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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sharing and Giving: A Difference In Perspective

Sharing and Giving:  A Difference In Perspective
The difference between sharing and giving is NOT concrete, but abstract or philosophical. If one wants to learn how to share, look to Mother Nature:  Plants share with us not only their oxygen, but their fruits, and in return we share our Carbon Dioxide, and help in dispersing of their seeds.  The essence of sharing is  in the natural "giving and reciprocating" of one's whole being--the key word, here, is "whole"--with another, and the reciprocating is not always concrete or extrinsic, but needs to be intrinsic or natural, as one understands that our lives are all interconnected.  Thus sharing always enlarges one to being more Human, as an integral part of that Whole we call humanity.  When one shares, also, it is with the understanding that it enobles one's humanity, and all humanity--sharing is always done with a great Love for humanity as a whole--, in essence.

On the other hand, when one gives, it is always from a stance of superiority over the other; I have plenty, and you don't, so I will give you a little; therefore you owe me, and should view me as your savior, thus worship me as such, for if you do not, I might not be so nice in the near future; and that is the essence of giving; I am superior to the other, thus my bias is to remain so, and thus must endeavor to create that world where my superiority would always create those who are/have materialistically less than me. 

When one gives, also, it is always with a subtraction or debit on a ledger, which must be balanced in an other way through the other.  While sharing always adds more credit to my humanity, and thus all humanity.  As Rabbi Jonathan Sacks puts it, "Love is the only thing, the more you give of it away, the more you have."  Ditto, Rabbi Sacks!  Thanks for your Love for humanity, and passing it on.

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