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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Feeling Superior= Equals =Feeling Inferior

Feeling Superior Equals Feeling Inferior

Feeling superior or inferior to the other is one and the same state of mind--same difference!  Feeling superior to the other makes one contemptuous of the other, and in that scornful frame of mind, the less-than-human lens, one uses, does NOT allow one to see, understand the common thread of our Humanity, and "our Humanity" is thee road to the humane, dynamic truth.  To see it as "my Humanity," or "their Humanity" is NOT to understand that we all create what Human Essence is in a most dynamic way.

We stereotype the poor as well as the rich; our beliefs, based or founded on generalizations or over-generalizations, that the poor are lazy, while the rich are hard-working are mere stereotypes passed down/on to our children or each other.  

We usually hear and believe that the materially rich are unfeeling, out-of-touch with the masses, since they live in an insular, opaque way.  By painting all of our materially rich with a broad stroke like that, we fail to see, perceive our common thread of Humanity in all of us, or them.

When, I, as a black man, fail to see our commonalities in a Caucasian brother or sister, then how do I explain the numerous Caucasian brothers and sisters who had marched, with the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, calling for us, ALL, to see our Humanity in all of us--to remind us to believe in the nobility of our Human Nature?  How do I, then, reconcile the way that the Rabbi Abraham Joshua Herschel "prayed with his legs," as he marched with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, with my failing to see, understand my commonness with a Jewish brother or sister?

We must, ALL, be aware, mindful, and insightful of our propensity--all of us--to stereotype each other!  Only by recognizing ourselves--myself--in the other, can we--I-- embark on our--my-- journey of self-discovery, with empathy as our compass.

I believe in the nobility of our Human Nature. Fallible human systems, at times, may, do fail us, all, but NOT our Humanity!

I believe.

May God lead us, all, to new understanding, patience, and AGAPE!

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