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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Setbacks & Set-forths ("Black" Privilege)

Setbacks & Set-forths
("Black" Privilege)
Cosmic responsibility is a scarry and hard thing to learn about, adapt to, and put into practice in one's life; it means that you, as an individual sentient being is totally responsible for everything and anything that happens to you in life; yes, everything and anything includes those things that ignorance, illness, other people or situation or environment might have indirectly chosen for you.
To not courageously embrace all that happen or not happen to you is to live denying your inherent freedom or your agency over how you give meaning to or extrapolate meaning from all your personal life experiences.

Freedom of thought or independent thinking is a myth, for one must be tethered to the indoctrination of the state, or one will be ostracized by even the others closest to one, if ever one tries to sever the insidious relationship.

A lot of quasi-scientific studies only serve to further reinforce long-held stereotypes.

If the disenfranchised or marginalized hold on so tightly to their stereotypes or prejudices of the other in order to clinch sub-group belonging, even though they have so little to lose materialistically, just image then how the enfranchised feel.

A degree of acceptance is a modicum to no expectation, going forward.

There are NO real setbacks in life, but all set-forths, but our own expectations, which are linearly ordered, create our perceived setbacks.

Acts of nature defy our human expectations, for they are not linearly ordered, and therefore most scary to our learned and rigid ways of perceiving, thus experiencing, human life events.

Music is an individual soul calling in and out to or reminding the other searching souls of our cosmic oneness.

Depression is a liar and thief, that robs one of much-needed 5-HTs.

Anxiety is the monster, conjured up as real, that scares one away from peaceful cohabitation in one's own body or home.

Despair is the "black hole," that exponentially dims or blocks your inherently divine light.

You need to amass a few more millions to live a less stressful life after getting your first million.

Nepotism is privilege, and tribal. "Black" folks practice nepotism as much as folks of non-color, and just maybe more unconsciously so.
Well, maybe, "White" folks should bemoan "Black privilege" to the same extent.
The lesson, here, is that we have so much more in common than we care to face and admit to ourselves and each other.
In other scientific term, "implicit bias," ...

Forgiveness is the divine architect of a new day or of our long-awaited "beloved community."

In the now, we are always and undeniably set-forthing, whether we perceive it as thus or not.

As long as tribalism is the main factor which weaves together our social fabric, we will always have folks turning a blind eye to or even actively defending (in order words, cover-up) against claims (alleged or substantiated) of violence, sexual or otherwise, perpetrated upon, especially, those not members of their chosen or inherited tribe.

Spilled blood of the marginalized or "other" knows NO borders or tribes, and will seethe over, then eventually affect negatively privileged silos, in its search for karmic resolution.

Reminder: I am a miracle, for I am a child of Goddess.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Ineffably Boundless (Rich by Proxy)

Ineffably Boundless
(Rich by Proxy)
Microaggression is disesteeming a person with stereotypical words/actions, or defiling, stealing another's property, regardless of any "good" intention(s) at heart; such predisposition is not always biased or malicious.
It's a very fine line between rape or sexual violence and microaggression, for both leave the victim in a state of confusion, rage, self-doubt, and -hate.

I'm learning how to rise above, by making bridges, and not walls, the scars on my spirit and body.
I will not feel shame for needing and asking for help.

Human existence is cosmic-ly insignificant; therefore, the death penalty and war are both absurd.
Compassion, love, kindness, and empathy redeems our fallible existence to a humanity Goddess had envisioned, but not preordained, thus giving us free will and rein to create so.

Until we sit together with each other at the table sharing the fruits of forgiveness and our cosmic insignificance, we will still be fighting each other over past inflicted ills.

"Black" people or tribes colonize each other, also; therefore, colonization or colonialism should not be synonymous with "Whites," but with human frailties, for "Black" folks pillage their "own" tribe's non-renewable and renewable resources, too.
We all suffer from a superiority complex borne out of fear of scarcity, and it is by the grace of Goddess that we haven't completely annihilate each other yet, but do so partly from time to time with war, ethnic cleansing or genocide.

We will never eradicate war, until we rein in our man-made fear of scarcity, and also allow ourselves to become conscious and be most vigilant of our learned "implicit biases."

Reminder:  I am a miracle, for I'm always in Goddess's grace, despite my human frailties.

We glamorize and fetishize wealth so much, and by invidious extension disparage and repudiate the poor, that we will indeed pay a big fee, donate our limited time and resources to be next to the wealthy for a fleeting moment, in vain hope that we could be rich-by-proxy, or perhaps be infected with their good luck, glibness, and Machiavellian tactics.

What makes one individual human being different, as in more or less important/sacred, than another: attachment; attachment becomes tribalism; tribalism becomes fear of scarcity; fear of scarcity becomes war, genocide, or ethnic cleansing.

Ancestral pathology is being fulfilled by us all, to one extent or another, as we look back to our own tribal ancestors, as opposed to human or spiritual ones, to continue their, now our own insidious inheritance, inter-tribal and even intra-tribal warrings over centuries-old slights borne out of our collective human frailties.

Jealousy and envy dissever us from our divine oneness.

To be jealous or envious is to dichotomize the human experience.

The ego, fear, or self creates tribal ancestors to justify its yoke of oppression around one's neck.

For me, living with "Generalized Anxiety Disorder" means that all the parts that make up who I am as a person are never fully integrated when I am conversing with another; at times I blame myself for not being "authentic" and assertive enough around folks, but I need to recognize how my reflections, much later on, in writing serve me most well, then.
Lesson:  I am a writer/thinker, and not a glib speaker.
I could not convince, with words, nuns to attend vespers.
If you only speak with or to me, you will never even begin to know me a bit; you have to read me.

The dispirited thing about tribes is that they offer belonging, thus protection, from an unruly universe and its inhabitants, but on one rigid condition, that we allow ourselves, both consciously and unconsciously, to be fully indoctrinated into believing and acting in concrete ways which reinforce that we are fundamentally, but secondarily in reality, different than the other tribes.

The universe is not unruly, as we've been taught, but simply unpredictable or mysterious or unknowable.
The missing parts shall never become the whole.
The droplet of water shall never become the ocean.

You just cannot help folks not directly or in close proximity, who are mired in shame to feel better about themselves, when they've already made up their minds to punish themselves to the core.
They will hopefully find their own loving way, after knocking their heads against walls too many times.

Once you've lost touch with your inherently sacred worth, it won't matter how much money you amass or how big your social network is, you will always find yourself within the deepest circle of hell, warring with your internal, but perceiving them as external, incubi or succubi.

Before you became "you,"
You were.
Before you will be,
You are.
You were and are
That which is
Ineffably boundless

Our irrational fear of the universe, I equate to a droplet of water being fearful of the ocean.
The droplet of water can only be part of the ocean, as it knows the ocean intimately, to not seek to define itself apart from its original source.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Monetary Revenge

Monetary Revenge
Cosmic insignificance is the sacred foundation on which one can create non-hubristic meaning out of human life.

As long as we continue to live as tribes, states, nations, or countries, from time to time we will create and participate in ethnic cleansing or genocide, for fear of the created other, fueled by that of scarcity, will always fester to its extreme form, that of annihilation or extermination.

The soul is the root of oneness, sacredness, or humanity/spirit; the unseen or ineffable is always and indeed far more important than the tangible, which is most dependent on man's or human-doings' whims, interpretations and/or manipulations.

In order to ask for "reparations," or monetary justice as I call it, to be exact, for slavery, you would have to prove that under the same human conditions you would not have committed the same exact ills against humanity.
Moreover, how do you collect and make sure every descendant of the formerly enslaved tribe gets an equal share? Do some deserve more than others, whose direct ancestors had suffered more?
Who decides how to go about such equal distribution in the name of monetary justice?
Oh, maybe it's like when a particular state sues a conglomerate for ills allegedly done to its citizens, and the settlement - - and to begin with, the human, monetary resources required to bring forth such litigation against a business giant - - goes to line the pockets of the politicians/external power brokers and lawyers, or the one-percenters, and those from the masses directly affected go on to feel relieved, but in reality hoodwinked they are, that their government has their best interest at core.
Believers be-ware!  Beware be-lievers!  Oh, let the ... !

Immigrants being trapped in limbo between states or nations is a new way to rigidly dichotomize poverty, or more to the point here, slave labor.

The only advice I would want, like to hear from a former drug pusher turned "revered," but mostly famous, entrepreneur millionaire is: if you ever find yourself in a real life situation or predicament where you have only two choices, to sell illicit drugs or to die of hunger, choose the latter deliberately and courageously instead.
He had been there, and narrowly escaped the three jaws of Cerberus, so he has a moral duty to warn humanity of the ill consequences involved with selling illicit drugs for food and/or addiction.
We all know how most facile it is to embrace weakness, thus shunning courage, in the face of addiction and hunger, so all the more we need to constantly remind each other of the pitfalls of not choosing wisely, but also to be compassionate and merciful legally to those who have fallen preys to illicit behaviors, including addiction.
... and so, if you are not or don't consider yourself a role model, then, at the very least, don't use your public platform to give any advice at all, and not on any subject matter, business or otherwise.

Furthermore, what about our "White" sisters and brothers whose ancestors did NOT own nor benefit from slavery? Are they supposed to chip in for reparations, also? If they had and have indirectly benefited from the inequitable system through no bloody hands of theirs, then how much of percentage should they put forth? Who/what decides? The same inequitable or in-human systems already in place for centuries? Dig as many graves possible before seriously contemplating asking for monetary revenge, with the bigger one for your larger ego?

Politics is the business of bamboozling the masses into choosing, through misinformation and disinformation, abject fear over curiosity and linearity over randomness, and in that Machiavellian pursuit, politicians use extremist religious faith and fear of scarcity to the detriment of us all.

Revenge, better known as justice, is valuing hubristicly one life or set of human experiences over another.
It follows that if one subscribes to the sacred notion that all human life is cosmic-ly insignificant, then only forgiveness, borne out of empathy, can reconcile us to the lasting peace we all seek to create in our external human world.
Moreover, we are divine immortals, who are cosmic-ly insignificant.

Non-acceptance or resistance on one end will inevitably produce more of its breeds on the opposite end.

The ego is anti-cosmic-insignificance, for it must be always trying to self-aggrandize to prove itself worthy of propagation.

Justice, lesser known as revenge, is one of the most insidious expressions of the ego needed to regenerate itself at the expense of our own peace.

On our human journey to lasting peace, justice stagnates for it is in deeds static, while forgiveness energizes for it is dynamic.
Forgiveness lifts everyone up to the same sacred height at the same time, while justice merely pushes or pulls to its own irreverent direction or force.

Man's refusal to reconcile her sacredness with his cosmic insignificance has produced his profane notion of justice.

The taking of a life for another in the pursuit of justice is cosmic-ly absurd.

We are all leaves in the tree of life experiences, with each one equally as important as any other, but all truly made useless without the root, soul, oneness, or ineffable sacredness.

Disinformation & misinformation = "fake news"
The only "real" news, as vetted by the handful of conglomerates' executive council, which owns all the news media outlets, are about stories on who-killed-who, and that itself is skewed terribly to disesteem the already disenfranchised.
Disesteeming the already disenfranchised serves those insidious objectives of (1) making sure they self-hate in order to then project that burden unto folks they are materially more similar with, thus creating an unabridgeable divide, and (2) of making sure also that the marginalized's only focus in life, in which the end justifies any means imaginable and used, is to escape their lot into wealth.

The poor has even been bamboozled to believe that god (small "g" used here to denote idolatry) himself purposed his disesteem in the eyes of his tribe.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

When In Judgement

When In Judgement
Why does the millionaire want to be a billionaire?
... because he is not!

With linear thinking, Nelson Mandela never becomes the man who helps us to avoid bloodshed and saves millions of human lives; remember: he was once branded a terrorist by South Africa and the United States, just to name a few states.

Regret is linear, while gratitude, responsibility, self-compassion are not.

When in judgement, we do not see each other as the one sacredness.

The thought processes in depression is most linear.  "If B does not follow A," or if B precedes A, then I am a failure" kind of thinking.
In Cognitive Therapy, one learns how to identify those patterns, in hopes of learning how to not create a loop into despair.

If you want to fight another for reparations, and/or opportunities to close the economic gap between you both, you should dig two graves, with the bigger one for your large ego.
Money is not the root of poverty; our fear of being present with each other's suffering is, thereby creating in-human distance, which then creates apathy and fear of scarcity.

Fear of scarcity would be nonexistent, if we were actively witnessing each other's suffering.
Compassionate proximity would eradicate poverty.

With linear thinking, Maya Angelou would not have become the revered author/poet we came to know her mainly as, for she was once a teen-aged mom, prostitute, and pimp/madam.

Redemption, grace, and mercy are non-linear.

It must and should give one pause to ascertain the real reason(s), when both state and religion take the moral high-ground on any tangible issue affecting only an individual's cosmic freedom and responsibility thereof.

Tangible reality itself is most tenuously weaved, since it is founded on the majority's acceptance, and manipulations through misinformation, disinformation play a humongous part in folks' participation.

Forgiveness or gratitude is the antidote to expectation, mercy to revenge or better known as justice,  compassion to shame and guilt, and empathy to human frailties.

When our life's meaning is mostly derived from the amount of external influences or powers we wield, we become less and less compassionate, forgiving, and merciful from in-human distance.

What gives human life her true meaning and purpose is bridging the nonetheless imaginary, but made real by our egos or fears, gap between "my" suffering and "your" suffering to its oneness or sacredness.

Must the disenfranchised continue to celebrate mediocrity in the arts?

Regret is the poison that sucks all the oxygen out out of one's life, and the antidotes are self-compassion and gratitude or acceptance of human life as is in the present, as the ineffable sacredness.

Looking too often to the past inevitably breeds regrets, and to the future fear or cosmic angst or too much self and not enough presence.

Self-forgiveness is the boonful wings we can bestow upon ourselves anytime as divine inheritance despite our selves, and forgiveness in spite of the created other.

Our addiction to external powers fueled by our fear of scarcity is thee biggest human frailty, for it creates and propagates exponentially so much unnecessary and palpable human suffering.

Fear of scarcity is in deeds fear of human suffering.

The illusion of amassing huge amounts of external powers will spare us inherently human suffering is maintained by us actively, but at times unconsciously, inflicting insurmountable and palpable suffering in the lives of the created other, as we watch from an in-human distance hoping that at least we suffer less in comparison.

One insidious purpose of war, race, economics, gender, or constructs of violence is to dichotomize suffering.

Peel the intricate and opaque layers of jealousy and envy, and you will surely find, underneath of both, comparisons of human suffering.

Looking back or forward without much presence or sacredness is fruitless at the very least and hurtful at most.

Business is politics, and politics is business.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Child of a Higher Power

Child of a Higher Power
Not working for a while is not something that I celebrate, but instead I am most grateful to not have to, for the reason is mainly my not-so-invisible illness.

The law is not always just and moral.

My heart has left her door wide open for her soul to come in unannounced.

This anxiety, too, shall end.
This fear, too, shall pass.
This competition, too, shall end.
This scarcity, too, shall pass.
This identifying with self, too, shall end.
This warring, too, shall pass.
This cosmic angst, too, shall end.
This divisiveness, too, shall pass.

There is a place on higher ground, where the souls of mischievous folks meet with the souls of empathetic folks in sacred sisterhood and brotherhood.

The state is synonymous with the church or organized religion.
The state is, also, synonymous with most harsh judgement, especially of its citizens it deems too intractable.
The state along with its pre-approved church or organized religion dictates the main culture a society creates, adopts or follows.
We all have been indoctrinated by the state, church, or organized religion to some extent.
One either seeks to be mainly a child of a Higher Power by design or of the state by default.

I pray to endeavor daily, thus be most vigilant, to choose deliberately and carefully deeds, which reflect outwardly that I am mainly and by design a child of a Higher Power.

The state and its systems have no imagination whatsoever, since it is not human, and that is wherefore it creates,  propagates, and maintains linear order with the help of humans who want to rule over others.

How do you get the immortal to fear death?
How do you get the immortal to believe that life and death are not one sacred thing joined in perpetuity?
How do get the free to believe that they should be slaves?
How do you get the children of Goddess to believe that they are children of the state?

We will never get to and within the heart of each other, if we keep on thinking of those who hurt us or others as "evil."

When one has been hurt, especially by another, "fighting back" may at times temporarily ease the pain felt, but surely will not heal or transmute the pain in any way.
"Fighting back" merely propagates exponentially the suffering in our human world.

Always turn to your soul to mend your perceived brokenness.

The state as a nonentity, since it is not human or a sentient being, can only govern through fear, doing, ego, or the self of man who desires to rule over his fellow man, and not love; love is only inherent in sentient beings.

"White supremacy" implies on some insidious level that only "White" folks compete in our man-made fear of scarcity world, by creating an in-human distance between themselves and those who must be deemed as less than.  "Supremacy" ideology should not be then synonymous with folks of non-color, for it is, very like implicit bias, deeply ingrained in us all "good" folks, unconsciously, competing for non-renewable resources, and the perceived supreme advantages to suffer less than our fellow man.

Greed can never be reconciled with charity.

Using the state or its systems, as intermediaries, to relate to each other creates distance between us and our fellow man, and that distance then creates apathy, indifference, and fear, when what is surely and direly needed is loving proximity to each other's inevitable suffering, which is inherently human.

Oh, how we use each other like pawns, in our quixotic, but often malicious, quest to avoid suffering, and of course, at the expense of each other's sacred humanity!

Our illusion of safety is predicated on, and maintained by fear itself.

Fear, itself, gave birth to its offspring, linear order.

Business shall never be reconciled with charity.
Competition shall never be reconciled with our sacredness.

Expectations, unlike gratitude, always linear, makes competitive monsters of us all.

As corruption becomes rampant, human lives become cheap, thus offered and sold to the highest bidder at the market for hubristic selves seeking in vain to avoid human suffering.

The fear is never really of the other, though perceived and made most real that way, but of one self (small "s") or within, which is why at times it manifests itself as anger misdirected at the other.

If only we were not fearful of death
If only we perceived life as energy
If only we could accept our immortality
We would forgive easily the greatest of ills.

Only sacred death can lead us to truly know and be at great ease with our immortality.

Silence is always well-said.

We are insignificant immortals.

Perceiving and accepting our cosmic insignificance would allow us to easily forgive those who commit ills against us or others.

The total of all the evil deeds that man have and will ever commit is totally or cosmic-ly insignificant, since man himself is insignificant; therefore, only love or her sacredness gives man any real meaning in nature.  Only love can redeem man everlastingly, by reconciling her to her sacredness or true nature.

Man rages against his own ills, and thereby exacerbating his own suffering, for he has, so far, ghastly failed to reconcile her inherent goodness with his cosmic insignificance.

Once man has reconciled her inherent sacredness or goodness with his cosmic insignificance, she will no longer rage against his own earthly ills.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Church of Certainty

The Church of Certainty
How do the rich or highly-privileged pass money to each other?
They run for public office: one of the ways.

One's imagination is the internal compass on the journey to self-actualization and salvation.

It's truly NO wonder that the state and the church work so closely together: they both deal in certainty.
One church has the answer for "can families [tribes: more to the point] be together forever?"
I can safely presume that their answer will be in the positive.

You can never enter into a dialogue with some individuals, though they may present it to you as such, for they are perpetually performing their monologues about their own or tribe's accomplishments and future goals needed to be met before death to feel more accomplished, thus leaving behind legacies to attempt to cheat death of her final curtain call.

Why is it so easy to demonize, dehumanize, assign blame, or assign legal guilt to other folks?
Maybe it is simply because we have learned too well how it creates the other for us to feel superior to, separate from, and ultimately project our untransmuted fear of suffering unto.

The brutality of war can only be understood in light of man's insidious need to distance himself from his own humanity, sacred interconnectedness, or nature, as he tries in vain to master or control the external world for abject fear of it.

We are all locked away in our own tribal box, in which compassion, love, and empathy never leave to go beyond.

Our abject fear of being poor and of the poor drives a huge wedge between us all.

Death Row Redemption
In my suffering
I embodied joy;
In my darkness
I saw Her rays of light;
In my depression
I climbed higher ground;
In my sadness
I felt sparks of happiness;
In my cage
I envisioned winged birds;
In my death
I lived anew;
In my anxiety
I breathed calmness;
In my adulthood
I lived childhood;
In my poorness
I was quite rich;
In my fear
I moved courageously;
In my brutality
I found softness;
In my aloneness
I walked with Goddess;
In my solitude
I found purpose;
In my aimlessness
I traced forward meaning;
In my pain
I became openness;
In my acceptance
I found peace;
In my letting go
I was everything;
In my evilness
I was redeemed;
In my silence
I had a voice.

What created and creates "slavery" is NOT at all "evilness" but human frailties emanating from our abject and untransmuted fear of suffering, which births our insidious need and want to manipulate the external world or nature in vain attempts to control her.

The state is an elusive nonentity; nonentity for it represents and doesn't represent the individual and/or group, but stands alone as a system operated by its own most glitch-ful software.

To love without "unatttachment," as a Buddhist might refer to it, is even worse than to hate.

Inflation is a man-made sure way of keeping the poor as is; the 100,000 dollars of today is worth the same as the 10,000 dollars of yerterday. Prices merely go up to propagate and maintain disparity in income gained through hard work, inheritance, and/or investment. Otherwise the poor, through generations of hard work and disciplined savings might have stood a chance to play catch-up with the rich; thereby closing the gap between poverty and wealth.

One's redemption is not contingent on anyone else's deeds or perception of one, but she is totally dependent on one's own imagination or internal compass.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Portal to Joy

Portal to Joy
Our flaws only define us as human-doings, for we are flawless in being.

"Black" and "White" (and all the other similar external identities for that matter) are both culture and race (also both man-made), but as identity, they are more the former.

You really do NOT need to love or even respect someone else to forgive her/him.

If you have the opportunity to make another sentient being suffer, and seize upon it, then you, yourself, are suffering internally and deeply, and will surely continue to sign up for that painful curriculum.

It's NO wonder we have wars: not one of us is happy, for we are unable to do what would truly make us happy as individuals, to a large extent; it's been linear-ordered out of us from childhood by society.

Anytime one forces "good" upon the other, it turns "bad," for thinking makes good or bad, and creates worlds, especially internal ones.

Ultimately, all forms of knowledge are dangerous to ourselves and others; be less certain, and more comfortable with mystery, randomness, or the unknowing.

We need to let go of everything to remember that we are everything.

Until each of us, as individual, focuses solely on leaving our human world more compassionate, we and our children will not know peace.

Some "White-skinned" folks are more "Black" than some "Black-skinned" folks, and vice versa.

I believe that shaming folks, who disagree with us for whatever reason(s), is counterproductive, for shaming closes shut all doors to honest and open dialogues.

Forgiveness is the not-so-secret code that opens the portal to joy.

As long as states need their men to fight in wars, and indoctrinate them to feel "superior" or chauvinistic in their regards toward women, you will have homophobia as ism to propagate fear and use such fear of the created other to "benefit" the states.

"The survival of the fittest" - - Darwin merely observed an already man-created phenomenon - - is not man's natural essence or way of being (not even her way of doing) in the world, but she has been bamboozled by the states throughout the centuries to live thus, till it has been fully imprinted on our collective DNA.
So to evolve spiritually as an individual is to recognize so, and embark on the journey to live daily being cognizant of, and hopefully reflecting as a result our true state of sacredness.

In Being, man's survival instinct is nonexistent, for it is only a byproduct of doing, fear, or ego.

In Being we are, while in doing we are in a constant state of becoming, as we move further and farther away from our sacred essence.

Life and death are both equally important and sacred, and we will keep on missing the essence of living, until we stop using death as a scarry monster that abruptly terminates or shortens a life.

As we live, we die, and it must follow: as we die, we live.

Only those, who sit on a throne, can be dethroned.

For we don't want those related to us by blood or tribe to suffer, we make or allow others to suffer more and needlessly, but we also suffer also and to some extent needlessly, anyway.

For we try in vain to avoid suffering, we don't sit with our suffering to transmute it, but instead project it unto the world, and still suffer anyway.

The less time an individual is allowed by the state to sit with her/his suffering, the more addicted she/he becomes to various widgets, in a vain attempt to bridge the gap between suffering and fleeting happiness, as sponsored by the state.

Some social scenes are where the disenfranchised youths learn anew, and oh too well how to embody what they envy, and some cases, viscerally hate also.

Money makes some folks trade in their being for a constant becoming.

Most poor folks know all too well all the steps to become rich, and some cases have undertaken quite skillfully those steps, but find themselves still poor and getting poorer, or worse: as the illusory middle-classed stratum.