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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mondo's Aphorisms

Mondo's Aphorisms

Feeling superior or inferior to the other is the same complex.

It is less painful to fall from the third rung of the ladder than from the eleventh rung.

Fear of NOT wanting to feel, be inferior to the other, makes one, inadvertently, want/need to be superior to the other.

Seek to always make a clear distinction between fallible human systems and our noble Humanity.

Being responsible for another individual makes one realize that one's parents did their very best with our rearing.

Commitment and Empathy merge to become true Love.

Seeing oneself in the other makes one more Human.

Believing one is entitled to anything in life makes one less Human.

Fear of intimacy robs a man of half of his total amount of oxygen in his blood stream.

A low Emotional Intelligence Quotient subverts a man's Feminine side, leaving him unbalanced, halved.

An individual without a good Therapist is like a Self-explorer without her compass:  Her North is only her conjecture.

Pray daily to NEVER be envious of the other, for envy ebbs a grateful heart, thus making welcoming room for more life-negating thoughts.

Pain, discomfort opens the door to clarity of mind, faith, and healing.

Confusion is the legitimate child of an irresponsible modus vivendi.

Fearful thoughts, if not transmuted, will deteriorate into their better kins:  fearful acts.

Seek to always keep a strong sense of  who You are as an Individual during any intimate relationship, especially the Romantic kind:  Do NOT lose yourself in the other!  Never!

With Self-forgiveness, one begins the journey, opens the door to heal the heart.

Grave matters should be addressed with solemn body language and serious words.

One, who is unable to empathize with a perceived, imagined, or real weakness in the other, is projecting his own lack of Self-empathy.

When one understands, with practical insights, the true nature of our Human existence, all forms of hatred are self-hatred.

One should not use, ever, today's lens to look back into yesterday's choices to find fault with.

A consequence, in hindsight, only, may be wanted or intractable.

Consequences are inherently neither "good" or "bad," but dynamic in nature, always.

Cultivate, always, a lovely garden, for in so doing, one will harvest life-affirming thoughts, magnanimous deeds, and most of all, an honorable life.

Two Human Beings, who RESPECT, LIKE, and Love--in that order of importance--each other, will bring up, always, empathetic and emotionally-balanced citizens of our world.

Were all else to fail, an unwavering faith, in the nobility of our Human Nature, will bestow upon one a prograde outlook, and help one to transcend daily life-retrograde issues.

God gave one this body, created in His image, so pray that He may grant one the valor and self-respect to love it absolutely.

3 of the major long-term decisions one should seek therapy for:  Choosing a career, having a child, and getting married.

Rituals of any relationship--be it with God or with other humans--serve as glue to cultivate it always in good health.

Seek to never use a gradational lens which perceives the other as either "devil" or "saint."

One's harvest will always be bountiful, with a grateful heart.

The dynamic of Human Nature is always, more, in the gray areas.

Pain and discomfort is not particular to any one of us.

Resistance to the natural ebb and flow of our Human Experience always creates more life-retrograde issues.

Futile attempts to live in the tomorrow and/or future always breeds angst.

Romantic Love, when unseasoned, requires life's retrograde issues to grow exponentially.

We canonize and/or hadecize others, out of fear of NOT being able, so far, to reconcile our two opposite, incongruous, end-of-spectrum sides of our Human Nature.  (I might have just coined a word, hadecize, using the proper noun, from Greek Mythology, Hades; hopefully I am not being too hubristic.  Lol)

A priori, our Human Nature is all noble.

With practical insights into the true nature of our Being, our Human Nature is all noble, a posteriori.

Often one wants the other to change, only, when it profits one, ignoring that change is integral to our Being.

A Romantic relationship will last, only, if both make room for each other to be dynamic in their individuality.

With being a medium for the creative goddesses, one must accept being perceived by the other as eccentric.

One must find the forgotten, lost, and frightened self in a dysfunctional relationship, before being capable of leaving it absolutely in one's past.

Pray to, always, tend to one's individual garden, while in an intimate relationship with another human being.

Labor to always revel in the uniqueness of the other.

Live with Chance in your heart, always, and She will be your North Wind.

Guarantees in life are its negator and antithesis.

Plan to always change your plans, often, when least necessary,

Seek to always use responsibility, and NOT blame, as your antidote to life-negating issues.

Blaming the other or oneself is self-negating.

Responsibility opens the door which enables one to release intractable patterns.

Regret and blame, both, lives in the past, while responsibility lives in the present, as life is the now.

Regret and/or blame is the antithesis of responsibility.

Blame and/or regret belies the dynamic of life's experiences.

Regret and/or blame renders one stagnant, like dead water.

One's plans should always be malleable like the human brain.

Regret, irresponsibility, blame, all three, have a potent kinship.

Responsibility makes one mistress/master of one's life.

After a dysfunctional relationship has run its course, one will miss its routine, but not, actually, the other.

Accept to live always with inflexible life issues.

Lessons learned from past, intractable consequences will, always, be with one in the present.

The Universe will always reciprocate one's love.

One should NOT assign blame to the other, when a dysfunctional relationship has run its course, but each should take responsibility, as mistress/master of her/his life.

To experience pain and discomfort is all too human, so endeavor to find a well-grounded perspective, and gain insights into the true nature of our Being.

One, who lives with too much angst, shops a lot needlessly.

Looking for forever in any intimate relationship is for the poet, in his fancy.

One, only, gets a bird's eye view by standing on the shoulders of other Human Beings:  No one is self-sufficient.

Learn to recall, think of your intractable consequences as necessary and wanted, always.

Worry chases the real, Human world away.

One's body knows our Earth intimately.

Slow down, periodically, to allow the body to catch up to one's mentation, and synch-in.

Always point the finger of responsibility to Yourself.

As a child, one is capricious, an adult, stable and most retrograde to life's dynamism.

Standing by one's choices unconditionally, one gains insights into inflexible patterns, clearly, then releases them.

There is no relationship with more humane, intimate sharing than that of a good Therapist and her patient.

As a proof that Humanity is all noble, look no further than how a good Therapist counsels his patient.

Life and death share an everlasting love:  they have and will never meet.

Life chases death into old age, then death into the reverse.

Life and death courts each other:  both suffer from unrequited love.

The strings of the Human heart vibrates to life's major, minor keys in perfect harmony.

Waltz with your Life's Circumstances dexterously, for you have chosen Her out of many.

Love your Circumstances as if She were a Goddess incarnate.

Only after loaning the map to your ears, will a suitor's spoken words find their way to your heart.

Love calls Pain a very good friend, but Pain is Her nemesis.

Money has NO inherent value:  the value one assigns it is the root of some life-negating issues.

Endeavor to always be most intimate with your Choices.

Blame and/or guilt is the quagmire which cements one in a stage of life.

Angels have wings; mortals have lives.

To reciprocate God's Love, a man must respect and honor all women.

Live life, as if you had wings to fly, with a bird's eye view.

The Lover imbues her Loved with enchanting qualities, which may be reimagined to enervate the Loved.

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