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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Goddess's Balm

Goddess's Balm
Systems are brutally inhumane, for they don't make space for individuality, and at the end of the day they do not care for the groups either.
Systems are only beneficial to their own propagation, for once put in place, they don't serve their own creators.

I have come to this world whole,
But they tell me that
I am dreaming of nonsense.
Oh, I know, feel, and experience
Wholeness whenever I let go.

Love offers absolutely no guarantee.

Elections are never free, for they are always bought and paid for with loss of external freedom, money or external power.

Drag may be a rejection of patriarchal masculinity, but I believe that it embraces and reinforces the worst of a rigidly constructed feminity.

Marches inevitably create more popular activists, and make existing politicians more entrenched in their ideological bunkers.

You can't have power over others, if everyone is perceived as same, so folks must be dichotomized like impersonal things to be identified and controlled.

Love is un-linear, while hate is quite so, for it always begets its own.

Ideas belong to no one individual or group of; the moment we think or believe that even one idea belongs to one of us, our ego or fear has already taken a firm grip at the helm.

Goddess' mindset is forgiveness.

If we, each individually, embrace our cosmic responsibility wholeheartedly, we would find it so much easier to forgive those who have trespassed against us in any way, and not seek out our created myth of justice.

Only forgiveness can heal and unite as one our world's misguided hearts and broken spirits.

If intelligence were wisdom, we would not still be fighting wars, instead we would be living in our beloved community.

Any human being must learn to forgive, before she/he can love truly, thus freely.

If CHANGE is truly the only constant, and we all agree to some extent, also scientific investigations bears that out, then it clearly follows that human knowledge is mostly insignificant or totally worthless.
Change then is mystery, and to live within her is to fully accept the accident or mystery that human life is.
But we refute change by embracing linear order in a vain attempt to construct human lives which offer some respite from our fear of the unknown.

A lot of folks would not lift a finger to hurt other sentient beings, but way too many of us participate in systems that make others suffer unnaturally.

With the constant pursuit of trying to collect more and more success markers, or in simply pursuing happiness, which is most fleeting, we inevitably participate in systems most retrograde to our life-affirming values.

Seeds of courage nurtured shall bear fruits of love, always.

Three things remain constant, as the human imagination has been blurring the line between reality and unreality: life, change, and death, respectively.

Untransmuted fear of death gives rise to man's evil ways.

War is not about forging peace at all, but about maintaining and amassing external power, and folks wield their external power by turning their circle of influence into a homogeneous group, more or less.

Courage is the foremother of humility.

An individual's identity crisis is horrendous enough, but a once-homogeneous group's identity crisis is fatal, especially when folks are most accustomed to holding on so tightly to their identity.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Mass Triangulation

Mass Triangulation
Every time we blame others, whether individuals, nations/states, organisations, or groups of folks, we miss the mark to take full responsibility to change ourselves for the betterness of all humanity.

Activists blame the politicians; politicians blame the system; the masses blame the politicians.
We are still waiting for any real change, to date.

Ask a politian for less guns, and you will get more of them in one way, shape, or form.

It behooves the politicians to make sure that the one-percenters have their automatic gun illusion of safety.

Borders around nations are to divide physically, manipulate in every way, conquer, and quell the masses.

How does an activist become a politician?
Does a politician ever become an activist, and not a lobbyist?

How did politicians become the purveyors of linear order?

What is the difference between an activist and a lobbyist?
The former gets his monetary backing mainly and indirectly from the masses, while the latter directly and mainly from the one-percenters. Well, this may be disinformation sprinkled with some misinformation at best.

Young citizens are triaged, as those, who are more suited to conform to linear order and have the required intelligence, and not wisdom, to lead, are given more stage room to perform and succeed within those preordained boundaries, while the rest are robbed of natural space, light, and even the very tools to forge their own paths.

Intelligence, as defined and refined by the status quo, runs anathema to human wisdom, hence all the wars in the name of peace and sovereignty.

I am that which I seek:  I am peace, love, and forgiveness.

The soul writes her own story, always.

In being one's story is always the same: life and death.

Perceived as the ocean, the individual's doings are insignificant, no matter the large ego at the helm.

The human ego is in constant and dire fear of being insignificant, and so it embraces doing to self-aggrandize.

The highly-privileged encroaching upon the natural space and human rights of the lame creates homelessness.
Homelessness in the face of some having claimed for themselves too many empty homes or spaces is violence.

We will not eradicate war as a species without all queens, kings, general, and politicians abdicating their thrones, crowns, scepters, and egos. Soldiers are all too willing to forgo war as means to peace, and not die or kill each other in the name of anything.

Hopefully, now we are not trying to move toward supplanting "White" supremacy with "Black" supremacy, or patriarchy with matriarchy.

Not all wars are between nations or tribes; some wars are just between individuals.

Our inability to forgive and love each other despite all our human frailties leads to folks in positions of external power to form impenetrable liaisons, which breeds more and more corruption, to keep unknown their misdeeds as means to amass and guard against their riches.

If we are always rushing through our lives in constant anticipation of accomplishing the next goals or success markers, we really never have the time suffering requires and demands of us to sit uncomfortably with from time to time.

Materialistic dreams are really spiritual nightmares, for they move us farther and further away from our souls.

Affairs of the State are just that: affairs between the highly-privileged about their lust for amassing external powers to create and propagate their own brand of unreality.

Justice leads soldiers into bloody battles; forgiveness never shall.

Steel not your heart against humanity!

Peace is equity which leads to liberation.

Power-over other folks cannot exist without tribalism or corruption or nepotism, and corruption/nepotism cannot be eradicated without forgiveness - - state sanctioned revenge or justice will not do it.

Until we all embrace suffering as inherent to any human being's life, we will always create more unnecessary suffering out of the very unnatural fear of it.

No human life is ever wasted.

There's not a one single act committed or thought entertained by one individual that could not be done by all others.

One, who lives with seizure disorders, drives and kills accidentally two children: one guilty, but all responsible.

Price gouging is needed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Until there is no me or you, but we as one, we will still commit misdeeds against the created other.

We all are most deserving of compassion, love, and forgiveness, especially unto self.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Reconstructed Time

Reconstructed Time
(A Miracle of Being)
Oh, how many birds would choose death, intead of being trapped in the cage's system.

Poor of forgiveness, a human being is but a mere beast fighting his way to the top, middle, and bottom of the food chain.

What is man, but a monster, without forgiveness and love.

Love transmutes all ills, and forgiveness transcends all frailties.

By default of mental illness, I am nonlinear.

What is this dire fear that drives human beings into the arms of violence against their better nature or humanity?

We have had absolutely no shortage of gun manufacturers, politicians, and nuclear scientists to date, but, still and yet, peace has eluded us.

Fighting "evil" is in deeds fighting our selves, for within us is both "good" and its polar opposite.
What we are called on to do, instead, is to transcend and transmute "evil" by truly accepting and surrendering to our true nature.

The so-called "future" and the "past" are really the present or the now in non-linear time.

Man has created the "future" and "past" in order to deconstruct then reconstruct time to his linear order of doing in the world.

You and I are not two, but one; we are one. A whole can never be two or more, but fractions or fragments of herself.

We all desire to love and be loved, but are too fearful of being vulnerable to give and receive love.
A vulnerable heart is definitely a prerequisite for love.

We are never alone; loneliness is a symptom of the human mind's creation of aloneness, as it misapprenhends the cosmic nature of being.

Human potential is inextricably tied to being, while material potential to doing, but all the while we insidiously conflate human potential with material potential.

Come happiness, suffering, and/or joy, I am a miracle of being.

Any citizen, who becomes rich or successful, is directly allowed to do so in the state's best linear interests, and to do the state's bidding in reinforcing its status quo directly and indirectly.

Until the material becomes the immaterial, we, human doings, will not know peace or move together as one species toward and into being, which is our cosmic birthright.

Man has been using money to shield himself and tribe from the ills of the world, and in so doing has exponentially created more unnecessary or unnatural suffering; henceforth, only the most unwise or gullible amongst us would still believe that money can be used as a means to transmute man's created ills of the world.

Only forgiveness and love can be used as portals to transmute the created ills of man.

Until we trade in
Our Blackness for oneness
Our Whiteness for nothingness
Our competition for cooperation
Our privilege for mystery
Our fears for vulnerability
Our vengeance for forgiveness
Our borders for cosmic openness
Our patriotism for love for all
Our tribes for one community
Until then, we will know not
Peace or cosmic belonging.

Peace is the offspring of true belonging to one another.

When we belong truly to one another, we would have reclaimed the worst and best parts of ourselves and each others' in forgiveness and love.

Love or forgiveness never needs money donations, activists, or politicians to organize against any opponent, for they both always have none.

Until we march
Fearlessly and courageously
In and out
Of each other's heart
Mind and experiences
We will know not intimately
And truly each other.

Disinformation is the very essence of politics. Misinformation only happens by chance or mistake, and most rarely.

The swift takes money from or makes gobs of money off the lame.
A rhetorical:  Does the swift deserve adulation from the lame, when he feels charitable from time to time, especially in the limelight?

Man's incessant desire to amass more natural resources, money, and privileges than his fellow man is at the root of his need for weapons to defend his ever-growing loot, and henceforth the proliferation of hand guns, hunting rifles, and other automatic killing weapons; the NRA and those politicians in bed with that gun-rights' lobby are not the real culprits, but we are all with sulliedly bloody hands, fearful and greedy minds and hearts.
Therefore, throwing money at the NRA or its opponents will not get at the root of our need and desire to have guns for protection of self, family, and country, and our insidious use of them against each other in untransmuted violent and blind rage.

The gun manufacturers or the NRA did not create the demand for.personal killing weapons, needless to say, but merely have provided ample supplies to in turn line their pockets, and help to fulfill our illusion of safety from the ills of the world.

Absolutely only police officers should have access to guns (it's a no-brainer), but if that becomes the law, what happens to the fearful highly-privileged civilian?  Therein lies the loophole for all others to have access as well!

One could argue that the NRA serves the highly-privileged civilians' interests way more than its gun manufacturers.

"Responsible gun ownership for hunting of feral animals and self-protection" I equate to "humanely owning and treating slaves."

In love
In forgiveness
We reclaim
The best
The worst
Of ourselves
Each other's.

Ultimately, hunting rifles make feral animals of us all.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Quintessence of Disapprehension

Quintessence of Disapprehension
Any government needs prisons as much as it needs tainted and organized (reflecting the status quo) religion.

If you're not able or simply unwilling to turn your life into an Olympic-caliber-doing show one way or another, you will not have met any of the criteria to be called "successful" by any external definition.

Any external definition of sucess is equated with happiness of some sort, which is ephemeral.

An internal recalibration of what it means to be successful leads to contentment.

Politics is the art or glibness, and not matter, of making the inconsequential very much essential to the citizenry's daily ways of making a living.

Human doing: what is this quintessence of misapprehension and dis-apprehension?

By rejecting his nature (of being), man has internalized violence as his way of doing, and not being, in the world.

Competition is predicated on violence.

Oh, how truly we could tap into the joy of being, if we were not afraid of death.

At the center of being is joy and silent mind.

A silent mind taps into joy or the essence of being.

The fear of death has lead man to use violence as his primary tool to make an exceptional living as his vain attempt to cheat death by way of bequeaths to his heirs or tribe.

The term "scared to death" deconstructed is scared of death, in deeds.

Since our Puppet Masters no longer deify themselves to elicit dire fear in us, they needed to create the other for us to fear and be manipulated by, since also they do no longer want and need to be feared, but adulated with a hint of apprehension, on such a visceral level.

I'm an effervescent and dynamic miracle: the ineffable.

When we bemoan daily living with the emotion, "I can't afford to be sick," we are really expressing a deeply seated fear of suffering.

We, in vain, bandage our fear of death with decadence.

To transmute our humanity's inherent suffering, we need lots of individual time to reflect on the nature of human life.

Every time we attempt to avoid suffering on any level, we inevitably create more suffering within and without.

Technology has made it even more important that we make a big life or living to feel that we are worthy of inhabiting and sharing our human world.

Tribes only offer counterfeit belonging and cooperation, for you only cooperate to compete against other tribes to amass more scarce natural resources for your own tribe's survival, and the belonging is thus totally conditional.

If life and death are intertwined as one natural process, then the need to fight the created other for survival of tribe or self falls outside of their blessed union, and is quite an unnatural phenomenon invented by the devolved human mind.

Life and death must be encountered always as one whole, for when taken separately you reject and miss out on the magic of wholeness.

To beg for death is to be afraid of suffering, and to be fearful of suffering is to be afraid of life.

It is very easy for the ego to create and steer a big life.

To create peace in the human world, we need to all be in the same space with forgiveness and love.

To be in the same space with love and forgiveness requires that we all learn anew how to truly cooperate as one species, and not fragmented tribes.

We need to outgrow tribes into whole cooperation through forgiveness and love.

It is no wonder that a lot of folks who have created big lives are egomaniacal, and will only offer counterfeit help to others as means to further self-aggrandize.

Our human forefathers, beggared of forgiveness, created and adopted tribes as means to survive the fear and ills of the created other.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Three-headed Beast

The Three-headed Beast
In a democracy as in a totalitarianism, the citizens are ruled by fear.
If there is a ruling class of human beings, fear must be created, manipulated, thus propagated by the alphas.
Need it be put forth, that those who rule over others are as negatively affected by, also, as the ruled?

Peace and joy are children of a whole heart.

Equity and liberation are children of contentment.

WE ARE the status quo of everything in human life; therefore, any resistance to it is internal or really resisting ourselves, for true and long-term change is non-resistance to what is with self and others, so that more violence or suffering is not propagated with/through our own hands.

Embracing the status quo creates the cosmic space to transform, transmute, and transcend it, without creating more of its core negativity.

Resistance is indeed, in deeds fear, and can only reproduce or create more space for its negative propagation.

Our Justice system needs to be rebuilt on the new foundation of forgiveness, compassion, nonduality, and not mathematics and revenge.

A natural disaster creates a disruption or break in the linear order continuum, which offers folks a real, but momentary, opportunity/space to cooperate on a true compassionate level.

Politics is about the disruption of our human need for whole cooperation and true belonging to one another, and into silos of fragmented belonging and cooperation.

Tribalism is silos of fragmented belonging and cooperation.

An unconscious choice is still a whole choice, and does not negate one's own cosmic responsibility.

Is Justice moral?
Is revenge moral?

Only when we sit silently with our discomfort can we make space to gently move toward acceptance.

We suffer more, needlessly, in trying desperately not to suffer!

We are a time-less beings, who have been de-constructed, through centuries of man's insidious desire to rule over the other, into time-full doings.

The infinite cannot be naturally transfigured into the finite, and vice versa.

In fearing to suffer, we choose ephemeral happiness extracted from doings, instead of joy found in our natural state of being.

Coexisting with or leaning into discomfort, randomness, and silence leads to acceptance of what is; the opposite leads to existential angst.

The lowly-privileged steals, but the highly-privileged bestows upon themselves and each other.

The linear order system, itself, is thee Grandmaster of Manipulation; the queens and kings, themselves, are all subjected to its demanding moves to refute mystery and replicate non-randomness.

We are both finite and infinite; the body as form may be finite, but the soul as formless is infinite.

Continuity is the three-headed beast (fear of scarcity, of randomness, and of death) that devoured mystery.

Beggared of valuable widgets, a human being is never unworthy, inherently.

May we all accept the mystery of the natural world as is, and renounce our incessantly unwise desire to tame it to a linear order!

The ineffable:
The soul, formless, is everlasting silence and light.

Man's unholy desire to deem himself worthier or just worthy to the other's unworthiness is at the root of all senseless bondage to widgets and the ego-self.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Banished from Joy

Banished from Joy
Forgiveness is neutral; thus, she takes no sides, for she practices nonduality.

Here's something I truly believe in:
People "play the victim," because they truly DON'T know how to forgive themselves, if they ever were to hold themselves fully responsible for their own missteps in life.
We live in a society ruled by punishment, and not forgiveness, so we come to associate, and have thus internalized, being responsible for our own misdeeds solely with punishment.

Oh, how the gradation of the human experience creates so much unnecessary suffering.

Oh, how the civilized human mind finds so many intricate and subtle ways to banish the self from joy or lasting happiness.

Being and "doing" can never be integrated to any substantial extent.

We are a cosmic being having an ephemeral human experience.

We are a one-consciousness having a fragmented human experience.

Withholding some crucial facets of the whole truth, in most cases, is worse than a whole lie!

Thinking or believing that the "free" press in a democracy is able to hold those with higher external power accountable for misdeeds is balderdash, for even before the hostile takeover of journalism by a few conglomerates, journalists have lived with bias blind spots in favor of the status quo, like the rest of us.

The soul only knows how to just be; the human mind how to interpret and perform living; the body how to be a gateway to being.

Some "wives" have no "husbands," while most "husbands" have "wives."

It's most hubristic for any human being to want to change anything or anyone in the external world; one should not allow oneself to be drawn by others or ego into a resistance's spotlight against the status quo.

Our cosmic responsibility for each other should translate into punishment for the guilty with extreme compassion and empathy for our shared human frailties.

Any kind of resistance in the external world is a reflection of such within, and will inevitably creates more unnecessary sufferings to be reckoned with.

Revoking the rapist's humanity robs the rest of us of our own.

Pregnant of existential angst, then seek counsel with your soul, for she has none.

We all share a cosmic responsibility with the guilty.

Drag reinforces a culture of excesses.

One cannot do drag without internalizing its materialistic culture.

With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, humankind has supplanted community with competition in all levels of society, to his own detriment.

Each and every external revolution has proven bloody and useless in their myopic views of how to fundamentally change the status quo, but has gone on to take on in some forms or others the very ills they had sought to topple and replace.

One's "enemies" may prove more useful, than "friends" in one's introspection, thus evolution.

The soul, as she sits above, but never beyond, human life, shall never lose her cosmic innocence.

A man's dagger-ly hands had buried her heart, and so with bare feminine hands she must now seek to unearth and reacquaint herself with her only, own source of salvation.
Goddess's speed, survivor!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Higher Collective Selves

Higher Collective Selves
I am a miraculous cosmic insignificance.

An authentic human being is never fully formed, for authenticity is always in the process, on the journey, till death, perhaps.

Linear order, as constructed by human society, entails that the individual's identity, especially external identity, is always tied to the larger group.

An authentic human being is one who has reclaimed her freedom, to exist to some extent untied to the larger group, by exercising a constant vigilance over the many strings society has attached to her, and the how to cut some of them off entirely.

We battle and war over tribal ancestors, but should remember that they, although assigned to different and specific tribes, were all human beings, and thus should be venerated, but not canonized, as simply our shared human ancestors.

Every State must be able to identify very early, and ostracize by any means those who are unwilling, unable to toe its pre-ordained linear line.

In every human society, the disparity in wealth or privilege is so vast, that "crime" presents itself as a viable bridge.

We denigrate the human experience every time we cling on for belonging to tribal identity.

We all live in cultures where we are always on said society's limited and strictly assigned time, while one needs to have as much of individual time to self-care to be able to care for others, thus be compassionate, loving, and emphathetic.  So, how does one even begin to truly appreciate the other, when one's own relationship to the self is so tied, or negatively influenced, to how society has allocated time, in general?

The epitome of self-centeredness:
When one always prays only asking blessings for family members and close friends, and never extends that circle to include all Goddess's children.

How do you make a widget gain external value?
Make the widget inaccessible to some and/or to most, depending on how much value or desiribility you want the widget to have.

Using money or privilege to make our human world a more equitable place is like using more carbon dioxide, in a desperate attempt or folly, to extinguish a fire.

The individual human being is forced to claim and be proud of tribal identity, so to carve out belonging space in the outer world.

Thespians act, and should only do so, for at times, even off the official stage with scripts, they blur the line between reality and unreality, as they play social/political activists to lessen their responsibility and ease their guilt of having way too much external power.

The truth shall never be uncovered by human beings, for it is she who is always beckoning us to be witnesses to her noble state; therefore, it is the truth, herself, who reveals us to our higher collective selves or the one-consciousness.

What did the truth say to the sentient being?
Being, meet your cosmic consciousness.

Trying to make each day count is "doing," while being grateful - - without resistance or judgement to life as is - - for each day is "being," simply.

"Doing" shall never be reconciled with "being."

"Doing" can never be satiated, for in that state one is always comparing and contrasting one's material, and even spiritual in some misguided folks, accomplishments and goals to the other.

Anytime one is replaying past experiences, or forecasting possible and probable future experiences in one's head, one is creating more suffering in the world, since doing so is always permeated with judgement.

The construct of privilege dichotomizes human life.

Politicians are the de facto guardians of the classes and ranks of privilege.

Politicians are to remind the masses, in general and specifically, of the fact that society has bestowed privileges upon them, and not rights.
The highly-privileged have rights, while the marginalized have privileges.

Leaders of different (not so, at all) political tribes are in cahoots to make sure the masses (or in their eyes, "asses," more to the point) are and remain divided over the various isms created by the alpha ones.
To that insidious end, as means, they take turns using each other as foils to propagate fear of scarcity in all of us.
Well, oh, the Democratic tribal leaders want "universal health care;" well, we, the Republican tribal leaders want more tax cuts for the one-percenters; thus, the dichotomous strategic warfare of classes and ranks of privilege is being played out on the political stage and real lives of us all.