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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Pugnacious, Alpha Roosters

The Pugnacious, Alpha Roosters

To empower the disenfranchised or marginalized by centering their lived experiences with oppression does not, in any way, take away from the humanity of the privileged subgroup, but since a privilege is not absolute, but most relative, it does reduce its value, effect, or more to the point, defect.

A privilege is indeed a defect, for it places on one it is bestowed the illusion of freedom, but only to behave within a preordained way, and there is the rub, which makes the privileged as oppressed in their narrow way of experiencing life or humanity, as the privileged creates an external, linear order of experiences, which is most retrograde to any truth or freedom to exist as one innately experiences, understands the nobility, connectedness of our humanity.

Also, as we have all been bamboozled to experience value, for example, if too many folks have $200 of discretionary income, we then believe that such an amount is not longer as valuable; therefore, we must acquire more money, as we, then, invariably put roadblocks for others to have same.

Essentially, that is what happened a few years ago, when the real estate market collapsed, for too many ill-advised, -acquired mortgages had diluted the value of such a privilege; therefore, the pugnacious, alpha roosters came home to reinforce, restore linear order.

Goddess bless, reader!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I Am A Resilient Work In Progress

 I Am A Resilient Work In Progress

During a dialogue with an acquaintance in a personal setting, they - - again I am by design using a neutral pronoun - - asks, "How is the soured relationship with your girlfriend affecting your mental illness?" I reflexively retorted that I am taking my psychotropic - - a missed opportunity to educate further the other on mental illness.

I said later to myself that I am not a talker, but a writer; I am much more comfortable at writing, since I know very well that I can go back and edit as many times to shape it, with pen or keyboard coupled with my imagination as anvil, just the way I need it to travel out and about the external world.

My mental illness, at this stage of my life, does not make me any less resilient than another person without a diagnosed one, if anything it has made me more resilient in many ways: the various coping skills I learned with the many cognitive behaviorists throughout the many mental collapse, relapse episodes I have had do serve me most well, when facing adversities in life; knowing that at my age - - one of the two cognitive behaviorists I was in therapy with during my last episodic relapse repeated that brilliant, scientific advise to me, until it was cliched into my DNA, and it has been flourishing within me ever since - - the chances of my becoming psychotic, at my middle age, are way less than my winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning; oh, what a wonderful boon, bestowed upon me by Goddess! Also having been blessed with much suffering as a benevolent teacher for well over five decades, as I write this, she have taught me to not focus, thus magnifying my presently perceived negative life issues, but to accept them as invariably soon turning into lessons within the various curricula of life.

I am a resilient work in progress.

Goddess bless, reader!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Truth Mirror

Truth Mirror

Therapy is a truth mirror, which, held flourishingly, reflects one's aberrant, erratic behaviors, in hopes that the unhealthy pattern, cycle will be disrupted and abandoned in favor of healthy, new ones.

The Pervasiveness of Mental Illness Stigma

The Pervasiveness of Mental Illness Stigma

The ubiquitous, sometimes subtle, but most often overt stigmatization of folks with mental illness is documented, but not well enough, I opine.

In both private and public setting I have found myself in, I often hear folks deride those with even a perceived mental health issue, especially implying that they are indeed spineless and/or insane, thus to be ostracized at all costs, with no gray areas for us to exist within.

For examples, in one public setting, someone told me that, "I was afraid of you," when you were not at your mental equilibrium - - I paraphrase here, a bit.  That same person told me at another time, "You did not like us in the past, for you never wanted to hang out with us."  I have also heard a few people speak ill of another person, in one public setting, who had a "total mental breakdown," according to their perception, by saying, again, that they were "afraid" of them -- I am by design using a neutral pronoun, here.  

Also, I must say that the "fear" of folks with a mental illness is borne of an insidious human need to classify, devalue through stigmatization, thus, in effect or, more to the point, defect, to control the behaviors and manipulate the perception, both inner and outer, of a man-made subgroup, which is made up entirely of marginalized or the less-privileged, for the rich are almost never stigmatized, but are elevated to eccentricities.

I, myself, had internalized the stigma associated with mental illness for well over three decades; I, by default, was deprogrammed through the aftermaths, and the subsequent inner need to rebuild on a healthier foundation each time, of several mental collapse, relapse episodes, of course -- and needless to say, for they are no self-made human being -- with the help of several amazing therapists and one well-matched psychotropic prescribed by a prodigious match-maker of a psychiatrist.

Stigma devalues, marginalizes, and prevents us with a mental illness -- yes, personhood well before illness, every time -- to seek mental health professional help in order to acquire the much-needed coping skills, since there is no cure, to deal with the dis-ease and all of its external, unnatural kins created by society.

Goddess bless, reader!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Black Trans Women and Oppression

A Black trans sister asks, on her social media page, a most pertinent question, given the cold-blooded murders of so many Black trans sisters this year: what are some of the ways the law oppresses Black trans women? (I am NOT quoting her verbatim.)

In an overt way, we all know about the insidious "bathroom bills," like HB2, and that definitely will have a greater oppressive effect on Black trans women, since our sisters are more marginalized or poorer on average, to say the least; therefore, our Black trans sisters would have a much harder time to have some of the surgeries needed to move stealth, in some cases, since they would tend to transition much later in life.
In a more subtle way, we know all too well of the hypermasculine Black man, who has been bamboozled, miseducated, and diseducated to believe the mythic and most dangerous characteristic of his "man-hood" put forth by his patriarchal masters since his birth, during and after physical slavery.
And that myth of inferiority and/or superiority has made it that the only way he can appease his master is to be a "manly" man, thus always in the "man box," as Tony Porter calls it, and so when a Black trans sister, who was assigned "male" at birth, decides to transition, he feels slighted beyond repair on behalf on his master, and must revenge his master the best way that he has been miseducated, diseducated, and that is to use his sword against her - - NO pun intended!

Goddess bless, GOogler!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on nonviolence of spirit...

Dear GOogler,
*Nonviolence means avoiding NOT ONLY physical violence, but also internal violence of spirit. You NOT ONLY refuse to shoot a man, but you REFUSE TO HATE*. "
- -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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