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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Anti-Semitic Alt-left

Anti-Semitic Alt-left
Do NOT ever ask, give any reason, or allow anyone, who has hurt you in any way, a chance to explain away the wherefore they have done so; you, and only you, know when someone has done you a dirty deed; therefore, to even entertain the idea of asking them to explain takes away any and all agency you might have had in their myopic eyes; trust yourself enough to not second-guess yourself, for when you do, you are retraumatizing yourself, and in essence asking, allowing the other person to help you in doing so all over again, for they will deny completely their offense against you to Goddess and any other mere mortals. In other words or in essence, do not ask Cerberus a way out of Hades!

The alt-left, antifa or radical-hard-left is anti-Semitic, much like the Klu Klux Khan, neo-nazis and "White nationalists."

Human experiences don't come with inherent and true meaning one way or the other; we, in the end, assign meaning to our experiences, either to reflect our individual life goals as a compassionate sentient being with her own frailties and implicit biases, morals, or to simply shore up belonging, illusion of safety in our chosen, inherited in-group or tribe, but at what price to our common humanity is the latter?

"Black" nationalists political movement is nothing new. One of the most famous of that ideology was Malcolm X at the beginning of his political career, but he had a religious epiphany after going to Mecca, and seeing moral Muslims of all kinds of our beautiful human mosaic, but I also believe that other factors prepared him long before going to Mecca for his spiritual awakening; he did witness implicit biases or human frailties, especially misogyny, anti-Semitism, and anti-White, in his own religious, racial tribe, which might have engendered a desire for long-term change in his then-myopic view/attitude towards the world outside of his narrow scope. Unfortunately, his awakening to embrace all of our humanity sealed his death warrant at the hands of those who wanted power over other human beings by keeping them fearful of each other within their inherited, chosen tribes. If there were such a thing as a "good" death, though, this is it: to die, unprovoked, but merely for your all-encompassing love for all humanity.

War is never fought for peace, but for power-over to manipulate non-renewable resources, to create, propagate the fear of scarcity, and to hoard money, privileges for oneself and one's tribe.

Courage is to fully embrace objective truths no matter where they may lead one on life's journey, as a free soul with cosmic responsibility.

Caitlyn Jenner has been maligned by some elements in the lgbtq community, who I believe espouse Antifa's political ideologies and attitudes, who have pointed the stigmatized finger of "White" supremacy, privilege, and "male" privilege at her squarely and most unfairly.
Why they are truly enraged at her is for she is a Republican, and this coming from folks who want to be treated, respected as free sexual beings, who also want, demand agency over how to self-identify vis-a-vis their gender and to be applauded for having the courage to do so. What hypocrites!
Caitlyn Jenner was wrongly assigned "male" at birth; therefore, the whole truth is: while she might have enjoyed some "male" privileges, she must have suffered too dearly for them, maybe even to totally outweigh or reverse them, since she didn't identity as "male" in her head, heart, and soul, but merely presented as such publicly.
Caitlyn Jenner as a Republican, should be viewed as authentic, courageous, given folks in the lgbtq community want to exercise free will over choices in their lives society at large might condemn as amoral, even illegal still to this day in some Southern states. Sexual minorities, gender self-affirming minorities, and all disenfranchised people should have total agency over how to vote or identify on the political spectrum, and be respected, applauded for doing so, especially publicly, without being stigmatized and shamed for being a Republican, especially if "White" and identity as a minority of some sort also.

Alan Dershowitz on the Alt-left or Antifa

Alan Dershowitz on the Alt-left or Antifa
Here, I have transcribed the powerful, truthful words of the well-known American jurist, Alan Dershowitz, on the "alt-left" or "hard radical left" ... :
Listen to him by following the link below; it starts at the 1:47:40 mark:

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Alt-left Supremacist Propaganda

Alt-left Supremacist Propaganda
People hold on so tightly to their tribal identity, that they leave no space for objective truths to enter their lives/experiences, but only have enough room for subjective truths.

Objective truth is a cosmic, all-encompassing, and compassionate umbrella of human experiences, frailties, and implicit biases.

Subjective truth is a tribal, myopic attitude toward the world, which is engendered by narrow, limited experiences with the world at large.

The alt-left is bullying every folk of color to march, "resist," villify and shame all "Whites," who are all, according to them, "racists," "privileged," and "supremacists," according to their victim complex and "supremacist" propaganda.

Some people will use the life-is-too-short falsehood as a fear tactic to make you do ill-advised, retrograde to your life goals and self-esteem, things mainly to benefit their hidden agendas.

Human life is finite; therefore, whenever your individual life ends, you have had a full or complete life-time.

All deaths are of natural causes, whether by illnesses, accidents, or even at the unfortunate bloody hands of other animals or sentient beings.

The pernicious phrases, "White supremacy" and "White privilege" stereotype and stigmatize all folks of non-color.

As soon you start to be open and truthful about your life experiences, you realize that people no longer care that much about what you do and how you live, for they can no longer manipulate your perceived "secrets" to shame, stereotype, and stigmatize you into feeling less than.
I remember a fellow, at a public place, who called me, "faggot", and right after, on the exact same day, I asked him for a car ride to the train station on my way home; he, specifically him at that point, could not use his internalized homophobia or any other isms, against me in that way; I laughed at him and his ugly words, and not with him, for woe is he, in his "man box!"

I want the rest of my full and complete life to be only about objective truths, and not because life is too short, but for it is divine, thus most precious.

After living with my mental illness as a secret for well over two decades, I have learned, experienced that keeping secret a mental health issue is in deeds more painful, stressful than the illness itself, so now I will disclose or discuss any and all parts of my lived experiences with anyone who has earned the privilege to hear my story - - and yes, it's still mine and mine alone to share, disclose or not to.

How banefully irrational homophobia is: a lot of male homophobes will allow and enjoy a woman performing anilingus on them, and also penetrating the woman's sphincter ani with their penises during sexual encounters, while others will also so enjoy the woman to penetrate their bunghole with various sex toys!

Watch your wallet, any child's innocence, and unmitigated fear meter, every time you hear a politician or activist utter the words, "especially now!"

Oh, how we allow past transgressions, against us or/and our inherited tribal ancestors, to take hold and suffocate our future together, in neighborly, compassionate, and loving peace.

We, STILL, ALL self-identify by/through "race," religion, political ideologies, economical/educational stratas, instead of practicing kenosis, but want others from out-groups to treat us as individual, free beings with unalienable rights and natural, inner, or inherent human dignity.

Living so closely in your daily life with past racial transgressions, perpetrated against you personally, your inherited, chosen tribe, and/or ancestors, is like exhuming the dead, and asking them for advice about the future of humanity, and how we proceed to all get on-board working towards our "beloved community." Can't each of us dedicate ourself anew to practice kenosis and beginner's mind, as the Buddhists refer to it.

Our U.S. President, Donald Trump, uses the words, "our culture" in referring to the illegal removing, destruction of several monuments, by toppling down the monuments erected at several public squares, and all of a sudden these alt-left politicians, activists are calling it a dog whistle, but all the while, folks of color use the phrase, "our Black culture," without anyone batting an eye or lifting an accusatory finger of shame.
One of the many reasons why the inner city neighborhoods are so riddled with crimes, mostly misdemeanors, perpetrated mostly by young folks of color, is that as soon as a folk of color, particularly males who could have been implicitly or explicitly good, moral role models for the youths, get a college degree and an income bracket reflecting it, they move out of the ghetto, where they could have well-served their "race," or disenfranchised "people." Put your efforts where it could indeed benefit your "peeps," then, or stop giving lip service to the racial inequalities issues affecting adversely folks of color in the inner cities.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Cosmic Responsibility Broker

Cosmic Responsibility Broker
I invested in social capital, and lost all of my investment in trust, self-respect or -esteem, love, empathy, compassion, discernment.

When it comes to investing in social capital, the ultimate and only broker is you with cosmic responsibility; therefore, make sure that your investment reflects your values, life goals, and life experiences, then look for points of alignment (flashing green lights) or misalignment (flashing red lights) as you do your long-term homework/research into the other human being's values, life goals, and life experiences.

We are cosmically insignificant in the universe, and death redeems us all.

A lot of married men are so enmeshed in their toxic masculinity that they think, even believe, that they have some power over (a one-upmanship; hahaha! Woe is them!) their wives by cheating on them, but little do they allow themselves to imagine: their wives are making the beasts with two backs with other men, and better yet, at other times finding solace, understanding, safety, and comfort in a same-gender intimacy, thus cuckolding them all along also, even sometimes with their so-called male "best friends." The men, especially, in this case, if they have children with their wives will use that as an excuse, if they ever find out their positive cuckoldship status, by saying that they stay married for the children, but it is in deeds, in essence for social capital or to keep a facade of their toxic masculinity power-points in society's eyes, but they do make their wives suffer - - instead of going to individual therapy to deprogram from their misogyny and toxic masculinity socialization, and also couple's therapy to address the underlying symptoms of cheating in any intimate relationship - - long-term of psychological-abuse consequences in most cases, and in some other cases, physical-abuse consequences, for not being most like saints, martyrs, or the Virgin Mary incarnates.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Macbethish Cauldron

Macbethish Cauldron
Victim complex may indeed make one feel morally superior to one's perceived perpetrators, but at what price?

Meeting fear with fear is a sure Macbethish cauldron for destruction of human lives, but nevertheless it is practiced by all the politicians and kins, activists, on the political/ideological spectrum.
It's a sure proven way of keeping the masses at each other's throats, while the one-percenters, activists, or politicians can put on an antic disposition with the glib pretense of calling out and blaming one side or the other of the ideological/political spectrum to shore up, but mainly to hoodwink, their respective base voters.

"Hate speech" should really be called, referred to as FEAR speech.

Courage and/or vulnerability is showing compassion, empathy, and a long-term attempt at discerning the true roots of fear speech, referred to by the media as "hate speech."

We should collectively, as a human race, own fear in a way that doesn't make us feel morally superior or less culpable than those caught expressing it publicly or acting it out in illegal ways, for all the while our own individual and internal cosmic angst remains untransmuted, thus propagates itself exponentially within first, then without our human world, as we project it out in many unconscious or implicitly biased ways.
To simply rush to condemn, without discernment, empathy, and compassion, those engaged in acts of fear is to simply make us feel better in the short-term, without really addressing long-term or the roots of the issue of fear that is present in all of us human beings.

Any (and all) counter-protest is a call-to-arms, or simply put, psychological and physical violence most likely to be perpetrated against all sides marching, clashing more to the point.

Folks of color who are anti-cops, anti-law-enforcement are "supremacists."

Some of us are only courageous when it comes to speaking "truth" to the highly privileged, so when are we going to show the same fearlessness with speaking "truth" to the disenfranchised?
The alt-left bears equal responsibility for charging at (as has been sparsely reported; I wonder why?) and counter-protesting the "White" nationalists' march with their "hate speech" in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Tenuous Situationship

Tenuous Situationship
Unless you've met your "soulmate," (who knows if that even exists or ever existed) but if you are just trying to make lemonade out of a tenuous situationship to meet some external goal, milestone, or even to simply amass social capital, you must really make sure by taking the time (long-term = many years in getting to know each other with no-holding-back from either side and with the utmost vulnerability, courage, and empathy on both sides also) to discern that you are indeed, in deeds financially, hobby-wise, educationally (not in any formal sense), spiritually well-matched, before making any real commitment or taking any significant steps towards that end.

When "hate" kills, we are all in disbelief, dumbfounded, and point the blame squarely at the other or out-group for any and all untransmuted anger, rage, and hate in the world, but we are all in deeds equally responsible, especially when we each allow our candle's inner-light to go out, in fearing to not fit in with our inherited, chosen tribe.

In being more of my authentic self, I need to begin asking myself as often as possible, when around any acquaintance: do you really (or do even want to try) want to know me as a three-dimensional, free, and individual sentient being, or just as a facade attached to stigmas and stereotypes to serve your own hidden agenda?

Here you are at times, ungrateful with what you have, and somebody else, who you've allowed to infiltrate your intimate space, is envying you, while secretly resenting you for having enough (or more than, in their myopic attitude) to try to share your lot with them.

"Implicit bias" primer: The well-known, "Black" comedian Dave Chappelle gets an implicit carte blanche from a specific in-group (the disenfranchised, racial/sexual minority, liberal/leftist, even though he, himself, is a multi-millionaire, but he is looked at, anyway, as one of their own who has made it big), which is folks of color in the lgbtq community, although he's clearly displayed, at least on-stage we know for sure, a penchant for homophobic, transphobic, and sexist jokes, thus attitudes. If he had been "White," would he have gotten the same slap on the hand, discernment, and compassion/empathy? Absolutely not!

If you were to put legality in a petri dish, then add morality: legality could not survive; legality is the super glue that holds together our construct of privilege and our illusion of scarcity, and those two constructs aforementioned help to propagate fear of the created other, competition, and the illusion of separateness.

The "Black Lives Matter" folks are "Black" nationalists, who are hiding behind victimhood and a survivors' complex; there are a lot of money to be made, and privileges to be amassed by acting as "activists," whose sole function is to help perpetuate, whether consciously or not, "racism" and all the other isms to propagate our most pernicious and unnatural linear order or status quo. We act as though "Whites," who are poor, diseducated, miseducated, easy preys to be manipulated into acting out their implicit biases, young, and fearful of their bleak future as they perceive it to be, do not suffer equally as folks of color who are on the margins of our society; not to allow them to march, without the counter-protest, (and the ensuing violence we now know of) and express their myopic views, as we may perceive them to be, is violence perpetrated upon their very humanity.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Unnatural Propagation

Unnatural Propagation
What is the difference between "White" and "Black" nationalists? None whatsoever. Both subgroups are willing to die to protect their chosen tribal privileges, illusory safety from a perceived disorderly, scary universe in tribal belonging, and psychological relief from ghastly fear born out of scarcity mindset.

Scarcity mindset is born out of the illusion of separateness.

Individual untransmuted comic angst is the root of human suffering, which will inevitably be projected outwardly into the world, manipulated to conform to some sort of order of unnatural propagation, and inherited by us all as status quo.

Cosmic angst is a byproduct of our refusal to accept our insignificance in the universe.

The weak shall redeem the strong.

Nonduality is Goddess's consciousness.

Spiritual grace is knowing and accepting our insignificance in the universe, then reconciling and aligning it with our immortality as energy.

To wish or attempt to drive underground "hate speech," will only help to propagate it under the cover of darkness, away from the light, thus untransmuted. People are upset for the ACLU legally, and NOT morally, backed up the "White Nationalists" in Virginia, for they have a constitutional right to march and vent.

We love to think, even believe, that legality and morality are the same; yes, I can understand wherefore it's so easy to conflate the two ideas.

The legal construct of evidence beyond a "reasonable doubt" is of legality, and not morality at all.

It seems that quite a few men get married, for they desire a free "babysitter," and a future well-trained (out of duty and habit) nurse in their old age and sickness.
After our final break-up, Helen of Brooklyn left me several seductive voicemails, in a desperate manipulative tactic to put back together the shards of our most dysfunctional relationship, in which she said that if I ever were ill and needed someone to nurse me back to health, she would be "happy" to. I thought to myself that she has already a "husband" that she begrudgingly takes care of; I don't need one more to begrudgingly nurse me when ill, for the nursing homes and hospitals are full of them already, and I am prepared to die "alone," I thought; I don't write, think, or say this with pride, but with acceptance, resignation, and comic responsibility.

Narcissism primer: You've sent divorce papers to your insignificant other, and are currently battling it out in the court tooth and nail over the minutae; you go to your doctor, and find out that your insignificant other has removed you from their health insurance as a dependent: you become enraged, feeling bitter disappointment on their part. Oh, should they have sent you their newly signed million-dollar-plus life insurance policy with you as sole beneficiary and a bouquet of flowers, instead?

Narcissism is internalized victim mindset as the only way of navigating the human world.