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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

An Epiphany

An Epiphany

No one ritual, in a relationship, is more important than the relationship itself.  The rituals, themselves, help to solidify the Romantic relationship, but NO one, ritual, alone, in isolation, is more important than the love/relationship itself.  Together, rituals bond, like the atoms in a compound substance, to create the glue/bond that holds the Romantic relationship in perpetuity.

The question begs to be asked:  Why do all religious people perform rituals?

I believe all religious folks perform rituals to help cultivate their faith in God; the religious rituals serve as the actions to experience their faith, literally.  Without the rituals, their faith would NOT stand the test of time, and would soon diminish, then wither away completely.  Thus, the rituals are the sunlight, manure, fertile soil, and water to cultivate their faith, always in good health.

My Muse: The Blacksmith

My Muse:  The Blacksmith

My mind-heart of tainted love,
Many pieces broken, scattered,
Till my Princess Fab along came;
With rituals, as glue, our hearts solidified.

Worlds of pain abandoned;
Our trust, as foundation;
Commitment, as loving labor;
A new world fashioned We.

Blissful soulmating, like a blacksmith
At work with her anvil;
Our worlds recreated as One,
With prototype, our Love,

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Missive to a Future Friend

A Missive to a Future Friend

Dear Mr. T.,

"...since brevity is the soul of wit, and tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes, I will be brief..." I am on a journey to become more Human, and in that life-long quest, my compass is my feminine side, my human essence--sometimes, I refer to it, as my mother's side--my sanctuary, or what allows me to stay in my body, when all around me is in turmoil, and facing unwanted consequences, which I have created.

"By identifying God's face in ALL faces, the distinction between friend and enemy vanishes."
--Marietta McCarthy in How Philosophy Can Save Your Life

I went home last night, unable to face myself, for I was NOT responsible enough for my choices or unbending consequences:  I should have chosen to stay in my vulnerable side, in dealing with our life situation or minor setback.  Also, I believe that our setbacks, in life, serve as fertile soil to help grow our naturally-, inner-planted seeds of humanity, our commonness, our One Self.  Apropos, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, writes in "Loving Your Enemies," "The way to be integrated with yourself is to be secure that you meet every situation of life with an abounding love."

I am right now speaking to you, officially, from my sanctuary, my human essence, as I cultivate my garden like an organic farmer.  I believe that human erected borders, like stereotypes, devalue us ALL.  So in order for us to truly connect with each other on a deeper, human level, we must move beyond all psychological walls, in transcendental ways, through our inner essence, as One.  As William Shakespeare puts it, in "Hamlet" through the voice of Polonius, "To thine own self, be true, and it shall follow, as the day, night, thou canst, then, be false to any man."

With that in mind, I thought that you and I should quickly find common ground.  One of the genius State supervisors, at "_______," used to always beckon us to get in touch, to know well our triggers,--or as the philosophers have been telling us for ages, "Know thyself" or "An unexamined life is not worth living"-- as we work with our E.D. population, for it behooves us most well to do so.  Conversely, may I ask you, Sir, what is your garden?

My garden, which I am responsible to cultivate, in order to become more human, is:  music--all good ones--, my reading, my writing, my journey to become more human, and the sharing of lessons learned from intractable consequences I have/had made.

Also, I believe that one fears the "other," when one does NOT remember or forget completely to cultivate one's garden, for to cultivate one's garden is to be directly in touch with one's humanity, our essence, our true or higher self, our One, our Goddess--I am a male feminist, truly!

One lesson, that I have learned, stemming from my making unbending, unwanted consequences is to never go against what one staff member or adult had already instructed a learner to heed.  As staff members or adults, we must be on the same page, of one mind and heart, in dealing with the learners, who, we are directly responsible for, to help grow into responsible and cooperating citizens, or they will use such confusion as carte blanche to get unearned primary and secondary reinforcers, and worse, later on as adults, face inflexible, unwanted consequences.

Another lesson is to always keep a professional spirit, by always treating a co-worker as a vital, direct link in the chain of unity in the workplace.  Keeping a general esprit de corps in the workplace is most important, for it is the single, primary factor in keeping our ship afloat daily.

The last lesson learned which I wish to share with you is:  an acquaintance is a future friend, and a friend is a future acquaintance. "Enemy," I hate the word,--"as I hate hell and all Montagues"--for its acquired all-negative connotations; I prefer to use "nemesis," for a nemesis is, by essence, primarily a life teacher.  Thus, we must keep in mind that proven fact, when, we, facing setbacks, sometimes, leave our home or body, instead of staying put, like a mother, to soothe and nurse back to serenity her crying, unhappy baby.  Everything about life is in flux, so we must be dynamic, like Mother Nature, in changing course often, when necessary, the direction of our lives, or how we treat each other as sentient beings.  As the actress and writer, Shirley McLaine, writes in her book, Out On a Limb, "My best teacher was my enemy, and not my friend," I am paraphrasing her mostly.

I sincerely hope that we can treat each other in that spirit of professionalism, where we leave our ego out of the thinking process, and understand our role, in coming together, as learners primarily, and teachers, to share life lessons, move along, and forward on our journey, with empathy, as our compass.

Respectfully yours,

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An Ocean Of Missing-you

An Ocean Of Missing-you

When nights fall,
And loving thoughts of you
Fill my heart and soul,
Like rivers to ocean;
An ocean of infinite missing-you
Fills my being with longing of you.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Our Non-duality

Our Non-duality

Inclusive of yours, my soul;
Like life excludes not death.
Always, within, without each other,
Like we know without knowing Love.

Moon never excludes its Sun,
And Stars never your eyes.
Within you, within me, We are;
A circle of eternal Love.