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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Truth-Telling & Self-Uncovery

Truth-Telling & Self-Uncovery
In our currently imaged human world, we have all internalized to equate femininity with softness, softness with weakness, weakness with less-privilegedness, and less-privilegedness with suffering.
... and we all have been taught to want to escape suffering, at all costs, as a human condition.

You can easily make a slave out of a human being by manipulating fear of randomness, fear of scarcity, and cosmic angst, but once a slave, only she or he can free self.

The many confined ways in which we have constructed "manhood" give implicit permission for "men" and "boys" to be sexually violent towards women, girls, and just plainly to aggressively demean anything in other men that's perceived as remotely "feminine."

One can respect someone, something, or one of the many ways of being in our human world without also being engaged in the celebration of, out of principle and a lived morality.

Just maybe therapy is NOT for everyone, for it is about truth-telling, but absolutely NOT to the therapist, but indeed to oneself, which makes therapy in deeds a most scary proposition to some, who are not ready, yet, to be shedding their total armor, piece by piece.

A therapist is in deeds a professional witness to her patients' self-discovery or self-uncovery.

Humor: Is the patient's self-uncovery still bona fide, if her therapist is not present?

Hollywood serves as, both subtly and overtly, a propagandist machine for the U.S.'s way of living life; therefore, its male perpetrators of sexual violence are given carte blanche to commit crimes against the less-valued of our society, women and "effeminate" men.

There are and will always be collateral victims to living with national borders; the price is high to maintain such otherness.

The wondrous cycle of death followed by new birth in nature is sublimely perennial.
I welcome thee, Fall, once again!

When you are running on gasoline, NOT rocket fuel, and try to reach for the stars and moon, you will definitely fall back to earthly ground with maximum speed and momentum, thus gravitational pull.

Emotional hijacking is leaning way too much on another, for you don't want to accept, thus be fully responsible for, the choices you have made and their reciprocal consequences.

To the unwise, the truth is ONLY relevant, when it is their own subjectively twisted ideas of it.

Death is the end of the cycle of births, decays, and rebirths on the cellular level.

If I were to reincarnate in another universe, where music or something comparable didn't exist, I would categorically reject such form of mine, as quickly as possible.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Untransmuted Shame & Agency

Untransmuted Shame & Agency
You can always tell when folks are mired in a cesspool of SHAME, for they live with so many secrets, and guard their secrets with a wall of nastiness couched as privacy!

Shame and intimacy shall never, ever cross paths!

Untransmuted shame will, does remove any shred of responsibility, ownership, and authenticity out of any of our human lives.

Human life is NOT an intricate puzzle, but a cosmically sacred mystery.

Our robust fear of death is learned, for death is only a scary unknown, when life is lived unwisely and foolishly enough to attempt to make death, for mainly we're unaware of how to transmute our cosmic angst, a separate experience or event from life.

Believing that you "don't have choices or any choice" at any point along your individual life's journey is always a credible sign of living in a deep well of shame, where the light of responsibility, ownership, and choices is totally blocked down yonder.

Shame is the thick cocoon which keeps us from being unequivocally responsible for our choices, and the recognition that we have and always have had complete agency over the trajectory of our lives, and how much we fully embrace human life's randomness or mystery, or, in other words, how much we suffer.

Our life's choices are our wings, and when fully and functionally owned, we fly to and from responsibly and freely, and land wherever and whenever smoothly and with complete agency, but when not in ownership of, we crash on land or water as we attempt to fly, all the while blaming the Earth's Magnetic North and our preordained life's trajectory.

We are ALL RESPONSIBLE for every scintilla of hate, compassion, love, indifference, equity, inequity, suffering, and empathy that manifests itself in our human world; therefore, NOT one of us is innocent, and NOT EVER!  ... and that is truly empowering to feel so so deeply, thus know on a cosmic level. ... that any morally positive change in our human world must originate within me as an individual.

The Goddess we all have been looking and longing for is within us, and She is always ready to recreate our human world, as we so image and desire.

At times, our deepest fears masked our true intentions.  When you act or react out of FEAR, you CANNOT have good intentions; fear and good, thus deliberately premeditated, intention, don't and cannot occupy the same space, and this is why you will hear folks at times regurgitate the "I had good intention!" phrase, sincerely, but wrongly nevertheless.

As if "manhood" were not already toxicly constructed, so when you make a soldier out of a "man," he will be a soldier engaged in war mentality and tactics in and out of the conventional realm of the battlefield!

If I must,
I shall reincarnate
As a black hole
To transmute
Into rays of light.

If I must,
I shall reincarnate
As hate
To transmute
Into love

The only lasting everlastingly weapon against violence is love and its kins: softness, vulnerability, compassion, emphathy, and equity or nonduality that embraces all living things as One.

Reminder: I am a ray of femininity.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Sublime Mystery

Sublime Mystery
An activist is the echo chamber of her/his own propaganda.

Even when foreign governments are publicly most hostile to each other, they do collaborate to hoodwink, thus fully control, their respective masses.

Truly taking full responsibility for one's choosing - - it is always a choice - - to have entered into an intimate relationship with the other is the most functional compass on one's journey to healing the heart and mind.

Therapy is NOT about fixing us or to make us whole; we never need fixing and are always whole, but to practice, adapt to, to adopt, and internalize a new set of coping skills to effectively deal with certain specific areas of our lives, with the greatest amount of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards possible.
Our less-than-useful set of coping skills are very like the clouds which prevent us from seeing the sun, stars, and moon, but they are always there to be seen once more, once the clouds have dissipated; therefore, the new set of more rewarding coping skills help to facilitate the right conditions for precipitation of some kind, so that we may access the fullest beauty of human life, make healthy space to NOT forbode joy, make allowance for intermittent suffering, and thus take full responsibility for or ownership of our human life.

Therapy is more art and less science; therefore, if you are NOT ready to take the helm as first co-pilot in the drawing process, your canvass of unhealthy coping skills will stay unchallenged and unchanged.

Human life is most unserious, but most beautiful in its complete, and sublime mystery.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Nymphs & "Black" Magic of Womanhood

Nymphs & "Black" Magic of Womanhood
When you jump head first into anything, especially an intimate relationship, you will suffer a concussion immediately, and the rest of your actions will lack any aforethought and wisdom.

An "activist" is essentially a most clever and glib someone who wants, needs you to trade in one set of masters for another, to his/her own benefit; it's very like voting in any election.

To bathe in her silver creek, and in exchange for helping to facilitate the right conditions for her snowy precipitation, Helen of Brooklyn allows me to dip my short and skinny hose in her brook of silver rainfall to reach my "little death."

The arts, inevitably and unnaturally, serves the state, to a large extent.

I used to live in abject fear of being found out a total fraud of a human being, who was unable to live up to any of society's expectations.

Anytime you otherize folks, you either make them superior or inferior to you and your in-group.

Drawing one's very next breath is the only essential thing in a human being's life; everything else we have learned from society to place a value on where none is, should, and need be.

May your self-love grows exponentially with every passing day, week, month, year, decade, and century to come!

Wholly accepting the other as IS is the most important overture to lasting friendship.

Folks of color shifting responsibility to European colonists, as if "White" folks invented tribalism, fear of the other, and/or existential angst, for every ills perpetrated by their "race" is very like sexual predators shifting their responsibility to their victims and survivors of such violent predations.
One subgroup shifts the responsibility to "White" supremacy and privilege, while the other to the sorcery, nymph, "Black" magic of womanhood, which propels men to predate upon women against the men's will and better judgement!
The "What was she wearing?" or "Did she go to his hotel room or home alone at such time or other?," or "Did she acquiesce to his 'seduction,' 'charm,' or 'affability,' or fight him back to the possible death of her," I equate with "How uneducated, poor, lowly-privileged, marginalized, or disenfranchised are the perpetrators?"
Those "get-out-of-jail" cards are pulled almost reflexively, one may say.
The insidious construct of privilege, in general, whether low, medium, or high, makes liars, beggarded of courage and individuation from one's inherited tribe of us all!

Grappling daily, thus long-term, with anger is shame turned inside-outly!
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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Enablers & Fake News

Enablers & Fake News
"Fake news" media is thee ultimate redundancy!

My feminine side centers me; thus, allowing me to stay home in or to easily come back home to my body.

For our system of privilege to function, thus continue to propagate, folks of same stratas, especially the upper and middle ones, must enable each other in all the insidious ways imaginable.

Every day that one continues to live a life retrograde to the soul, one is precipitating the final curtain of this lifetime.

When one of the highly-privileged gets in serious trouble with the law, merely and only because the same offense has been perpetrated too many times and then made public, members of their class get very fearful that the whole system might be getting unglued or undone completely, and that is why they always make sure to protect and enable each other at all costs, or what is the point of being highly-privileged, then?

Enabling, carte blanche to evade the law, hubris which incapacitates or atrophies the muscles of empathy are at the very heart of our construct of privilege.

Being always too busy professionally or/and personally leaves one absolutely NO time, leisurely or not, to learn, practice, and internalize a new, beneficial patterned way of living.

Some women, in an unwise attempt to counter misogyny, adopt an insidious brand of misandry, in which they know essentially that they are heterosexual, but are unable to be truly vulnerable with any man, and also have subscribed to a sisterhood of the unhealed broken-hearted.

The very same character flaws, like NOT taking "no" for an answer and NOT being able to empathize with the other, which are needed to make folks "successful" in business, are present in serial rapists and other sexual offenders.

Cheating, in an intimate relationship, essentially is about withholding most important information from the other involved with; thus, an insidiously passive-aggressive behavior which puts the other at great health risks, especially with all the incurable STSs of today.

Neither Hades, nor man can ever dissever a mother's bond with her child!

Pro-choice is NOT ever the same as pro-abortion; NOT one woman alive would be glad, happy to have an abortion; what she wants is the legal right and privilege to choose for herself whether to safely undergo such a procedure if need be.

A pro-choice person may be pro-life; the two are NOT contradictory at all.

The self-proclaimed prophets within the lgbtq community on the far-left are hounding Ms. Caitlyn Jenner, for she is "White," rich, and republican.

The "fake news" media is an insidious propaganda machine for the one-percenters, for it glorifies their lives, while it stigmatizes the lives of the poor.

Monday, October 9, 2017

A Mendacious Jailer

A Mendacious Jailer
If you are NOT a millionaire, but are only making above minimum wage, you should still spend very like you are making minimum wage or close to it, at the very least, for it is so easy, and made enticing by the materialistic culture propagated by duplicitous marketing, to find yourself living well above your means; thus, becoming a slave of your own making.

How cosmic responsibility and freedom are interwoven or fused: your cosmic responsibility is to be free (unencumbered by any human construct or external forces/identities), as only one who is insignificant in the cosmos, and immortal as energy can be sublimely thus.

Fear is a mendacious jailer, who surreptitiously robs one of cosmic freedom, by hoodwinking one into believing that randomness is ill-suited for human life.

As a neurodivergent, most of my lenses to perceive the outside world are gray.

I'm neurodivergent; therefore, I am nonlinear.

Reminder: I am a miracle.

Below-averagely endowed in sexual prowess and lowly-privileged in our human world, I should NOT be a likely prospect for any woman's honey-daddy, but everything under the crossed or favorable stars is relative.

This land is NOT my land; this land is NOT your land; this land is NOT their land; this land is solely, just maybe, and certainly for a privileged, blessed time, OUR land.

Gray areas truly far outnumber the combined totals of black and white ones, when one practices the recognizing and reining in one's implicit biases.

The doing, instead of just being, seeks to deny the mystery which life is always and eternally.

Being is the eternal and sublime silence and randomness, while doing is incessant noises of the human ego or false self, in fearing to be insignificant.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Her Fertile Heart

Her Fertile Heart
A flower grows there
Inviting birds and bees
To her most fertile heart.

A symphony of smiles
Conducted by her lips major
First violinist bow's receptive.

Crown of vulnerability
With robe of equity
Harmonize with her
Emphathetic actions.

A rhetorical: Does a nation, which sends its citizens to kill and be killed to "defend" its illusory separateness, political ideologies, sovereignty, or national/international/tribal interests, have an undiagnosed, untreated mental illness?

When folks are not really ready to take the next step or steps along their journey, up from their rabbit hole in most cases, they will be standing knee-deep in the ocean, and ask or beg you for salt water.

Some folks possess no gray lense to perceive others and, of course, themselves.

Helen of Brooklyn recently asked me, rhetorically I believe, "Why did you put me out like that?"
On her part, she failed to realize that we did NOT live together, subsequently my apartment, I alone pay the bills to live and store my belongings there, for a privileged time.
On my part, I failed to show, use any forbearance in not giving her keys to my small apartment, as if it were a totally free motel room for her conveniences, and also not treating her as if she were my financial and emotional dependent.
But, we were true codependents, in so many mirrored ways.
I did NOT put her out of my small apartment, but merely did in deeds sever a few codependent strings!

In my personal experiences, it takes at least five years for any fruits of a long-term, substantial change in a human being to ripen, thus be viable for consumption as final and tangible proof of a long, and arduous series of farming seasons.

Folks will never act differently because of the heartaches from any failed relationship, but will do so only when the lessons have been understood, put to practice in daily life, thus internalized as an almost-like new DNA.

Some people truly believe that they are sacrificing themselves for their children, country, or an ideology/philosophy, but those things merely serve as a circular, opaque wall to hide behind, instead of living courageously with unambiguous ownership of their comic responsibility and freedom.

Myth: free press
The human construct of privilege circumvents any and all attempts by any courageous, moral journalist to be "free" in the context of journalism.