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Friday, January 12, 2018

Higher Collective Selves

Higher Collective Selves
I am a miraculous cosmic insignificance.

An authentic human being is never fully formed, for authenticity is always in the process, on the journey, till death, perhaps.

Linear order, as constructed by human society, entails that the individual's identity, especially external identity, is always tied to the larger group.

An authentic human being is one who has reclaimed her freedom, to exist to some extent untied to the larger group, by exercising a constant vigilance over the many strings society has attached to her, and the how to cut some of them off entirely.

We battle and war over tribal ancestors, but should remember that they, although assigned to different and specific tribes, were all human beings, and thus should be venerated, but not canonized, as simply our shared human ancestors.

Every State must be able to identify very early, and ostracize by any means those who are unwilling, unable to toe its pre-ordained linear line.

In every human society, the disparity in wealth or privilege is so vast, that "crime" presents itself as a viable bridge.

We denigrate the human experience every time we cling on for belonging to tribal identity.

We all live in cultures where we are always on said society's limited and strictly assigned time, while one needs to have as much of individual time to self-care to be able to care for others, thus be compassionate, loving, and emphathetic.  So, how does one even begin to truly appreciate the other, when one's own relationship to the self is so tied, or negatively influenced, to how society has allocated time, in general?

The epitome of self-centeredness:
When one always prays only asking blessings for family members and close friends, and never extends that circle to include all Goddess's children.

How do you make a widget gain external value?
Make the widget inaccessible to some and/or to most, depending on how much value or desiribility you want the widget to have.

Using money or privilege to make our human world a more equitable place is like using more carbon dioxide, in a desperate attempt or folly, to extinguish a fire.

The individual human being is forced to claim and be proud of tribal identity, so to carve out belonging space in the outer world.

Thespians act, and should only do so, for at times, even off the official stage with scripts, they blur the line between reality and unreality, as they play social/political activists to lessen their responsibility and ease their guilt of having way too much external power.

The truth shall never be uncovered by human beings, for it is she who is always beckoning us to be witnesses to her noble state; therefore, it is the truth, herself, who reveals us to our higher collective selves or the one-consciousness.

What did the truth say to the sentient being?
Being, meet your cosmic consciousness.

Trying to make each day count is "doing," while being grateful - - without resistance or judgement to life as is - - for each day is "being," simply.

"Doing" shall never be reconciled with "being."

"Doing" can never be satiated, for in that state one is always comparing and contrasting one's material, and even spiritual in some misguided folks, accomplishments and goals to the other.

Anytime one is replaying past experiences, or forecasting possible and probable future experiences in one's head, one is creating more suffering in the world, since doing so is always permeated with judgement.

The construct of privilege dichotomizes human life.

Politicians are the de facto guardians of the classes and ranks of privilege.

Politicians are to remind the masses, in general and specifically, of the fact that society has bestowed privileges upon them, and not rights.
The highly-privileged have rights, while the marginalized have privileges.

Leaders of different (not so, at all) political tribes are in cahoots to make sure the masses (or in their eyes, "asses," more to the point) are and remain divided over the various isms created by the alpha ones.
To that insidious end, as means, they take turns using each other as foils to propagate fear of scarcity in all of us.
Well, oh, the Democratic tribal leaders want "universal health care;" well, we, the Republican tribal leaders want more tax cuts for the one-percenters; thus, the dichotomous strategic warfare of classes and ranks of privilege is being played out on the political stage and real lives of us all.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Un-witnessing Miracle

Un-witnessing Miracle
Tradition is an insidious static pull from the past to its non-randomness.

Neatness is linear; those of us who are neurodivergent can't afford the hefty price to even​ attempt to be neat.

"Race" is unnatural; therefore, it is an insidious human construct.

Once society has sold folks on the construct of the nuclear family, it, then, becomes so much easier to expand that tribalism to members of a much larger subgroup of human beings, based solely on some newly imagined and solely shared it attributes.

The trajectory of any individual human life is most unique, much like a fingerprint; therefore, giving anyone advise on how to proceed on that journey is very like un-witnessing a miracle.

Reminder: I am a miracle to be only witnessed.

Reminder: I am a mystery to only be thankful for.

I am the unfolding mystery within the miracle.

I am the unfolding miracle within the mystery.

Only the consciousness can witness the miracle, and be most grateful for her mystery.

The Arts should only serve as witness to the past, for when it dwells on the past, only mimics it.

Unreality, born out of linear order, makes the impossible probable, the probable ordinary.

The unreality of linear order bamboozles all of us to un-witness human life as miraculous and cosmically insignificant.

Giving anyone advice is truly anti-randomness or anti-mystery, for ultimately one consciously or unconsciously desires the other to hopefully replicate exactly one's trajectory of the sum of one's life's experiences. In order words, thieves will surely have a strong, almost-innate desire to make thievery as commonplace as hard work, in order to have their tribe or social belonging in the world.

Folks of color, who perennially demonize "Whites" for social or moral missteps of "their" ancestors, are struggling with "supremacy" envy.

Until we embark on the blessed journey to reconcile the miracle, which is human life, with her cosmic insignificance, we will continue to war over classes and ranks of privilege!

"Racism" is one of the more insidious symptoms of the war over classes and ranks of privilege, which is propagated with linear order of the construct of "superiority" over "inferiority" or high versus moderate to low privileges.

One's raison d'etre, if not extrapolated from the conscious and constant attempts at reconciling the miracle, which is human life, with her cosmic insignificance, will bear out more suffering, for self and others, out of its hubristic characteristics.

The nuclear family has become a pivotal point in the genesis of human desire for larger tribalism.

If two or more groups fight over a widget, as one group holds possession of it, the only way for them to stop killing each other over gaining or not ceding ownership of is for all sides to recognize that the widget has absolutely no inherent value, but what they all have projected unto it; therefore, we are all complicit to how we allow the hierarchy of value, of widget to human life, to manifest itself in our human life.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Ineffable Oneness

Ineffable Oneness
The highly-privileged uses sociopaths as Cerberus-like gatekeepers of linear order; thereby, bestowing upon them implicit and explicit carte blanche to perpetrate both sexual and nonsexual violence upon their citizenry.

Some folks use their children as leverage or bargaining tools against each other. 

How to spot a traditional woman:
The men in her life, both intimate and platonic, must do all the essential doings literally and figuratively.

It's not always because of shame/stigma that folks hide their illnesses, for, at times, it is for appearing to be stronger or more courageous than others, in order to place themselves above ranks and order (of privilege.)

I won't give anyone leave to reduce me to anything less than an insignificant miracle!

I'm letting go, though very slowly, of the fear of not-knowing.

Too much money, enough of, or too little of can be most problematic.

Use the light of your heart to reveal your individual spirit, then use her to connect with our ineffable Oneness.

Trickle-down economics is a boon for the activists' and charities' community.

We misuse education to its miseducation and diseducation, and thereby conflating the three.

Miseducation is making sure that everyone follows a set of pre-ordered, preordained social scripts or constructs.

Diseducation is bamboozling or hoodwinking us into believing the pre-ordered, preordained social contructs of human life are naturally occurring, and not insidiously inherited, followed.

I'm a miracle which can only be reduced to her cosmic insignificance.

Holy, wholly, ineffable, whole, spirit, spacious-mind, heart-educated, soul-emanating, sacred, soul-connected, cosmic, or naturally-occuring.

I am the beginning, the middle, and the ending to a continuous cycle of beginnings, middles, and endings.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Privilege & System

Privilege & System
Whenever folks are recounting their tales of woe, they will inevitably leave out key facts which might make them look complicit, unless they are operating from a place of vulnerability or/and authenticity.

System and/or culture literally implies that everyone has been indoctrinated to behave in the exact, or similar but fundamentally same, manner.

Death is the definitive, ultimate, or final tax, especially to those who have, in any way(s), tried to dissever her from the natural journey of human life.

As long as we live with the construct of privilege, there always will be sexual harassment, assault, and violence by the highly-privileged towards the less-privileged.

Privilege makes monsters of us all.

Privilege is the monster that feeds off a man's conscience to leave him in a state of abject hubristic stupor.

Parents, as linear monsters, insidiously taint their children's innocence, or what Buddhists call beginner's mind, to enact their higher privileges bestowed upon them by society.

Linear order is static in its unnaturality.

Mystery or randomness is natural dynamism.

How to spot a pathological liar:
The lies she/he tells are most retrograde to her/his cognitive abilities.

Hands of steel leads to a heart of stones, and vice versa.

When all of life's journey has already been preordained by the State, any encountered deviation from such rigidly static linear order will lead to civil war or war between nations.

Linear order propagates unnecessary human suffering in its reordering of our randomly ordered life's journey.

The devil or fear and Goddess or love both exist within all of us, human beings.

How to spot a traditional woman:
Her favoritely chosen position is the missionary; thus, the man must always be in a position of "superiority," even while he performs cunnilingus.

A culture of doing propagates unnecessary suffering.

The institution of marriage, though it may have been well-intentioned, only serves well, through reinforcement, the linear order of society, by bestowing generationally primary and secondary reinforcers to conformists.

In whatever favoritely static corner of your rabbit hole you find yourself, life lessons await for your illumination.

I still retain the purchased snow-shovel and ice-pick as proof and reminder of my co-dependency (I don't drive or own a house.)

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Insignificant Miracle

Insignificant Miracle
Essentially, all ranks of privilege are external power-by-proxies, to which we all have been indoctrinated to some extent or another to participate in.

Attempting to put a sublimely ineffable paradox into words: I am an insignificant miracle.

At this stage of our human devolution, we all have been indoctrinated from birth to only "have" at the expense of others.

There are NO missed opportunities, but only misunderstood ones.

Activism is untransmuted internal noises turned outwardly.

Politics is the obfuscation of reality to its distortion, then to an unreality.

It IS ALWAYS two people who decide to be, just be, and/or make a functional or dysfunctional relationship; therefore, when one decides or both decide to call it quits, both of them are always right - - even if it is just one of them who has the revelation, courage, and wisdom to sever the entanglement.

The only folks more egotistical and hubristic than "politicians" are "activists," for the only way to effectively and nonessentially change a rigged game is to rig it in your chosen or inherited tribe's favor and, of course, at the expense of others.

Problems are the past, and solutions, whether acceptance of AS IS or finding and using possible solutions, are the present.

Presence, awareness of spirit, oneness, or the divine, thus simply put, the authentic Self can only exist in the now.

Though I am
Cosmically insignificant
Still I am
A sublime miracle.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Heart of Oneness

The Heart of Oneness
The awareness of the cosmic silence is the authentic Self.

Politics is insidiously reimaging the unimportant as important, the insignificant as significant in order to propagate unnatural linear order to refute mystery.

A healthy curiosity into life's randomness is unnaturally derailed in favor of linear order.

The Higher Self must and can only be imaged with the heart of Oneness.

The artist who accepts money/privileges for performing or making his art robs the whole of Humanity, for the art belongs to all of Her.

The law of man lies below his waist and above his shoulders.

The natural light of the heart must be bestowed higher rank to outshine that of the tainted and fallible mind.

Lies are not necessarily secrets, but secrets are always lies.

Be most careful in trying to take a privilege from a canine, for he might just need, want it more than you!

The artist, as court jester, ingratiates himself with the state or the one-percenters.

The notion that one can do, accomplish anything one wants to runs anathema to our construct of privilege or anti-randomness, and also to one's innately cognitive abilities or skills.

Deconstructed privilege is anti-mystery.

The disenfranchised shall inherit the mystery.

As long as one extracts meaning out of life's experiences from the effable, joy will remain elusive.

Reminder: I am a miracle.

The heart of Oneness is Goddess's ineffable grace, and to know so is to live with and within Her mystery.

Reminder: I am the breath of Goddess.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Truth-Telling & Self-Uncovery

Truth-Telling & Self-Uncovery
In our currently imaged human world, we have all internalized to equate femininity with softness, softness with weakness, weakness with less-privilegedness, and less-privilegedness with suffering.
... and we all have been taught to want to escape suffering, at all costs, as a human condition.

You can easily make a slave out of a human being by manipulating fear of randomness, fear of scarcity, and cosmic angst, but once a slave, only she or he can free self.

The many confined ways in which we have constructed "manhood" give implicit permission for "men" and "boys" to be sexually violent towards women, girls, and just plainly to aggressively demean anything in other men that's perceived as remotely "feminine."

One can respect someone, something, or one of the many ways of being in our human world without also being engaged in the celebration of, out of principle and a lived morality.

Just maybe therapy is NOT for everyone, for it is about truth-telling, but absolutely NOT to the therapist, but indeed to oneself, which makes therapy in deeds a most scary proposition to some, who are not ready, yet, to be shedding their total armor, piece by piece.

A therapist is in deeds a professional witness to her patients' self-discovery or self-uncovery.

Humor: Is the patient's self-uncovery still bona fide, if her therapist is not present?

Hollywood serves as, both subtly and overtly, a propagandist machine for the U.S.'s way of living life; therefore, its male perpetrators of sexual violence are given carte blanche to commit crimes against the less-valued of our society, women and "effeminate" men.

There are and will always be collateral victims to living with national borders; the price is high to maintain such otherness.

The wondrous cycle of death followed by new birth in nature is sublimely perennial.
I welcome thee, Fall, once again!

When you are running on gasoline, NOT rocket fuel, and try to reach for the stars and moon, you will definitely fall back to earthly ground with maximum speed and momentum, thus gravitational pull.

Emotional hijacking is leaning way too much on another, for you don't want to accept, thus be fully responsible for, the choices you have made and their reciprocal consequences.

To the unwise, the truth is ONLY relevant, when it is their own subjectively twisted ideas of it.

Death is the end of the cycle of births, decays, and rebirths on the cellular level.

If I were to reincarnate in another universe, where music or something comparable didn't exist, I would categorically reject such form of mine, as quickly as possible.