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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Love's Symphony (In Commitment Major)

Our Love's Symphony
(In Commitment Major)

In her future
I shall relive my past,
For in her presence only
I live my present.

1st Movement:
Her heart is my soul's realm:
My past, present, and future.

2nd Movement:
In the universe of her heart,
My soul lives peacefully,
and is her soul's guardian.

3rd Movement:
We are each other's half soul's
Mate eternal, present presence.

4th Movement:
Surrounded by our Love everlasting,
We shall be made incapable 
Of feeling hate,

but our Love shall become
The building block-cells
Of our one Heart, true, and pure.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

In Within My Love

In Within My Love

Within your heart, peace I will find
Within your soul, a home everlasting
Within your arms, warmth for the nights
Within your pink flower, sweet nectar for the Goddesses;

In your words sweet, comfort for my heart
In your kisses soft, bliss for my body
In your love, peace for my whole being
In your eyes, my North and South;

Within your soft hands, my compass for journeying
In your tongue, edicts from A Goddess.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sublime Reflection

Sublime Reflection

Come, be my Love, and we'll mate 
In far away, new places and 
Future lifetimes, in loving commitment 
To the alignment of our self-interests.

Meeting you again next lifetime
Will be such sublime joy
As only a Goddess incarnate
Could bestow upon her mere mortal.

We, twain, will conquer Sadness
And his cuckolded lover, Happiness
To an eternally sublime reflection
Of our merging-union as One:  Joy.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Heart Is My Soul's Foundation

My Heart Is My Soul's Foundation

Oh, sweet Suffering,
Goddess of Gods,
Thou hath adjusted 
The size of my iris' aperture

To allow more light from
Her Truth everlasting 
To reach my Heart,
So She may be the foundation

For my Soul's home eternal,
And upon my Heart true
I pray my Soul's home
Be everlastingly.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

What Is True Love?

What Is True Love?

"Are you true?"  She asks her lover;
for when the Heart is in true love,
the Soul sees her reflection in her Heart,

and knows not anymore how to delineate
her Soul's interests from the Heart's
arteries, veins, muscles, and cells;

the blissful-painful alignment, thus,
of the Soul and her Heart is true Love
in commitment, action, and loving words.



With a nagging fear of death,
each new day is unlived;
life's purpose never finding:
wandering without a compass.

Lovers, who travel heavily
with inflexible consequences carrying,
project their low self-esteem to no-self,
which in the other reflected.

Unable to share truly,
less-Human folks take or give only,
fearing the essence or the give-and-take
of sharing's sweet joie de vivre.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Deliver Me From Happiness

Deliver Me From Happiness

Oh, sweet Suffering
Deliver me from Happiness
Which has used me
To cuckold his lover, Sadness.

In turn Sadness, to return
His favor pernicious, since
Has slept at my doorstep,
Morning, noon, and night time.

But deliver me to Joy's arms
Warm, and Goddess' incarnate,
For in Joy's hands I need fear
No opposite, and lover scorned.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Available Patient

The Available Patient

Once upon a time, pre-fruitful-therapy days,
born out of my being pregnant with sweet Suffering,
I was happy as a sad clown on life's stage:

The smiles and frowns, like blocks of cement
Joined together to form a wall of opaqueness 
to deceive others away from the tears of inferiority,

Which deeply burned two tracks out of their hellish heat,
but within my heart broke in twain, torn for wanting of
Human love, Human nearness, Human friendship.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Safe Passage South

Safe Passage South

Within her flower's red pistil
my stamen steely forages;
we migrated to our
own heaven delight-fully,
in search of Black Jesus.

Cerberus chaperons always
the entrance to her
oceanic pistil tight:
only Big Daddy knows the
incantation for safe passage.

Friday, December 6, 2013

A Seraph Walked Amongst Us

A Seraph Walked Amongst Us

With luminous skin
A magnanimous heart 
A Goddess of a soul
A seraph walked amongst us,

To learn through being
Impregnated with Human Suffering
Lessons of unity, empathy
Then to teach exemplarily our world.

His light in our sometimes darkness
Shone brighter than our sun's core
His heart magnanimous reflected
The teachings of Christ.

Oh, cry not for our Man-
De-la of a Prince of Unity
For He is not dead, but unlives
Human form, gone back to seraph Goddess.

Goddess' speed back to Heaven
Sweet Prince of magnanimity
May St.Peter's warm welcome
Exceeds your earthly sunny warmness.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

An Infinite Wonder Full Of Joy

An Infinite Wonder Full Of Joy

How do I explain to an unbeliever
How Humanity's tableau has become majestic 
Within my heart's eye after I,
Pregnant with sweet Suffering's 
Offspring, carried full-termly?

How do I explain, then to a disbeliever
How my grateful Heart's space
Grows exponentially to an infinite wonder
Full of joy, peace and awe for Human life,
After many decades of acrimonious unliving?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How Do I Tell My Eyes?

How Do I Tell My Eyes

How do I tell my Eyes
When they long to hold you
In their spheres, that 
My heart always has you
Within its realm?

How do I advise my hands
Made soft by your kisses true,
When they long to caress you,
That my Soul always and forever
Is cuddling your Soul to a heavenly peace?

How do I console my feet
When they long to walk toward
Your being beautiful, that
My mind always has you framed
Perfectly beautiful within its imaginative eye?

What do I say to my lips when
 They long to kiss your lips juicy,
That my thoughts loving-beautiful
Always live by-within your
Kisses wetter than a river?

How do I make others comprehend that, 
When my stamen and your pistil are oneing blissfully 
How your pink pistil within your flower red
Becomes oceanicly wet, happily welcoming the to-and-fro
Of my steely stamen to our synchronized 
Heavenly joyful climactic peace?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hate Be Not Proud

Hate Be Not Proud

Hate be not Proud:
Love to Mount Olympus
Travels and carries
The torches bright

Of the Goddesses
To illuminate our 
Hearts Human
Eternally noble.

Transcendental Memories

Transcendental Memories

Within her embrace
Warm, he lays
Unliving, but not dead.

Her Love everlasting
For him forbids it
Thus:  He may unlive,

But never die,
For her memories of
Love pure transcend

A thousand deaths;
"Death, Love shall
Transcend thy darkness," says she.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wednesday, November 27, 2013



Oh lovers, let not your Love live
And die in words sweet and ephemeral,

But make assay to baptist Her
In the waters of experiences true,

And rituals-cutting-diamond o
The eternal waters of reverent deeds.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Love Pummels

Love Pummels

Love pummels
The heart for
She commands:

Seekers of 
Her true Self 
To be assayed,

To grow into 
Venus incarnate
In deeds, indeed.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Seraphs Sing In Her Reverence

Seraphs Sing In Her Reverence

My Princess Fab's
Beautiful visage
Could command seraphs,
In heaven and earth, to
Sing in her reverence.

Her head on my chest,
When night falls,
Launches a thousand
Sweet bodily sensations
And blissful dreams.

Thus, I wake up
Each morn with a
Renewed joie de vivre
And my love for her
Grows with each dawn.

Sweet Suffering

Sweet Suffering

Jailed was I in
Retrograde pattern's cell
Till sweet Suffering,

Along came stealthily
With her embrace warm
Enthralled my very being,

To a rebirth-after-death;
Released me thus
From vicarious unliving.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sometimes A Kiss

Sometimes A Kiss

Sometimes a kiss
Is not kindred,
But a thrust by
A dagger laced
With a poison deadly,

And the only
Antidote true
Is a kiss
From your
Soul's compass.

A Flower Within A Rain Cloud

A Flower Within A Rain Cloud

My Fab is like
An umbrella that blooms 
Over my being blue, when
It rains within my heart.

Oh, my Fab is like
Chicken soup, or
Hot lemon ginger tea,
When I am with cold.

True, my Fab is like
A flower within
A rain cloud,
So near to her sun.

My Fab is like so:
Words that come t
A poet, not disjointedly, 
But picturesquely.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

To The Soul's Mount Olympus

To The Soul's Mount Olympus

Bestow upon
Your heart wings
To migrate to the
Soul's Mount Olympus:

To converse with
The goddesses of 
Love, not hate
Peace, not war.

The Heart Is The Sole Soul's Mate

The Heart Is The Sole Soul's Mate

The heart wanting
Of eyes
Never sees the exterior.

The heart wanting
Of ears
Never hears lies.

The heart wanting 
Of mouth
Never speaks of her Soul.

But, thus the heart decrees:
Love is in the toiling hands
Love is in the weary feet.

The heart needs not
To hear of love's words
For the heart always is:

The heart of the lover true
Within the heart true
The sole Soul's Mate.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Long Night's Journey Into Heaven

A Long Night's Journey Into Heaven

Into heaven
A long night into morn
Delightfully journeyed we.

Columbussing into her
Well's chambers many,
Discovered a few new.

Water, water, everywhere
Eased my to-and-fro

Till many heavenly arias
My Fab soprano sang
To their climaxes major.

With my conductor's baton,
Masterly lead I our opera,
To its climactic peaceful ending.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gratuitous Love

Gratuitous Love

I wish Humans
Could love
Each other
Like the Sun
Rays us beautiful.

Gratuitous lovers
Suffers not
For their hearts
More pure and noble
Mirror gratuitous love
Like the sun
Like the stars
The moon even.

To Be More Human

To Be More Human

When I meet Her
She will be
Who I have chosen:
My sweet Fate.

I am the artist
Of my circumstances
With my bloody
Toiling hands,
I painted my tableau.

To deny Her:
To Self-negate,
To accept Her:
To live authentically,
To be more Human.

Love's Beauty

Love's Beauty

Love's beauty
Within the heart
Of the lover;
When the heart,

Wanting of rituals,
Steels instead
Of softens,
Beauty chokes,
Then to dust.

Her Essence Beautiful

Her Essence Beautiful

Her eyes beamed
From behind her
Lovely spectacles
As she read words
That make up a story.

I wish I could
Read or make up
Words joined together
By her essence beautiful,

To make up her
Story of beauty:
Each chapter would
End in a climax.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mondo's Aphorisms (page # 5)

Mondo's Aphorisms  (page # 5)

When a black sister puts on makeup, she must ask herself, if she is trying to makeup for centuries of inherited self-hate.

Parents, who seek to absolve their offsprings of their earned, chosen, and inflexible consequences in life, miseducate them to their own irresponsible, wary, and turbulent souls.

Acceptance is not leaving Home, but going back Home, or just staying in to adjust your thermostat to your preferred temperature, and thus, sync in your mind with your Body.

The Human Body is the Mother of the mind, for She nurses the mind to its own peaceful rest, always, when the mind shows Her the well-deserved reverence.

Soak well the embers of your emotions in the waters of Human rationale.

Your authentic Guru is always within, but you may use, from time to time, an external guru to mirror back to you the true Guru within.

A good therapist mirrors back to her patient her/his authentic Guru within.

The truly responsible Human Being, at heart, will never ask another for a second chance, for she knows to give herself as many as she chooses, internally, and on her own terms.

To ask the other, externally or outside of one's Self, for another chance is to be in want of Self-respect, or to Self-negate.

Revenge is the same as the action that one believes it to be borne out of.

The eyes, at time, take in the data, but the brain fails to cognize and synthesize them.

An intimate relationship becomes unhealthy, thus:  it takes two to NOT tango.

Words without matching deeds, in an intimate relationship, are springes to catch woodcocks.

Blame is like table tennis:  the ball gets back and forth.

The rub, in any intimate, close relationship, is in aligning the self-interests of the parties involved.

As you prepare for your future, near and far, do not forget that you are already, naturally, prepared for the present, the now.

Sometimes it takes a combination of sticks and carrots to facilitate change.

As it turns out, to love others truly is a skill, which can be learned through practice, practice, practice.

As it turns out, it takes many lessons to learn how to boil eggs.

Use your suffering to that end:  embark on the sweet journey of becoming more Human.

One does not live forever in one single lifetime.  (Note:  this aphorism does not deny the possibility of reincarnation, but that life is finite.)

One's true purpose in life is to love Humanity through the loving of one's Self.

Purpose-fully love your Self to that end:  to love Humanity as a whole.

To be Human is to make good use of that which came before one.

Low self-esteem's kins are bastardly unknowingly of each other's existence.

Most people are busy, but not at peace.

Ask, one who has embarked on the journey to become more Human, the wrong question, and she will give you the right answer.

A good Therapist guides her available patient, pregnant with sweet Suffering, with new words to narrate anew her life's story.

Poetry is the Soul's shorthand with her Heart.

Remember that you have, always, a prior commitment to your Self.

One, who truly Self-loves, will never sacrifice Her Self, in any relationship, but commit, with thee insight of prior commitment to Self.

Sacrifice never, but commit always.

Endeavor to not let too many chances go untaken.

It is never time wasted, but credit(s) earned towards learning of lesson(s), or the true education of the Self.

I have met the enemy, and it is within:  it gradates from low self-esteem to NO self, at all.

One, who abides by strong aversion(s), leads a most inflexible life.

One, who lies needlessly, often, becomes a stranger to himself, soon enough.

Forgiveness starts, and flourishes within, then extends outwardly, naturally.

True commitment is rich in forgiveness for the Self and the Other.

With a feeling of superiority or inferiority, one divides the larger Self into two smaller, superficial selves, which get into conflicts always.

When you do NOT know what you need, you need everything, and when you do NOT know what you want, you want everything.

Greed is the offspring of fear.

Endeavor to never feel threatened by the other's moral modus vivendi.

One's life experience is one's best, true guru.

Life, itself, is one's true, best teacher.

Suffering is the wonderful bridge, which leads one from one life's stage to the next.

Your jokes reveal your soul.

Therapy is a truth-seeking endeavor.

Since psycho-analysis of the other is more facile than your own, look to your significant other, for if she/he is a co-dependent, it follows naturally, always, that you are the mirroring co.

One intimate relationship may be special, but it is never particular to any other.

The reason(s), or lack thereof lovers come together or apart, are always the same, to one degree or other.

The other, in an intimate relationship, may learn to mimic your words, so to mirror your values, so be wary of his words.

Those, unable to exercise their internal, soft powers, instead use their insidious, external powers.

The faster the world changes, the more it stays the same.

We deceive ourselves by having highly, unearned expectations of the other.

The more one understands her Self, the more one realizes that one has only begun on that wonderful journey to come into one's dynamic Self, truly.

The paradox of Humanity is that She is within one, but only in relation to the other, or the real, larger, and authentic world outside of oneSelf.

The other, in an intimate relationship, may learn to mimic your words to mirror your values, so be wary  of  the degree of importance you give his words.

Life is real poetry, for it lives in the present moment eternal.

Woe is a man, living in a patriarchal society, who "feels" taken by a woman, if he is not truly in touch with, has not reconciled his "weaker" side with his wholeness.

You are not disrespecting the other by respecting your Self.

The Cries Of Black Unwanted Souls

The Cries Of Black Unwanted Souls

Black gorgeous
Sisters lighten
Their luminous
Black skin
With make-up,

As if to
Whiten out
Their black
Unwanted souls,

To make-up 
For centuries
Of inherited

Is the opposite
Of make up,
Make down?

Then, sisters
Make down
Your skin
Thus, black
And beautiful!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Like Two Stars Shy

Like Two Stars Shy

Eyes soft like
Two stars shy
Hiding behind clouds.

Skin like butter
In wait for
Two hands and,

A knife to cut
Through, to get
To her hidden

Big girl.

My Soul's Axis

My Soul's Axis


My soul's axis
The lover new
 My heart true.

My endorphin's
Goddess anew
My receptors blue.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

An Epiphany (#4)

An Epiphany (#4)

I believe a lot of times the other person in an intimate relationship wants to end it, but do NOT want to be responsible for initiating that uncomfortable, to say the least, fact or state of affairs, so he will begin to neglect, or not perform at all, the lovely rituals, which are the glue that holds you two together, hoping that you, yourself, will end it, and bear the responsibility for doing so, or the brunt of it.

They say, "it takes two to tango," and so I say this:  it takes two to NOT tango.  Thus, when an intimate relationship does NOT stay healthy, and begins to show sign(s) of being diseased, BOTH are responsible for that sad state of affairs, or more to the point:  sad state of nonaffairs!

Here's hoping we, all, embark on the journey of being RESPONSIBLE for all our actions, and thus, circumstances in love and in life, in general.

With agape,

Friday, November 1, 2013

Kinship In Thoughts

Kinship In Thoughts

A fear starts
With one
Single thought
Which blooms
Into multiple
Body sensations,

But soon 
The brain
Patterns it
All, when you
Would rather
Not gestate
Its kinship
In thoughts.

One Long Kiss

One Long Kiss

With one
               Long kiss
                                She unravels
                                                    A whole 
                                                                   New world
                                                                                      For us
                                                                                                            To be
                                                                                                                      Blissed in.

Sometimes A Poem

Sometimes A Poem

Sometimes a poem
Is delivered
Into the
Reader's world
Right after
Without much
In the 
Poet's fancy.

Then she
Alone left
To delight
Her readers,
If not,
Sheds tears
For her artist
To breathe
More thought, 
Cull words
Into, from
Her body.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Prayer To My Heart

A Prayer To My Heart

Oh, Soft be
My Heart,
For each day,
Words with
Matching deeds
Will I perform
To keep You
As soft as
Sinews of 
New-born babes.

Let me not
Be hubristic
Believing, thus:
She is not
Deserving of me,
But We, undeserving
Of each other, are.

For the other's 
Heart only
Mirrors the
Softness or
Lack thereof
Of mine own.

Oh, Heart!
Pure and noble
A priori-a posteriori,
With each Human
Beat of essence:
Let me not
Ever forget the
Nobility of
Our lineage.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

To Be Blissed Out

To Be Blissed Out

Her gluteus maximus
Shaped like a triangle
Parts at its base
In two upwardly curves
Revealing her
Chasmal well.

Clothed in tight
Blue, cotton jeans
Accented by six-
Inch pumps
Walking forward
To meet her man
To be blissed out
Deservedly so!

Kisses With Prophylactics

Kisses With Prophylactics

With mouth
Sheathed to
Kiss prophylactically
With averted
Eyes and 
A distant heart
Undermining my
Self-Love by
Diseducating me
To self-hate:
Seeking her
Reflection in me.

Springes To Catch Woodcocks

Springes To Catch Woodcocks

Beautiful nothings:
Words without
Matching deeds;
Kisses with
A distant heart;
Intimate relationship
Wanting constant
Loving rituals;

Men hugging
Each other
With elbows into
Their chests;
Being glued
In receiving
Mode for
An entitlement