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Monday, July 15, 2013

On Our Need For AGAPE...

Our Need for Agape...

In light of the Jury's Verdict in the Zimmerman's case, I want to remind all of us to reflect on this:  "Emotions are irrational!"  When negative feelings and/or life-negating emotions come up to the conscious level, we must allow them to be, like the mother allows her crying baby to be, so to be able to transform them to life-affirming ones.  And that can only happen, if we are able to NOT become the life-negating emotions; we easily can succumb to our negative energy, if we fear it, as we try to flee from it.

We live in a country of laws, and we should make room always for a jury's verdict to stand, respectfully, despite our own difference of opinion; it is our civic duty as good citizens to do so, or lawlessness or chaos might prevail--God forbid!

We must always remember that it is our task, in order to become more Human, to treat each with agape.  Apropos, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King writes in "Loving Your Enemies," "The way to be integrated with yourself is to be secure that you meet every situation of life with an abounding love."  ...and "that abounding love" is agape!  I believe that we should all supplant the word, enemy, with life-teacher.  We are all learning from each other how to become more Human every nanosecond; thus, we are truly each other's teacher of life, as we go about daily creating Human Essence.  It is a dynamic process; always in flux; always in the process of becoming; the journey itself.

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