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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Epiphany #3

An Epiphany (#3)

Opining on the Zimmerman's case

Let Us remember to NOT react in fear, as in, "What if He were your own Son?", "He looks like my very own Son!", or the "If I had a Son, He would have looked like Trayvon Martin!"  But more to the point, when our life-negating emotions come up to the surface, let's NOT become the very fear itself, we rightly might have assigned responsibility for the unfortunate accident, which had taken the young man's life, in the first place.

Instead, let's all draw a clear line in the sand between our fallible human systems--we have thee best legal system in the world!--, in general,and our own Humanity, which is all-good and noble.

Also, we must remember, always, that we ALL want the very same basic things in life:  Respect, Love, Freedom within limits, of course, Happiness, Peace-of mind.  Thus, our commonalities, as Human Beings are the by-products of our Human Essence, which, we, with each other, and NOT in isolation like our irrational emotions, daily help to create.

May God/Goddess lead us all to new understanding, patience, and AGAPE!

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