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Monday, July 2, 2018

Child of a Higher Power

Child of a Higher Power
Not working for a while is not something that I celebrate, but instead I am most grateful to not have to, for the reason is mainly my not-so-invisible illness.

The law is not always just and moral.

My heart has left her door wide open for her soul to come in unannounced.

This anxiety, too, shall end.
This fear, too, shall pass.
This competition, too, shall end.
This scarcity, too, shall pass.
This identifying with self, too, shall end.
This warring, too, shall pass.
This cosmic angst, too, shall end.
This divisiveness, too, shall pass.

There is a place on higher ground, where the souls of mischievous folks meet with the souls of empathetic folks in sacred sisterhood and brotherhood.

The state is synonymous with the church or organized religion.
The state is, also, synonymous with most harsh judgement, especially of its citizens it deems too intractable.
The state along with its pre-approved church or organized religion dictates the main culture a society creates, adopts or follows.
We all have been indoctrinated by the state, church, or organized religion to some extent.
One either seeks to be mainly a child of a Higher Power by design or of the state by default.

I pray to endeavor daily, thus be most vigilant, to choose deliberately and carefully deeds, which reflect outwardly that I am mainly and by design a child of a Higher Power.

The state and its systems have no imagination whatsoever, since it is not human, and that is wherefore it creates,  propagates, and maintains linear order with the help of humans who want to rule over others.

How do you get the immortal to fear death?
How do you get the immortal to believe that life and death are not one sacred thing joined in perpetuity?
How do get the free to believe that they should be slaves?
How do you get the children of Goddess to believe that they are children of the state?

We will never get to and within the heart of each other, if we keep on thinking of those who hurt us or others as "evil."

When one has been hurt, especially by another, "fighting back" may at times temporarily ease the pain felt, but surely will not heal or transmute the pain in any way.
"Fighting back" merely propagates exponentially the suffering in our human world.

Always turn to your soul to mend your perceived brokenness.

The state as a nonentity, since it is not human or a sentient being, can only govern through fear, doing, ego, or the self of man who desires to rule over his fellow man, and not love; love is only inherent in sentient beings.

"White supremacy" implies on some insidious level that only "White" folks compete in our man-made fear of scarcity world, by creating an in-human distance between themselves and those who must be deemed as less than.  "Supremacy" ideology should not be then synonymous with folks of non-color, for it is, very like implicit bias, deeply ingrained in us all "good" folks, unconsciously, competing for non-renewable resources, and the perceived supreme advantages to suffer less than our fellow man.

Greed can never be reconciled with charity.

Using the state or its systems, as intermediaries, to relate to each other creates distance between us and our fellow man, and that distance then creates apathy, indifference, and fear, when what is surely and direly needed is loving proximity to each other's inevitable suffering, which is inherently human.

Oh, how we use each other like pawns, in our quixotic, but often malicious, quest to avoid suffering, and of course, at the expense of each other's sacred humanity!

Our illusion of safety is predicated on, and maintained by fear itself.

Fear, itself, gave birth to its offspring, linear order.

Business shall never be reconciled with charity.
Competition shall never be reconciled with our sacredness.

Expectations, unlike gratitude, always linear, makes competitive monsters of us all.

As corruption becomes rampant, human lives become cheap, thus offered and sold to the highest bidder at the market for hubristic selves seeking in vain to avoid human suffering.

The fear is never really of the other, though perceived and made most real that way, but of one self (small "s") or within, which is why at times it manifests itself as anger misdirected at the other.

If only we were not fearful of death
If only we perceived life as energy
If only we could accept our immortality
We would forgive easily the greatest of ills.

Only sacred death can lead us to truly know and be at great ease with our immortality.

Silence is always well-said.

We are insignificant immortals.

Perceiving and accepting our cosmic insignificance would allow us to easily forgive those who commit ills against us or others.

The total of all the evil deeds that man have and will ever commit is totally or cosmic-ly insignificant, since man himself is insignificant; therefore, only love or her sacredness gives man any real meaning in nature.  Only love can redeem man everlastingly, by reconciling her to her sacredness or true nature.

Man rages against his own ills, and thereby exacerbating his own suffering, for he has, so far, ghastly failed to reconcile her inherent goodness with his cosmic insignificance.

Once man has reconciled her inherent sacredness or goodness with his cosmic insignificance, she will no longer rage against his own earthly ills.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Church of Certainty

The Church of Certainty
How do the rich or highly-privileged pass money to each other?
They run for public office: one of the ways.

One's imagination is the internal compass on the journey to self-actualization and salvation.

It's truly NO wonder that the state and the church work so closely together: they both deal in certainty.
One church has the answer for "can families [tribes: more to the point] be together forever?"
I can safely presume that their answer will be in the positive.

You can never enter into a dialogue with some individuals, though they may present it to you as such, for they are perpetually performing their monologues about their own or tribe's accomplishments and future goals needed to be met before death to feel more accomplished, thus leaving behind legacies to attempt to cheat death of her final curtain call.

Why is it so easy to demonize, dehumanize, assign blame, or assign legal guilt to other folks?
Maybe it is simply because we have learned too well how it creates the other for us to feel superior to, separate from, and ultimately project our untransmuted fear of suffering unto.

The brutality of war can only be understood in light of man's insidious need to distance himself from his own humanity, sacred interconnectedness, or nature, as he tries in vain to master or control the external world for abject fear of it.

We are all locked away in our own tribal box, in which compassion, love, and empathy never leave to go beyond.

Our abject fear of being poor and of the poor drives a huge wedge between us all.

Death Row Redemption
In my suffering
I embodied joy;
In my darkness
I saw Her rays of light;
In my depression
I climbed higher ground;
In my sadness
I felt sparks of happiness;
In my cage
I envisioned winged birds;
In my death
I lived anew;
In my anxiety
I breathed calmness;
In my adulthood
I lived childhood;
In my poorness
I was quite rich;
In my fear
I moved courageously;
In my brutality
I found softness;
In my aloneness
I walked with Goddess;
In my solitude
I found purpose;
In my aimlessness
I traced forward meaning;
In my pain
I became openness;
In my acceptance
I found peace;
In my letting go
I was everything;
In my evilness
I was redeemed;
In my silence
I had a voice.

What created and creates "slavery" is NOT at all "evilness" but human frailties emanating from our abject and untransmuted fear of suffering, which births our insidious need and want to manipulate the external world or nature in vain attempts to control her.

The state is an elusive nonentity; nonentity for it represents and doesn't represent the individual and/or group, but stands alone as a system operated by its own most glitch-ful software.

To love without "unatttachment," as a Buddhist might refer to it, is even worse than to hate.

Inflation is a man-made sure way of keeping the poor as is; the 100,000 dollars of today is worth the same as the 10,000 dollars of yerterday. Prices merely go up to propagate and maintain disparity in income gained through hard work, inheritance, and/or investment. Otherwise the poor, through generations of hard work and disciplined savings might have stood a chance to play catch-up with the rich; thereby closing the gap between poverty and wealth.

One's redemption is not contingent on anyone else's deeds or perception of one, but she is totally dependent on one's own imagination or internal compass.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Portal to Joy

Portal to Joy
Our flaws only define us as human-doings, for we are flawless in being.

"Black" and "White" (and all the other similar external identities for that matter) are both culture and race (also both man-made), but as identity, they are more the former.

You really do NOT need to love or even respect someone else to forgive her/him.

If you have the opportunity to make another sentient being suffer, and seize upon it, then you, yourself, are suffering internally and deeply, and will surely continue to sign up for that painful curriculum.

It's NO wonder we have wars: not one of us is happy, for we are unable to do what would truly make us happy as individuals, to a large extent; it's been linear-ordered out of us from childhood by society.

Anytime one forces "good" upon the other, it turns "bad," for thinking makes good or bad, and creates worlds, especially internal ones.

Ultimately, all forms of knowledge are dangerous to ourselves and others; be less certain, and more comfortable with mystery, randomness, or the unknowing.

We need to let go of everything to remember that we are everything.

Until each of us, as individual, focuses solely on leaving our human world more compassionate, we and our children will not know peace.

Some "White-skinned" folks are more "Black" than some "Black-skinned" folks, and vice versa.

I believe that shaming folks, who disagree with us for whatever reason(s), is counterproductive, for shaming closes shut all doors to honest and open dialogues.

Forgiveness is the not-so-secret code that opens the portal to joy.

As long as states need their men to fight in wars, and indoctrinate them to feel "superior" or chauvinistic in their regards toward women, you will have homophobia as ism to propagate fear and use such fear of the created other to "benefit" the states.

"The survival of the fittest" - - Darwin merely observed an already man-created phenomenon - - is not man's natural essence or way of being (not even her way of doing) in the world, but she has been bamboozled by the states throughout the centuries to live thus, till it has been fully imprinted on our collective DNA.
So to evolve spiritually as an individual is to recognize so, and embark on the journey to live daily being cognizant of, and hopefully reflecting as a result our true state of sacredness.

In Being, man's survival instinct is nonexistent, for it is only a byproduct of doing, fear, or ego.

In Being we are, while in doing we are in a constant state of becoming, as we move further and farther away from our sacred essence.

Life and death are both equally important and sacred, and we will keep on missing the essence of living, until we stop using death as a scarry monster that abruptly terminates or shortens a life.

As we live, we die, and it must follow: as we die, we live.

Only those, who sit on a throne, can be dethroned.

For we don't want those related to us by blood or tribe to suffer, we make or allow others to suffer more and needlessly, but we also suffer also and to some extent needlessly, anyway.

For we try in vain to avoid suffering, we don't sit with our suffering to transmute it, but instead project it unto the world, and still suffer anyway.

The less time an individual is allowed by the state to sit with her/his suffering, the more addicted she/he becomes to various widgets, in a vain attempt to bridge the gap between suffering and fleeting happiness, as sponsored by the state.

Some social scenes are where the disenfranchised youths learn anew, and oh too well how to embody what they envy, and some cases, viscerally hate also.

Money makes some folks trade in their being for a constant becoming.

Most poor folks know all too well all the steps to become rich, and some cases have undertaken quite skillfully those steps, but find themselves still poor and getting poorer, or worse: as the illusory middle-classed stratum.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Opposite of Linear Order

The Opposite of Linear Order
We ALL make "choices," all the time, that are not ultimately beneficial to our evolution as human beings.
A choice, the act of choosing, is NOT always in alignment with being, the sacred, or freedom to think for oneself, and then act accordingly.
Some "gay" men, I just read, are actually "choosing" to become HIV positive; deliberate on their part, but lacks the freedom to "choose," since one can successfully argue, possibly, that they are "choosing" mostly out of fear, fear of not belonging.
Thus, anytime one "chooses" or act out of fear, one is not operating from a place of freedom, or mystery.

Linear order is bondage disguised as "choice" or freedom.

When our "choices" do not reflect our values, are they then really "choices?"

The linear-ordered pattern of one's "choices" is predicated on identity-belonging, and not at all freedom to "choose" for oneself.
"Black," as racial identity, has long been synonymous with the U.S. Democratic Party. One, who identifies as "Black," will more often than not "chooses" to vote as a Democrat.

We have all been indoctrinated to believe that the opposite of linear order is chaos, but it is NOT, not so at all!
The opposite of linear order is mystery or randomness.

Any ism and chaos is a byproduct of  linear order; isms for we are unable to align the trajectory of life to mystery or randomness, but to certainty, and chaos is what ensues when the preferred and preordained by system's order of life's experiences do not materialized as pre-planned.

Clinging on to certainty has us at a racial stalemate, for we are not allowing ourselves to use imagination to move us beyond that particular ism.
Imagination is mystery or randomness.

Our dwelling on past racial injustices is linear order or certainty, instead of using our imagination to create a new world in which we use the present to create a better future for humanity.

If "Black" is forever synonymous with the past pains of the slave ship, and "White" with the rewards of past dehumanization of "Blacks," then we may never welcome our "beloved community."
Linear order is forever tied to your ancestors' lives, so to not ever be able to carve out yours with the freedom to imagine a different path.

It is a thin, often fuzzy, line between passion and ego.

Some folks, who live big lives, are quite small.

As soon as a human being begins to cling on to any external identity, she/he trades in freedom for belonging.

Freedom demands that we transition from self to Oneness.

Until the artist rises above self, and treats her/his art as sacred, we will not be anytime soon welcoming our awaiting "beloved community."

The self is much like a completely mad king; at his best: he is most unruly, and at his worst: a murderous three-headed monster.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Ego Trappings ( Paramount Human Value )

Ego Trappings
( Paramount Human Value )
Most folks, who are focused on changing society, do more harm than good.
The only change one is responsible for is within, and not without.

Nations indoctrinate their boys in violence to make sure they grow up into men who don't frown upon the insidious notion of going to war to prove to themselves and each other how violent they can be.

Men don't go to war primarily because of patriotism, but to prove to themselves and other men how violent they can be.

Manhood, as we know it today, is constructed in violence, and measured by the amount of violence it can bring to bear upon others, and ultimately self.

Perceiving and living thus with the knowledge of one's cosmic insignificance truly makes forgiving others, who have hurt one, so much easier.

Justice always falls short of our humanity.

If life is a miracle, then it follows that she cannot be predicted, or rather her natural trajectory cannot be known in advance by any means or imagination.
Life is a miracle is a mystery.

Folks' compliments to you are theirs to bestow and withdraw at their own whims; therefore, do not dwell - - don't inhale - - on compliments given to you.

Most of us, human doings, become what we think/believe we should be, instead of who we are naturally called to be or already are, for in linear order the "shoulds" supplant or topple the "ares."

Some, but few, activists go on to become prophets, for with prophesy the messenger never conflates herself/himself with the message; thereby avoiding the trappings of the human ego.

Forgiveness is the rocket fuel, which will launch us to our awaiting "beloved community."

The ego is always seeking to become larger, and so it is always inviting you to compare your self to others.
Comparison is ego modus operandi.
In comparing your self to others, you will always be blind to your own existing blessings.

Any identity is fear, ego, self; identity assigns one significance as an individual or part of a larger group, when one needs to dethrone oneself in order to be truly compassionate.
Compassion, thus, is selflessness, ego-less, or identity-less.
Compassion is having a true glimpse of the sacred or divine, and the divine is our natural state of being or being itself, before we lose touch with it all through our deprogramming and reprogramming by society.
Thus, civilization is built on obfuscating - - the divine can never be supplanted - - the ineffable with the effable, or the allegorical with the nonfigurative.

Linear order is obfuscating the ineffable with the effable, or the allegorical with the nonfigurative, or mystery with the known.

The only worthwhile - - for it would NOT endanger world peace - - education is about compassion, but she is most retrograde to any state's interests; compassion means everyone - - all sentient beings - - is created in Goddess's image or likeness, or to refute linear order: everyone is equal in their paramount and inherent value.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Goddess's Balm

Goddess's Balm
Systems are brutally inhumane, for they don't make space for individuality, and at the end of the day they do not care for the groups either.
Systems are only beneficial to their own propagation, for once put in place, they don't serve their own creators.

I have come to this world whole,
But they tell me that
I am dreaming of nonsense.
Oh, I know, feel, and experience
Wholeness whenever I let go.

Love offers absolutely no guarantee.

Elections are never free, for they are always bought and paid for with loss of external freedom, money or external power.

Drag may be a rejection of patriarchal masculinity, but I believe that it embraces and reinforces the worst of a rigidly constructed feminity.

Marches inevitably create more popular activists, and make existing politicians more entrenched in their ideological bunkers.

You can't have power over others, if everyone is perceived as same, so folks must be dichotomized like impersonal things to be identified and controlled.

Love is un-linear, while hate is quite so, for it always begets its own.

Ideas belong to no one individual or group of; the moment we think or believe that even one idea belongs to one of us, our ego or fear has already taken a firm grip at the helm.

Goddess' mindset is forgiveness.

If we, each individually, embrace our cosmic responsibility wholeheartedly, we would find it so much easier to forgive those who have trespassed against us in any way, and not seek out our created myth of justice.

Only forgiveness can heal and unite as one our world's misguided hearts and broken spirits.

If intelligence were wisdom, we would not still be fighting wars, instead we would be living in our beloved community.

Any human being must learn to forgive, before she/he can love truly, thus freely.

If CHANGE is truly the only constant, and we all agree to some extent, also scientific investigations bears that out, then it clearly follows that human knowledge is mostly insignificant or totally worthless.
Change then is mystery, and to live within her is to fully accept the accident or mystery that human life is.
But we refute change by embracing linear order in a vain attempt to construct human lives which offer some respite from our fear of the unknown.

A lot of folks would not lift a finger to hurt other sentient beings, but way too many of us participate in systems that make others suffer unnaturally.

With the constant pursuit of trying to collect more and more success markers, or in simply pursuing happiness, which is most fleeting, we inevitably participate in systems most retrograde to our life-affirming values.

Seeds of courage nurtured shall bear fruits of love, always.

Three things remain constant, as the human imagination has been blurring the line between reality and unreality: life, change, and death, respectively.

Untransmuted fear of death gives rise to man's evil ways.

War is not about forging peace at all, but about maintaining and amassing external power, and folks wield their external power by turning their circle of influence into a homogeneous group, more or less.

Courage is the foremother of humility.

An individual's identity crisis is horrendous enough, but a once-homogeneous group's identity crisis is fatal, especially when folks are most accustomed to holding on so tightly to their identity.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Mass Triangulation

Mass Triangulation
Every time we blame others, whether individuals, nations/states, organisations, or groups of folks, we miss the mark to take full responsibility to change ourselves for the betterness of all humanity.

Activists blame the politicians; politicians blame the system; the masses blame the politicians.
We are still waiting for any real change, to date.

Ask a politian for less guns, and you will get more of them in one way, shape, or form.

It behooves the politicians to make sure that the one-percenters have their automatic gun illusion of safety.

Borders around nations are to divide physically, manipulate in every way, conquer, and quell the masses.

How does an activist become a politician?
Does a politician ever become an activist, and not a lobbyist?

How did politicians become the purveyors of linear order?

What is the difference between an activist and a lobbyist?
The former gets his monetary backing mainly and indirectly from the masses, while the latter directly and mainly from the one-percenters. Well, this may be disinformation sprinkled with some misinformation at best.

Young citizens are triaged, as those, who are more suited to conform to linear order and have the required intelligence, and not wisdom, to lead, are given more stage room to perform and succeed within those preordained boundaries, while the rest are robbed of natural space, light, and even the very tools to forge their own paths.

Intelligence, as defined and refined by the status quo, runs anathema to human wisdom, hence all the wars in the name of peace and sovereignty.

I am that which I seek:  I am peace, love, and forgiveness.

The soul writes her own story, always.

In being one's story is always the same: life and death.

Perceived as the ocean, the individual's doings are insignificant, no matter the large ego at the helm.

The human ego is in constant and dire fear of being insignificant, and so it embraces doing to self-aggrandize.

The highly-privileged encroaching upon the natural space and human rights of the lame creates homelessness.
Homelessness in the face of some having claimed for themselves too many empty homes or spaces is violence.

We will not eradicate war as a species without all queens, kings, general, and politicians abdicating their thrones, crowns, scepters, and egos. Soldiers are all too willing to forgo war as means to peace, and not die or kill each other in the name of anything.

Hopefully, now we are not trying to move toward supplanting "White" supremacy with "Black" supremacy, or patriarchy with matriarchy.

Not all wars are between nations or tribes; some wars are just between individuals.

Our inability to forgive and love each other despite all our human frailties leads to folks in positions of external power to form impenetrable liaisons, which breeds more and more corruption, to keep unknown their misdeeds as means to amass and guard against their riches.

If we are always rushing through our lives in constant anticipation of accomplishing the next goals or success markers, we really never have the time suffering requires and demands of us to sit uncomfortably with from time to time.

Materialistic dreams are really spiritual nightmares, for they move us farther and further away from our souls.

Affairs of the State are just that: affairs between the highly-privileged about their lust for amassing external powers to create and propagate their own brand of unreality.

Justice leads soldiers into bloody battles; forgiveness never shall.

Steel not your heart against humanity!

Peace is equity which leads to liberation.

Power-over other folks cannot exist without tribalism or corruption or nepotism, and corruption/nepotism cannot be eradicated without forgiveness - - state sanctioned revenge or justice will not do it.

Until we all embrace suffering as inherent to any human being's life, we will always create more unnecessary suffering out of the very unnatural fear of it.

No human life is ever wasted.

There's not a one single act committed or thought entertained by one individual that could not be done by all others.

One, who lives with seizure disorders, drives and kills accidentally two children: one guilty, but all responsible.

Price gouging is needed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Until there is no me or you, but we as one, we will still commit misdeeds against the created other.

We all are most deserving of compassion, love, and forgiveness, especially unto self.