable to the inherited, cultural self, like light to darkness, or love to hate.

Self-forgiveness warms the heart, like a mother who blankets her baby.

Wise is the Human Being who knows intimately her weaknesses, and shares her strengths.

Self-forgiveness emboldens the heart, and frees up space for the seeds of Self-love to be cultivated again.

Having sex is a distance game:  the faster runner wins.

Making Love is a win-win, emotional connection.

Having sex is a give and take.

Making Love is sharing Earthly Joys reserved for the goddesses.

Making Love is mutually satisfying.

Ideas are our natural resources, like air, water, and sunlight.

Lovers at play are like children, ignorant of death.

Death never makes her decisions unilaterally:  She always consults with Life, and Life bestows upon her the reciprocity.

Life and Death, in their totality, is one, intimately, lovingly.

To be afraid of Death is to fear Life; to fear Life is to die each day of Life.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Your Heart's Beauty

Your Heart's Beauty

The map to your ears
Lend me;
That my spoken words
Their way,
To your heart's beauty
Might find.

The melody in
My words of Love,
Your heart's beauty
Mirrors with each
Lovely beat,

Monday, August 5, 2013

A More Human Modus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi

When one does not understand that one's own self-centeredness energy brings out in the other certain attributes of Human Nature, one fails to recognize in oneself key common Human characteristics, and how they attract each other according to likeness law, and therefore, one usually gets overly sensitive and pugnacious with the other's actions or energy.

When one does recognize dynamically and actively put into practice such insight, one is able to not be frustrated by the other's behavior.  One's own energy will attract its likeness, and so when one fails to transform it in ways to change their consequences, the cycle is reinforced, pattern becomes potent, and one continues to ascribe responsibility of intractable consequences to the other.

Only with a responsible modus vivendi can one be, actively and dynamically, looking into patterns and releasing the life-negating ones.

May we all live our lives with a responsible, dynamic outlook, and become more Human.