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Monday, October 9, 2017

A Mendacious Jailer

A Mendacious Jailer
If you are NOT a millionaire, but are only making above minimum wage, you should still spend very like you are making minimum wage or close to it, at the very least, for it is so easy, and made enticing by the materialistic culture propagated by duplicitous marketing, to find yourself living well above your means; thus, becoming a slave of your own making.

How cosmic responsibility and freedom are interwoven or fused: your cosmic responsibility is to be free (unencumbered by any human construct or external forces/identities), as only one who is insignificant in the cosmos, and immortal as energy can be sublimely thus.

Fear is a mendacious jailer, who surreptitiously robs one of cosmic freedom, by hoodwinking one into believing that randomness is ill-suited for human life.

As a neurodivergent, most of my lenses to perceive the outside world are gray.

I'm neurodivergent; therefore, I am nonlinear.

Reminder: I am a miracle.

Below-averagely endowed in sexual prowess and lowly-privileged in our human world, I should NOT be a likely prospect for any woman's honey-daddy, but everything under the crossed or favorable stars is relative.

This land is NOT my land; this land is NOT your land; this land is NOT their land; this land is solely, just maybe, and certainly for a privileged, blessed time, OUR land.

Gray areas truly far outnumber the combined totals of black and white ones, when one practices the recognizing and reining in one's implicit biases.

The doing, instead of just being, seeks to deny the mystery which life is always and eternally.

Being is the eternal and sublime silence and randomness, while doing is incessant noises of the human ego or false self, in fearing to be insignificant.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Her Fertile Heart

Her Fertile Heart
A flower grows there
Inviting birds and bees
To her most fertile heart.

A symphony of smiles
Conducted by her lips major
First violinist bow's receptive.

Crown of vulnerability
With robe of equity
Harmonize with her
Emphathetic actions.

A rhetorical: Does a nation, which sends its citizens to kill and be killed to "defend" its illusory separateness, political ideologies, sovereignty, or national/international/tribal interests, have an undiagnosed, untreated mental illness?

When folks are not really ready to take the next step or steps along their journey, up from their rabbit hole in most cases, they will be standing knee-deep in the ocean, and ask or beg you for salt water.

Some folks possess no gray lense to perceive others and, of course, themselves.

Helen of Brooklyn recently asked me, rhetorically I believe, "Why did you put me out like that?"
On her part, she failed to realize that we did NOT live together, subsequently my apartment, I alone pay the bills to live and store my belongings there, for a privileged time.
On my part, I failed to show, use any forbearance in not giving her keys to my small apartment, as if it were a totally free motel room for her conveniences, and also not treating her as if she were my financial and emotional dependent.
But, we were true codependents, in so many mirrored ways.
I did NOT put her out of my small apartment, but merely did in deeds sever a few codependent strings!

In my personal experiences, it takes at least five years for any fruits of a long-term, substantial change in a human being to ripen, thus be viable for consumption as final and tangible proof of a long, and arduous series of farming seasons.

Folks will never act differently because of the heartaches from any failed relationship, but will do so only when the lessons have been understood, put to practice in daily life, thus internalized as an almost-like new DNA.

Some people truly believe that they are sacrificing themselves for their children, country, or an ideology/philosophy, but those things merely serve as a circular, opaque wall to hide behind, instead of living courageously with unambiguous ownership of their comic responsibility and freedom.

Myth: free press
The human construct of privilege circumvents any and all attempts by any courageous, moral journalist to be "free" in the context of journalism.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

In Celebration of Womanhood

In Celebration of Womanhood
You can wish upon her
Day and night, unlike the stars.
She nourishes the living
And welcomes back home
The eternal bodies of the dead.
Give her nine months only
And she will deliver a small miracle.
She is never retrograde
To manhood naturally,
Unnaturally promulgate men thus.
Most egalitarian
Like the queen bee,
And most vital is she to
Continuation of human life.
Though patriarchy cages her
By bestowing higher privileges
At birth on all men,
She still finds her wings of vulnerability
To soar with compassionate heart.
She is mother to all men
And lays her healing hands
On their bruised male ego.

Gratefulness is thee sublime salve, which transmutes the prison's cell of one's insidious self-absorption and shame.

Gratefulness is the blessed portal to self-contentment or self-acceptance.

Self-healing is prayer in action, and not mere invocation.

Folks, who are always keeping busy or doing things, anything to stay most busy like birds building nests and foraging, and they can never be by their lonesome selves, unless they are nursing a hangover from their favorite self-medication(s), are avoiding themselves, and are locked into their own heads, literally constructing and living in their own unreality, for fear of not knowing how to forgive themselves for their human frailties or imperfections, and move forward in life with self-compassion, self-acceptance, and vulnerability.

Mental illness limbo is a most slow and painful death, in which you clearly know deep down the means to that terrible end: suicide at your own hands or a horrid death born out the physical illnesses from the untreated mental one.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

To Look Within or Without

To Look Within or Without
When you cannot tell folks - -primarily because their internalized shame is always persuading them to look without - - to look within and always within for the answers to life's events, or the acceptance of its many mysteries, you just validate them, while also shining a light down their rabbit hole, so they can hopefully discern in time, that the only true or long-term way out is, and has always been to look within themselves.

Glibness: Sometimes you can subtly suggest the building blocks for a fib to another to lay the springe but of a faulty foundation, in their hubristic attempt to dupe you, then sit back gleefully with a preordained, thus grand-masterful checkmate.

The young Dr. Y. and Dr. (... I truly forgot his name, for my depression and anxiety symptoms must have been - -I know so - - so severe at the time I started behavioral therapy with him - - really saved my life the last time, a few years ago now, when I scraped bottom so close to Hades' depth, due to my mental illness's severity of symptoms; I am most grateful to the both for their ingenuity.

I have knowingly welcomed a Trojan horse, and I am now linear, also.

Mental illness is most cunning: it loses control of itself, in fearing to not be always in total control.

Mental illness is most cunning: it creates a parallel unreality for its host, where the host is sovereign, but all the while its host is most deceived, in truth or reality.

A rhetorical: If most are linear, and one is not by default of a mental illness, then should it follow that one is considered retrograde, naturally?

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sublime Instruments & Sacred Elves

Sublime Instruments & Sacred Elves
Musicians are the sublime instruments of Goddess's gift of music to deliver, and therapists, who help listeners to truly enjoy said boon precious, are the sacred elves.

Gratefulness:  Dr. C. and Dr. T., two ingenious mental health professionals, twicely saved my life sacred, when I had fallen into some of the lowest levels of an inferno of darkness and clouds; I am humbly grateful to both, for providing the ladder up, past Cerberus, from Hades.

An intimate relationship may, well quite often, start out as a matter of art and cunning, but to be functional, it requires truly more matter, and way less art.

The untreated, long-term symptoms of a severe mental illness makes some feel most "clever" and silver-tongued, but it is really the illness itself that is most guileful in its distortion and warping of reality.

I am truly grateful for the many times that I scraped bottom with my mental illness, instead of just lingering in perpetual limbo of its severe symptoms, for the limbo on one end-of-spectrum allows for some to remain quite functional in their daily lives; therefore, duping the hosts into believing that they really don't need professional help or can postpone it indefinitely, and on another end-of-spectrum only offers the hosts two clear choices: to commit suicide, or to truly seek professional help on the long-term journey of hopefully allaying some of the symptoms' severity with psychotropics and behavioral therapy or the learning of new coping skills.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Dissents & Revolts

Dissents & RevoltsHelen of Brooklyn can apologize on cue, and retract it on impulse.

Do social folks live longer on average, because society reinforces positively their extroverted behavior, or are there simply inherently "healthy" benefits to being social?

Folks with lots of money or higher privileges avoid, disproportionately compared to the masses, getting in trouble with the law, not because they are more law-abiding or moral, but because society makes pernicious allowances, or has set up inherent loopholes in the Justice system, for their illegal misdeeds, in deeds.

In essence, prison is not set up to rehabilitate or instill ghastly fear in the hardened criminal and criminally insane, but to truly instill ghastly fear of the law in the masses, specifically to minimize the likelihood of dissents and revolts against any and all governments, the one-percenters, or the status quo.

The most potent tools of manipulation by governments are prisons and the created fear of scarcity.

Marriage is a most outdated human construct, which has fully run its essential usefulness, since women are no longer legally men's properties when taken as brides, and science has made it possible for both sexes to live well into their seventies in fairly good health, but continues to be propped up by governments, and to a much lesser extent religion, to essentially weed out, through stigmas and excessive adherence to rules/formalities, those who won't fully abide by their linear order.

Marriage has been supplanted by divorce, to align with the longer life expectancies of both sexes, afforded by new developments in wellness science.

Our most unwarranted, ghastly fear and denial of death makes Typhons, with hubrises that brush against the stars, of us all.

To accept fully the inevitability of death is to embrace our cosmic insignificance and immortality as energy.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thought, Emotion, & Behavior

Thought, Emotion, & Behavior
Law against licensed medical doctors performing euthanasia, upon request by their patients at any stage of their long-term illness, makes a total mockery of their Hippocratic Oath!

Health insurance companies officially and legally involved in healthcare for profit makes a mockery of the sacredness of human life.

H.O.B. to her A.T.M.,
"Fill all my
Emotional crevices
With material things
To make me happy
And whole, Daddy."

As thoughts inevitably translate into palpable emotions, and emotions inevitably transform into behavior in all of us, human beings, at times I can read between the three intersecting lines of some folks, who would rather remain as opaque as possible.

If, when you were not a mare with a ruptured hock, you could not unselfishly keep your jockey saddled up for the joy ride, then what of now?

Give me music, or give me death!

I can't expect folks who don't aim for an equitable playing field to respect me, especially those who don't even respect themselves, but I just want, need them to be indifferent about me; therefore, I keep a long physical and emotional distance from them, and henceforth will go to great lengths to assert my personal/professional space as a sentient being.

Myth: the separation of church and state.
The two complement each other most well, although the state has way more influence over the church.
The state needs the church and its teachings to bamboozle or hoodwink the masses into abject subservience.

To the preacher: sacrificial love only applies to prophets, for they need not the other to reciprocate.

One, who claims to be a prophet, is a clever sociopath, who pretends to be a humanitarian.

What do you call a self-proclaimed prophet?
An activist.

Reminder: I am insignificant and immortal.

Myth: The U.S. Democratic and Republican Party, or for that matter any and all political parties, are not in cahoots to manipulate external powers or privileges, at the expense and duping of the masses.