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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Role Models And Mentors

Role Models And Mentors

As I look in my memo-app on my cellphone, on February 23, 2013, the following entry comes up:  Heroines/heroes are NOT self-made, but are elected by the persons who need them to serve a specific purpose.  We create our heroines by imbuing them with demigoddess' or mythical traits, in order for them to appear omnipotent in our human eyes.  Thus, our role models and mentors, much like our heroines, must be elected by us, in order for them to be imbued, by us, with mythical traits.

I cannot elect myself, for example, a role model or mentor for someone to emulate, who does not look up to me as such, and willing to infuse me with demigod's qualities.  Apropos, Mr. Williams cogently says, "A role model is someone who one looks up to, and wants to emulate."  In other words, you have to see that person as a role model, in your mind's eye, in order for that person to perform successfully in that role; they are indeed big shoes to fill, and require prior agreement and active laboring on the part of the mentee.

The question begs to be asked:  Why do we need mentors, role models, and heroines?

None of us gets to our preferred station or point in life on our own; it is impossible; some may believe so, but only because they are filtering their skewed perspective through their ego-powered self.  One is only able to build on what others have created before her/him, and that is Human Essence; one is only the Drop in that wonderful Ocean, and once that understanding is crystallized, one's Humanity is ennobled and enlarged.  Thus one needs mentors, role models, and heroines to build upon the wonderful human traits that have been always present before our coming into physical beingness, which is the wherefore for our Humanity's dynamic.

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