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Sunday, June 2, 2013

An Epiphany (#2)

An Epiphany (#2)

On choices and consequences:

For me, a choice is a consequence, and a consequence is a choice, for one simply CANNOT separate one from the other--they are one and the "same difference."  Keep that in mind for the abstract 360 degrees coming up in the last paragraph--ok; cool.

Too often we look back on a choice, and reflect--with the light of distance, but with miseducation and diseducation:  How could I have made such a "bad" choice?  What was I thinking?  Could I have been any more foolish, and lacking self-love?

Apropos, I believe:  There are no "good" or "bad" choices, but just simply choices; the consequences are wanted, life-affirming, or life-negating, unwanted.  Thus, at the specific time or stage of life one makes a choice, it is always thee best choice possible, given one's frame of mind, life-skills, self-esteem or lack thereof, and understanding.  The consequences of our choices are what create--the Artist--our worlds in the present, future--near and far.  Thus, depending on our self-love, or lack thereof, one will choose appropriate, true self-mirroring recurring or non-recurring consequences.

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