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Friday, July 19, 2013

Our Two Sides...

Our Two Inner Selves

Our commonalities as Human Beings are most essential, while our differences are nonessential.

Once upon a time, a father told his young son, "There is a war of good versus evil raging on inside of me!  The good side is life-affirming, but the evil side is life-negating."  The son looks at his father almost in disbelief, but in awe, and astonished, then he asks his father, "Daddy, which side is winning your internal war?"  The father replies, then, conclusively, "Whichever side I am feeding!"

Thus I ask you, respectfully:  Are you empowering your internal life-affirming thoughts, or your life-negating ones?  I beg of you to reflect, and feed your life-affirming side for the sake of our noble Humanity.

When Nelson Mandela was asked by a young scholar, after Mandela had been released from prison, in South Africa, how was he able to survive 27 years of harsh imprisonment, he replied, "I believed!"

I believe in the nobility of our Human Nature, without hubris. 

I believe!

May God lead us to new understanding, patience, and agape!

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