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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Glibness Undermined

Glibness Undermined
The enormous fear of change borne out of a sudden and grave illness will reveal the essence, both moral and psychological makeup, of a man or woman, especially as it will undermine cold, glib construction and manipulation of untruths.

Sifting Through

Sifting Through
One's positive esteem of self is the soul's reflection.

One's negative esteem of self to null is the soul's reflection refracted.

"Rock bottom" allows one to sit, literally at the bottom of the rabbit hole, and sift through uninterrupted, for a good while, with the refraction of the soul's reflection, thus recognizing, assessing, and discerning the locus of the distortion.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

His Soul's Reflection

His Soul's Reflection

He was her granite
When she needed anchor,
She, his quicksand;
He was her candlelight
When the sun set,
She, his squall;
He was her North Star
When she needed direction,
She, his broken compass;
He was her aortic valve clear
When she felt burdened,
She, his atherosclerosis;
He was her HDL
When her health failed,
She, his LDL.

And then...
His Helen of Brooklyn
Began to gaslight him.
Thus, his soul decreed:
"After decades of toiling,
A self I have forged.
Let no one defract
My soul's reflection."

Thus, he learned:
His positive esteem of self is
His soul's reflection.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Journeying On (... continued)

Journeying On
Henceforth and till,
He'll remember the 
Prophetic voices
Of his therapists
Nudging him out
Of many rabbit holes.

Henceforth and till,
He carries forward
Inside his heart
The arc of his
Life heretofore,
A wondrous miracle.

Henceforth and till,
Let his laborious
 Stouthearted decades in 
Facing Depression
Anxiety Disorder
Be reminder constant.

Death's Soulmate

Death's Soulmate

Romantic love without discernment is need, lust, naivete, or trickery.

Doing, and inflexible goal-setting are the antitheses of life.

A life predicated on achievements is anti-death; therefore, negates life itself.

Death is the soulmate of life, for neither the fear of man, objection from him, and denial of their chemical bond by man could ever dissever their cosmic bond.

Federal law leaves little to no room for politicians, at the State level, to manipulate or barter with privileges.

Privilege is relative, not absolute.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Journeying On

Journeying On
Henceforth and till,
He'll have the stars
At night in the sky
To beckon him North
Of joyous tryst awaiting.

Henceforth and till,
Let the ocean's waves
Carry forth to distant shores
The miscarriaged memories
Of soulmating unbirthed.

Henceforth and till,
May his heart
Flutter forward
At a turtle's speed
Character holding
In careful observation.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Free Captive

The Free Captive
A captive can be freer than his captor, for ultimately one's cosmic freedom and responsibility in life is not at all dependent on one's station, but truly on one's moral imagination or lack thereof; thus, one's moral imaginings will conceive and strengthen the muscles of compassion, empathy, and discernment for all of human's mutual oppression.
The captive's fear of suffering in life is always more pernicious than his concrete, physical shackles, for his fear of suffering is indeed and in deeds his spiritual shackles which robs him of his moral imaginings, his gift of forgiveness for self and the "other," and as a result his transcendence.
Goddess bless, reader!