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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

An Epiphany

An Epiphany

No one ritual, in a relationship, is more important than the relationship itself.  The rituals, themselves, help to solidify the Romantic relationship, but NO one, ritual, alone, in isolation, is more important than the love/relationship itself.  Together, rituals bond, like the atoms in a compound substance, to create the glue/bond that holds the Romantic relationship in perpetuity.

The question begs to be asked:  Why do all religious people perform rituals?

I believe all religious folks perform rituals to help cultivate their faith in God; the religious rituals serve as the actions to experience their faith, literally.  Without the rituals, their faith would NOT stand the test of time, and would soon diminish, then wither away completely.  Thus, the rituals are the sunlight, manure, fertile soil, and water to cultivate their faith, always in good health.

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