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Friday, March 15, 2013

Opposite Sides

Giving and receiving are two opposite sides of the same coin!  For one to be a true giver, one must learn to receive; it is all sharing, in essence!


M. said...

Yet learning to receive doesn't mean to beg or to constantly ask or manipulate into having someone give you all the time. Question is what happens when you want to exercise the gift of giving but don't have enough to give without one feeling like their living check to check?

David Mondelice said...

Thanks for your beautiful comment. I fully understand your point, and agree with you that one should never manipulate others into sharing.
Now for the question, I would to respectly change the word "giving" to SHARING. SHARING is about your whole self or humanity. It is giving a sick friend a bath, visiting a friend in the hospital, making tea for a friend, sharing a full hug with a friend...
This beautiful homeless, Haitian Lady shares her smile with me, and always asks me about my son, and how I am doing; that is the essence of SHARING!

M. said...

Hmmm very well put response. Sharing can be anything. People always associate it with monetary gifts or name brand items...Sharing can be time, love, helping hand, advice, life lessons, listening ears. .....However one must still watch out for the lurky manipulators who searches for ways to trick their prey into giving and taking advantage of ones kindness.

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