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Saturday, July 20, 2013

When One Gives...?

SHARING Is Not a Give-and-take

When one gives, the other naturally, appropriately may, should reciprocate by taking.  The reciprocal behavior/reaction to giving is taking, in other words.  One's giving should, in itself, be one's reward/punishment, according to one's lens(es) being used to create one's world.  In other words, giving's inherent consequence--be it intractable or otherwise--is taking.

Thus, do NOT expect the other to feel obligated to reciprocate in any way other than receiving your gift(s).  The other's receiving/taking is directly matching your feeling of superiority or inferiority--some of us do give only to those we feel, unnaturally, inferior to.

In order to become more Human, one must practice to SHARE with the other.  SHARING, on the other hand, is always its own reward!  Within the sharing of one's resources, material or otherwise, is the sweet reward of ABUNDANCE; one feels naturally, and appropriately GRATEFUL of one's lot in life.

I believe!

May God lead us, all, to grateful hearts, and minds, on our bountiful journey!

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