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Sunday, March 24, 2013

True love stories: Couple falls in love on Instagram

True love stories: Couple falls in love on Instagram


M. said...

I would of never guess that this can actually happen. Do u think it has something to do with race? Do black people have so much trust issues that they wouldn't even believe its true or honest feelings that the person developed from pictures.? Thus not allowing this wierd way of falling in love to be apart of their life. What you think ?

David Mondelice said...

First of all, thank you for your always wonderful comment!

I do NOT believe race is a deciding factor in this case; the two people involved were ready to make that leap--regardless of their race--, because they had made room for taking a chance, on trusting a member of the opposite sex, in their lives. Fear of the unknown, and/or generalizing all past negative experiences to future ones, could stop anyone in her track, when it comes to being open to taking a chance on Love.

Another factor, which might stop one from taking that leap, is a lack of personal responsibility for one's life circumtances; therefore, one ends up blaming others for one's own feelings and perspective on future relationships. When any relationahip does not work out in the end, both parties involved are responsible for that undoing, for we always choose partners, who mirror some of our traits back to us. For example, if you have a low self-esteem, you will seek out, always, someone who is unable to respect you at all--self-fulfilling prophecy, in a big way! Someone, who is able to respect you, would feel strange and totally uncomfortable to your very being!

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