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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Misandry, Misogyny, & Consent

Misandry, Misogyny, & Consent
As a broken, it's no wonder that one gets into an intimate relationship with another who is also broken​, but one of the many blessings​ the Universe bestows upon brokenness is that lessons as light will easily penetrate through her many cracks.

It takes two to compete; some of us compete against our-selves, since we have split ourselves into two irreconcilable entities.

The word "nigger" does not belong to any subgroup of humanity, but to the whole; I watched a "person of color" on Bill Maher's HBO show (June 09, 2017 episode) say, " ... the word belongs to us now; we are not giving it back! " Now that is clearly separate-but-equal mentality, privilege, and entitlement. "Folks of color" who believe in such idea desecrate the graves of human ancestors who were of non-color, and who also marched alongside Rev. Dr. King for Civil Rights in this country.

One's dysfunctional familiar is destiny.

We attempt to escape dysfunctions in our family and within ourselves to finding ourselves enmeshed with their familiarity in the arms of others.

Our construct of money is like children playing with and fighting over widgets; the value of the​ widgets depends on the societal indoctrination and to what extent the individual has aligned her internal life compass with such or aligned her internal evaluation of money to reflect her cosmic responsibility and freedom.

Here's how high privilege and stereotype, stigma, "racism," and all the other isms cancel each other out: a person of color may be stereotyped, until his carte of privilege is verified to be treated otherwise; while a person of non-color may be profiled as privileged, until his carte relegates him to the lower classes of privileged as poor, uneducated, et al.

Listen with eyes of discernment, for your ears may be fooled by magical tongues.

Beware: there are some misandristic "females" who only want external power or privilege in any form from the "males" that they get close enough to, and some "males" who only want "sex" from the "females" they get close enough to - - and consent is a definitely foreign concept to those "alpha," misogynistic males.

The externally powerless and powerful both use the sword as means to amass, manipulate, and maintain privileges.

"Justice" is legalized revenge.

When I remind myself of the inconsequential of an individual human life in the cosmic scheme of things, I can fully accept my life moment by moment as is.

If you have to fight for it, it has no cosmic worth; you never have to fight for love and her kins.

Cosmic value is only found in love and her kins.

Privilege is the antithesis of change.

Our construct of privilege is anti-life, for it is the antithesis of cosmic freedom.

We are all made to be unwittingly slaves to our own construct of privilege.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Non-colored Lives Matter

Non-colored Lives Matter
Folks, mostly morally unanointed politicians disguised as Civil Rights activists, involved in the "Black" Lives Matter movement, otherize themselves, and at the same time otherize another whole subgroup of humanity, which they cast full blame upon for having disenfranchised them and their ancestors, by not specifying clearly , all the while, that the lives of folks of non-color matter also indeed in our inextricable web of humanity.
I understand the want and insidious need to identify with a subgroup of humanity, whether it is the human constructs of race, religion, culture, sex, et al., but all that does is to further isolate folks within their immediate clan or tribe, where their implicit biases and isms will be validated, reinforced, and proliferated exponentially.

At times, we reach outside of ourselves to fix what is troubling us internally.

When folks look and perform in certain ways, we reflexively treat them according to society's preordained order, in other words, we tow the linear line.

One way society controls​ the marginalized is by restricting their natural space, and you don't have to be in jail necessarily, which is one of the reasons​ why the underprivileged feels so oppressed.

Some folks have insidiously and seamlessly merged those two warlike tactics into their only way of living: use others or be used by them.

Alas, your worst fears projected outside of yourself unto the world doesn't make you Satan, but human like the rest of us.

The most insidious form of learned and/or internalized "racism" originates from some disfranchised, marginalized folks who believe that because they have not much of external power, that in turn somehow makes​ them unable to be "racists." Your thoughts alone can qualify you as a "racist." To be implicitly biased is in all of us.

If the experience yields lesson(s), then your time and other resources have been well-allocated and -used.

Watching, listening, and/or reading about politics from the outside is like watching the Francis Ford Coppola's Godfather movie, and duping yourself into believing that you discern, intellectually or otherwise, everything taking place or that has taken place. Just allowing yourself to accept that it is all obfuscation is most wise.

Some folks will feign "helping" another in their vain attempt to feel superior; others, if you help them too closely will avenge their feelings of inferiority. 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

The P.C. Pendulum Swinging Back

The P.C. Pendulum Swinging Back
If you have not abandoned political correctness, have not renounced "race" and "racism", and have not purged, or at the very be ever watchful, mindful, and aware, your internalized "racism" or implicit bias, please read elsewhere!
Bill Maher is a first-class comedian, and uses words to poke fun at everyone, including himself, thus in the end make us all laugh at ourselves and each other.
Now the exchange in question, which should have never been:
Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska: “You’re welcome. We’d love to have you work in the fields with us." (Senator Sasse had invited Mr. Maher to visit his state.)
Bill Maher: “Work in the fields? Senator, I’m a house n***er."
If this is not word-association unrehearsed at its funniest, you are not aware of the extent of your internalized "racism," and not in the least bit!
Now, Ms. Kathy Griffin being hit by the P.C. pendulum swinging back her liberal ways is a totally different story; she was using props offstage, and not words -- the only actual props comedians and comediennes should use; any other real props should be used to fall over while doing slapstick -- to make her biased political points, which focused at attacking our current, sitting president; big mistake; if it were to begin with, and not a totally planned media-stunt to revive her already-dying career as a comedienne.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Preordained Roles

Preordained Roles
It, the root of suffering or oppression, is the rigid structure of gender socialization, which puts assigned males in one box, or as Tony Porter cogently frames it as "the man box," and assigned females in another with the expectation that no one gender may ever be permitted to jump box -- not even for a nanosecond -- or to attempt naturally to bring such bipolar dichotomy into alignment, in cosmic or natural opposition to her/his almost preordained roles by the gods' most watchful and unforgiving eyes!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Isms as Tools

Isms as Tools
Forgiveness and responsibility, whether legal, moral, or cosmic, are not mutually exclusive.

Sex and love shall never meet at any point of our human journey to justify murder, premeditated or not.

A lot of morally unanointed politicians are disguised as Civil Rights activists.

True Civil Rights activists are not politicians, though at times they may use some tactics from the political arsenal, which is why they are always imprisoned unfairly, assassinated, or simply forced to give up such lofty ideals, such as to bring more legal rights or relative privileges into the lives of the marginalized or masses.

Love and sex could never conspire to perform an act.

A lot of so-called religious "leaders" are really morally unanointed politicians, for they serve the state well in its need to indoctrinate the individual with a zero-sum to negative-sum mentality, as it strives to inculcate within him the isms as a way of living ever fearful of and in direct competition for scarce resources with his fellow human beings.

Having lots of money and/or high privileges gives NO one an any true advantage in life, for human suffering is inherent, thus unavoidable with or without high privilege, but our collective ego in spite of has created our fear of scarcity and along with it our imagined superiority or inferiority.

The master suffers more than his slave, for he has been bamboozled to believe that he has more important things in life to lose than his slave; therefore, his imagined, but real fears are greater.

Most of us reach into what's always assigned, preordained by society as a way of living, while very few reach out and up to more nobler grounds.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

My Reflection

My reflection  on an article entitled, " Why Straight Men Kill The Trans Women They Love " by Jen Richards:
It is a most vulnerable piece of writing on the topic of transphobia, which, for me, is inextricably linked to misogyny, and homophobia, especially - - all tools of oppression used to reinforce the status quo of high privilege or external power.

We must not conflate sex with love, though; I would wager that all the men who killed trans women had internalized misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia; they might have had sex with the trans women who performed womanhood in their eyes well enough, but it is fairly safe to believe, that they did not love them.

The men who have killed trans women must be held responsible for their internalized transphobia/misogyny/homophobia, and society at large for its indoctrination of such isms.

Love and sex, like day and night, shall never meet at any point of our human journey to justify murder.

The fear of being called "gay" is internalized homophobia, misogyny, and transphobia, I believe.

Goddess bless!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Opus & Self-oppression

Opus & Self-oppression
If she doesn't love opera, she is not an opus.

The other has no bearing on what my forgiveness' fruits look, shape, and/or taste like, and definitely not when they ripen naturally on the tree.

If she doesn't listen to music at bedtime, she is not a classic.

If your snoring doesn't sound like bel canto of nymphs to him, he is not your Romeo.

Manhood, as it has been constructed over the centuries, is self-oppression, so it's no wonder why men seek to then oppress each other and women, as the other, to mirror their own oppression.

I believe that we, as sentient beings, engage in gossiping for two very different, distinct reasons: a fun way to learn about and most importantly to recognize the darkness in us all as inherently human; the other is to distance ourselves from and deny our own darkness, in a vain attempt to feel superior or in control of it all, but mainly for we have not the necessary tools to navigate such and most darkly human territory at its core.

He has been a dumb one
Who thought he was a Don Juan.

Some perpetrators will apologize to you, but in the same breath retract the apology; I guess unbeknownst to them, for what is the point, then. Well, maybe, most likely manipulations of some kind.

Oh, how the darkness seeks to extinguish the light, when one does not embrace ​both, in order to allow them to coexist in nonduality.