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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Theme And Paradox

Theme and Paradox
The central theme of the open letter, blogged yesterday, is:  we are individuals, responsible for ourselves and others; since "I"cannot have a real and true self without the "other;"  In essence, we are truly One, creating Human Essence together, as we go about living our lives--yes!  We are creators!  Ask a pregnant Lady or an artist in the process of delivering her art into the world, after conception, and being pregnant with the concept or idea.  As creators we get to watch our creations continue to amaze and surprise us in ways we could not ever have anticipated or imagined; our creations take on an "individuality" of their own, as they come into being or relation with the real world.
Though our responsibility to the "self" takes precedence over being responsible to the "other;" nonetheless, we are also truly responsible to and for the "other" in creating Human Essence--it is a paradox--, thus the anxiety or angst, the existentialist philosophers refer to, when it comes to choosing our way of life; would we want our choices to become or influence everyone's life?  But that comes with entering into self-reflection and becoming conscious of out role in creating Humanity, as a whole--the Drop in that wonderful Ocean, I referred to in the open letter. "Know thyself," as the philosophers have been reminding us for centuries; it is key to good, wholesome, and natural living.

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